2006 dyna wide glide problems

2006 Dyna Wide Glide Problems and Potential Solutions

As bikers, we often come across various issues with different models, and the Dyna Wide Glide is no exception. In this article, we will discuss some common 2006 Dyna Wide Glide problems that have been reported by owners of this particular Harley Davidson model. By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we hope to assist other riders in identifying and resolving these issues with their bikes.

Through our research, we found that the 2006 Dyna Wide Glide has had a few notable issues, including fuel delivery problems, stability concerns at high speeds, and transmission troubles. Some of these have arisen due to the bike sitting unused for extended periods, while others may be inherent design flaws or result from common wear and tear. In any case, understanding these 2006 Dyna Wide Glide problems is essential to keeping your Harley in top shape and ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Let’s dive deeper into each of these issues, exploring their causes, symptoms, and potential solutions. By taking a closer look at these problems, we aim to arm fellow riders with the information they need to make informed decisions about their bikes and maintain the legendary performance and reliability that Harley Davidson is known for.

Common 2006 Dyna Wide Glide Problems

Engine Issues

One of the common issues we’ve seen with the 2006 Dyna Wide Glide relates to fuel delivery. If the bike has been sitting unused for a long time, issues like stalling and rough idling might appear. To resolve this, we recommend cleaning the fuel tank, replacing the o-ring on the quick disconnect, and inspecting fuel lines for damage or leaks.

Electrical Problems

Encountering electrical problems with your 2006 Dyna Wide Glide can be frustrating. We recommend starting with the battery, which is a common source of such issues. Using a voltmeter, check the battery’s charge as well as the connections. If necessary, replace the battery or clean the terminals. Also, ensure that the starter, ECM, and fuel pump are functioning correctly.

Suspension and Handling Concerns

Some riders may experience instability at high speeds, particularly on windy days or when riding near large vehicles like 18-wheelers. This issue could be related to the narrow 21-inch front wheel. By consulting an expert, you may be able to determine if there are any possible adjustments or upgrades you can make to enhance stability.

Transmission and Clutch Complications

Regarding transmission and clutch complications, the 2006 Dyna Wide Glide may face alignment issues. We recommend checking the primary alignment in both the inner and outer primary case covers. If needed, replace the rear bearing and race. Seek the help of a professional technician if transmission and clutch problems persist.

Recalls and Service Bulletins

Back around the time of its release, there were several known 2006 Dyna Wide Glide problems, resulting in recalls and service bulletins issued by Harley Davidson. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the most prominent issues and the steps taken by the company to address them.

One significant recall concerned the handlebars of the 2006-2007 Dyna Wide Glide. A Recall Kit was made available to rectify the problem, and dealers were required to follow specific order procedures indicated in the Service Bulletin to ensure proper parts availability and installation.

Another notable issue was with the inner primary bearing on the 2006 Dyna motorcycles. Harley Davidson determined that replacement would be necessary at 15,000-mile intervals. As a result, dealers were instructed to replace the bearing at these intervals at no cost to the owners.

2006 Dyna Wide Glide problems also related to the transmission were identified in certain 2006 Dyna models, such as the Wide Glide. A voluntary safety recall was issued to address these concerns, and it affected approximately 13,400 motorcycles built between June 9 and October 19, 2005. The recall involved a thorough examination and replacement of the faulty six-speed Dyna motorcycle transmissions.

In addition to these recalls, owners reported issues with fuel delivery systems in some 2006 Dyna Wide Glide models. These problems were often attributed to fuel lines developing pinholes due to aging, which caused air to be sucked into the system when the fuel level dropped to half-full. In response, Harley Davidson dealers provided guidance on how to check and replace these parts, as well as perform maintenance on filters and other components while addressing the fuel lines.

Owner Feedback On 2006 Dyna Wide Glide Problems

We have come across various sources of 2006 Dyna Wide Glide problems that include owner feedback and experiences. While some owners are thrilled with their motorcycle’s performance, others faced certain issues. So, let’s take a look at what some motorcycle owners have shared.

Many owners appreciate the 6-speed transmission on their 2006 Dyna Wide Glides. They find it especially enjoyable when paired with performance upgrades like Vance & Hines exhaust systems. The majority of these owners haven’t faced any significant 2006 Dyna Wide Glide problems with their bikes and express overall satisfaction.

On the other hand, some owners have encountered fuel delivery issues, as reported on various forums. An owner mentioned that his 2006 Dyna Wide Glide was sitting for three years with gasoline in the tank, which necessitated cleaning the tank and replacing the O-ring on the quick disconnect to resolve the leakage issue.

A few riders have also reported surging issues on the 2006 Dyna Super Glide. In at least one case, the motorcycle began surging during a ride, gradually worsening over time. However, it’s important to remember that individual experiences may vary, and occasional issues could be specific to certain motorcycles or maintenance routines.

Regarding reliability, an owner of the 2005 Dyna Super Glide on Reddit claimed to have had no issues during their time with it. Another user highlighted that they loved the 96-inch engine on the 2007 models but recommended at least opting for the 6-speed transmission found on the 2006 versions.

Through these various owner experiences, it’s clear that while 2006 Dyna Wide Glide problems exist, there still are several satisfied riders, there have been instances of fuel delivery and surging issues. By sharing this information, we hope to help future owners identify possible concerns and make an informed decision.

Summing Up The 2006 Dyna Wide Glide Problems

In our research, we found that there are some 2006 Dyna Wide Glide problems that are worth noting. One common problem is an alignment issue with the primary case, causing the need for bearing and race replacements, as well as the installation of new alignment dowels in the inner case to keep the transmission, outer and inner cases lined up.

Another reported issue is instability at high speeds, particularly on windy days or when riding near large vehicles such as 18-wheelers. This seems to be specific to the 2006 Wide Glide model and may be related to the narrow 21-inch wheel design.

Additionally, some owners of the 2006 Dyna Super Glide have experienced performance issues such as surging. While these problems might not be widespread, they are worth keeping in mind if you are considering purchasing this particular model.

Despite these potential issues, many owners of the 2006 Dyna Glide models have reported reliable performance and enjoyable riding experiences. It is essential to research, perform regular maintenance, and address any problems early on to ensure a smooth ride and minimize any potential issues.

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