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1340 EVO Performance Upgrades – Detailed Tuning Guide

With its notable dependability, the Harley-Davidson 1340 Evolution engine – more commonly referred to as the Blockhead engine – has been a reliable replacement for the Shovelhead since 1984. Though trusty and true, it can be made even mightier with some strategic 1340 EVO performance upgrades.

Here’s what you need to know about optimizing this iconic powerhouse: we’ll go over several of the most popular performance boosts available for your 1340 Evolution engine.

Air Intake and Exhaust

To significantly maximize the performance of the 1340 EVO performance upgrades, one should begin by optimizing both its air intake and exhaust system. By increasing airflow into the combustion chamber and improving exhaust flow, you can unleash more power from your motor – in terms of horsepower and torque.

Air Intake

Achieve more power and torque with a top-of-the-line air intake system. With improved engine breathing, you can experience an impressive increase in horsepower and torque. If this is your goal, investing in a high-flow air cleaner or performance air intake may be the best options for you.


Upgrading to a performance exhaust system can dramatically improve vehicle efficiency. The standard stock exhaust limits the flow of emissions, impairing engine power. However, an advanced performance exhaust is crafted for maximum emission efficiency and facilitates an increase in horsepower and torque. Investing in such a system will undoubtedly have you experiencing higher-powered driving.


To maximize the potential of the 1340 EVO performance upgrades, one must consider upgrading its camshaft. The camshaft is pivotal in opening and closing valves efficiently; choosing an appropriate camshaft can significantly enhance your vehicle’s power output. Camshafts are obtainable with varying profiles as well as lift specifications to suit each individual need – make sure you select wisely.

Stage 1

The Stage 1 camshaft is the ideal customization for 1340 Evolution engines. It increases horsepower and torque levels in a mild manner, making it an ideal choice for owners who have stock or only minor modifications on their engine.

Stage 2

For maximum enhancements to a vehicle’s horsepower and torque, the Stage 2 camshaft is an ideal upgrade for engines with further performance modifications. This high-performance part will enable substantial improvements that are sure to be noticed.

Pistons and Cylinders

If you’re looking to optimize the performance of your 1340 Evolution engine, then consider upgrading the pistons and cylinders. These components are critical in compressing and expanding the air/fuel mixture, meaning that investing in more powerful piston and cylinder parts can make a major difference on your engine’s power output.

High-Compression Pistons

By compressing the air/fuel mixture more efficiently, high-compression pistons can give your engine an impressive boost in power and torque.

Big Bore Cylinders

Big bore cylinders are engineered to expand the engine’s displacement, equating in a substantial rise of horsepower and torque.

Ignition System

With the right ignition system, you can significantly enhance the 1340 EVO performance upgrades. The ignition is responsible for sparking up the air/fuel mixture and upgrading to a high-performance one will make an incredible difference when it comes to power output. Investing in such an upgrade is definitely worth considering if you’re after improved performance.

Electronic Ignition

The 1340 EVO performance upgrades will benefit greatly with an electronic ignition system and experience dramatic increases in horsepower and torque. By replacing the stock points and condenser system, this type of ignition provides a more consistent spark while delivering superior performance. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these incredible benefits that only come from upgrading your vehicle’s ignition.

Fuel System

Lastly, the fuel system is a critical factor in enhancing the 1340 Evolution engine’s performance. The fuel system supplies air and gasoline to the motor and by upgrading it with an improved model can create a substantial difference in power.

Flow Fuel Injectors

Enhanced horsepower and torque are the result of high-flow fuel injectors that allow for increased amounts of fuel to flow into the engine. Featuring improved atomization, these injectors create a more efficient combustion process than their standard counterparts.

Fuel Management System

A fuel management system is a must-have for optimal engine performance. This device allows you to fine tune the air/fuel mixture so that your engine has higher horsepower and torque while still running efficiently. With this system, you can gain substantial gains in power without sacrificing reliability or efficiency.

1340 EVO Performance Upgrades In A Nutshell

The 1340 EVO performance upgrades provide a highly reliable power source, yet it can be made even more powerful with the right upgrades. Through optimizing its air intake and exhaust system, camshaft, cylinders and pistons, ignition system as well as fuel system – you will drastically enhance its performance output.

Prior to selecting performance upgrades, make sure you consider your individual needs and collaborate with an experienced professional for a successful installation. With the right add-ons, the 1340 Evolution engine will be transformed into a remarkable power mill that can consistently deliver impressive results while being highly reliable.


Frequently Asked Questions on 1340 EVO performance upgrades:

What is the 1340 Evolution engine?

For decades, Harley-Davidson’s 1340 Evolution engine has earned a legendary reputation for reliability and performance. An upgrade from the Shovelhead motor, this 1980s innovation is still revered by riders today as one of the best motors on the market.

What are some common 1340 EVO performance upgrades?

To enhance the performance of a 1340 Evolution engine, there are several improvements that one can make. This includes fine-tuning your air intake and exhaust system, upgrading to a better camshaft, improving pistons and cylinders for more power output, selecting an advanced ignition system for maximum spark delivery at higher RPMs, and optimizing the fuel components for optimal combustion rate.

What is the purpose of upgrading the air intake and exhaust system?

Enhancing your air intake and exhaust system has remarkable potential as it provides the engine with improved oxygen flow, which can potentially elevate horsepower and torque considerably. With an upgraded airflow into the engine along with better circulation of exhaust gases out of the vehicle, you will witness an increase in power generated from your very own motorized machine.

What is the purpose of upgrading the camshaft?

Investing in a performance camshaft can profoundly impact your engine’s power. Since there are multiple options of lift profiles and specifications to choose from, it is imperative that you select the most appropriate one for your objectives. The camshaft is responsible for regulating the opening and closing of valves – thus improving the overall efficiency of an engine.

What is the purpose of upgrading the pistons and cylinders?

By upgrading the pistons and cylinders, you can experience a considerable boost in horsepower and torque. After all, air/fuel mixture compression becomes much more efficient with higher-compression pistons and larger bore cylinders – two popular performance upgrades for engines.

What is the purpose of upgrading the ignition system?

Igniting the air-fuel mixture falls to the ignition system, and if you upgrade it with a performance version, you’ll notice an instant change in your engine’s power. Electronic ignitions are quite popular when upgrading this portion of your vehicle.

What is the purpose of upgrading the fuel system?

Revitalize your engine’s performance by upgrading to a higher-performance fuel system. High-flow fuel injectors and management systems are popular improvements in this area, enabling the delivery of an ideal air/fuel mixture to the engine. With these updates, you can experience noticeable gains in horsepower, torque, and throttle response – all without sacrificing reliability or drivability.

Who should I consult when choosing 1340 EVO performance upgrades?

When it comes to choosing the best performance upgrades for your 1340 Evolution engine, you’ll need to call on an expert. This will make sure that all modifications are fitted accurately and tailored specifically for your requirements.

Is it necessary to make all of the 1340 EVO performance upgrades at once, or can they be done gradually over time?

To maximize your engine’s performance, it is critical to prioritize and budget for upgrades that can gradually be done over time. Consider the most impactful changes you could make to your vehicle, so you can plan out which modifications are worth investing in. This way, you’ll get the best possible bang-for-your-buck mileage from each upgrade.

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