2007 road king problems

2007 Road King Problems and Potential Solutions (Detailed)

If you’re a rider looking for classic style and superior comfort, the Harley Davidson Road King could be perfect for you. The 2007 model has an incredibly powerful 96 cubic inch engine that is known to have excellent reliability. However, there are rumors about 2007 Road King problems surrounding transmission issues with the bike which may lead people to be hesitant in investing.

In this article we will put these worries aside and share real insights from owners of 2007 Road Kings.

No Real Transmission Problems

Let’s start by dispelling the myth that there are transmission issues with the 2007 Road King. A vast majority of owners report no problems at all, while a few may experience some noise in fifth gear due to spur-cut gears located in first and fifth. However, this is not deemed an important problem for most riders.

Heavier Gear Lube Can Help

If the whining in fifth gear of your transmission is driving you crazy, there are simple remedies that can help. Thicker lube for the gears has been successful for many owners; some have reported it was all it took to make them feel satisfied with their transmission’s performance. Give this solution a try and see if it brings peace back into your life.

IDS System for Further Improvement

Another approach to diminishing transmission noise is adding an Intelligent Diagnostic System (IDS) on the bike, a component available in 2008 models. This system allows for diagnosing and repairing any transmission problems that may occur.

The 2007 model of this product can be enhanced with an additional component, and several owners have attested to its sound-reducing capabilities as well as the general improvements it brings. While there is a cost associated with the addition, many believe that it ultimately pays for itself in improved performance.

Reliability of the 96 Cubic Inch Engine

The 2007 Road King is remarkable because of its 96 cubic inch engine. This robust motor offers bikers ample torque and horsepower, resulting in an exhilarating ride. Although there are some worries regarding minor transmission noise, many owners find the dependability of this powerhouse to more than offset any potential 2007 Road King problems.

Mod-Ability of the 2007 Road King

If you’re thinking about buying a 2007 Road King, consider its unique customizability. Plenty of riders love personalizing their bikes and making them stand out from the crowd – and this model is perfect for that. Compared to 2008 models with complex throttle by wire systems and ECUs, it’s much easier (and cheaper.) to modify this particular bike. Many owners have praised just how approachable modding the 2007 model can be.

Real-World Testimonials from 2007 Road King Owners

It’s best to learn from real owners when determining the quality of a 2007 Road King. As you can tell from the glowing customer testimonials, these individuals have had no 2007 Road King problems with their bikes and are entirely pleased with their purchase.

Some have noted that the bike tends to overheat in Florida’s warmer climate, but a Stage 1 upgrade solves this issue effortlessly. Moreover, many riders sing its praises for being easily customizable and tailorable to their individual tastes.

Rough Idle and Stalling

Experiencing 2007 Road King problems with a rough idle or stalling? You’re not alone – this is a common complaint from other owners of the same model. Let’s troubleshoot what might be causing it: there could be multiple triggers we need to identify and eliminate in order to get you back on the road.

To ensure your vehicle is running smoothly, the first step should be to inspect your fuel system. Make sure that all components are in good condition – free of dirt and clogs – such as the fuel tank, lines, filters and injectors. Additionally, if any parts appear aged or worn it might just be time for a replacement.

If your car is having trouble keeping its engine running smoothly, a faulty ignition coil could be the source of the problem. The job of an ignition coil is to convert low voltage from the battery into high voltage which can ignite spark plugs. When your vehicle’s ignition coils are not functioning properly, they may not provide enough energy for a smooth ride.

To conclude, it’s likely that your bike is set to an idle RPM below the recommended level. To fix this issue, simply adjust the idle screw until it is set at its optimal rate.

Difficulty Starting

Do you have 2007 Road King problems with it starting? Don’t worry – there are various steps to take if your bike is having difficulty getting going. Let’s look into how we can get your motorcycle running like new again.

To ensure your engine is primed for kickstarting, make sure your battery has enough juice – a weak or aged power-source might not suffice. If the charge falls short of what’s needed to start up, then you’ll have no choice but to swap out the battery with something stronger.

Are you having trouble starting your engine? A possible cause could be a blocked or dirty fuel filter. If the fuel filter is unclean, it may prevent gas from entering your car’s motor. Inspect the air and oil filters in your vehicle and switch them out if necessary.

Last but not least, double-check that your spark plugs are working properly. If they look worn or outdated, there’s a chance they won’t be able to create the proper kind of spark to ignite your fuel – so don’t forget to replace them if required.

2007 Road King Problems Busted

To sum up, the gossip about severe transmission issues with the 2007 Road King problems is mostly false. While some riders may observe a whine in fifth gear, it’s not considered to be a significant problem.

In an effort to quiet the transmission’s noise, heavier gear lube or the installation of the IDS system can help appease those who are affected. Regardless, with its robust 96 cubic inch engine and reliable performance, it comes as no surprise why the 2007 Road King is still a highly coveted model amongst riders.


Below are some FAQs related to the 2007 Road King problems:

Are there any common 2007 Road King problems?

2007 Road King owners have experienced two main problems: transmission issues, particularly in 5th gear, and a lean condition due to EPA regulations.

Can the transmission problems be fixed?

To address the transmission issues, you can either opt to install heavier gear lube or add in the Intelligent Diagnostic System (IDS) that 08 models come with. IDS is a powerful software program designed to diagnose and resolve any problems with your motorcycle’s transmission.

Is the whining noise in 5th gear normal?

Yes, the Road King is designed with spur-cut gears in 1st and 5th which results in a whining noise when you’re in 5th gear – this is normal for this make and model.

Should I be concerned about the transmission noise?

The noise is not usually an alarming problem and can be easily addressed with more potent gear lube or integrating the IDS system. If it does become bothersome, take your bike to a skilled technician for diagnosis and repair services.

Are there any other common 2007 Road King problems?

The most frequent difficulty experienced by owners of this bike is transmission-related, but some have also voiced grievances regarding an uncomfortable drive train chatter in 5th and 6th gear along with issues associated with its lean state.

Is the 2007 Road King a reliable bike?

With regular upkeep and quick resolution of problems, the 2007 Road King can remain a dependable bike for years to come. Most individuals who own it agree that this model is reliable. Maintaining its condition helps make sure you’ll be able to trust in its performance for many rides ahead.

Should I avoid purchasing a 2007 Road King due to the reported issues?

Even though it’s important to be conscious of any 2007 Road King problems, many 2007 Road King owners have experienced a carefree ownership. Before making the purchase, make sure that you let an expert mechanic take a look at your bike and address potential troubles as soon as possible.

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