2014 street glide problems

2014 Street Glide Problems & Solutions

After intensive research of 2014 Street Glide problems, and enjoying riding one for an extended period of time, I can attest to its power and aesthetic charm on the roads. Nonetheless, like any machine, it’s not perfect. Several owners have reported that after taking apart the front fairing for painting purposes, their bike won’t start again — this article will cover all details about such issues along with potential remedies for them.

The Problem

Numerous owners of the 2014 Street Glide model have encountered difficulty attempting to start their motorcycles after removing and painting the front fairing. When pressing on the startup button, nothing happens – even though one can hear fuel pump cycling and gauges lighting up properly.

It appears that the issue persists from disconnecting all of the instruments, radio, and other parts when painting. Uncertainty lingers whether this occurs because a malfunction in the bike or something wrong with unplugging itself.

Dealing with Dealers

When it comes to mechanical 2014 Street Glide problems, the dealer may recommend bringing it in for service. However, not all riders want to take this route; some choose to repair their bikes themselves while others worry about the cost associated with a service from an expert mechanic.

For those who have already invested considerable sums into their bike, such as a 2014 Street Glide that can cost more than $20,000 to purchase, this is especially true.

Possible Solutions For 2014 Street Glide Problems

A forum-goer advises to inspect the spot of the Run/Off switch on your right handlebar. Plus, it’s feasible that a safety precaution may be blocking you from starting it up – so, simply enter in its PIN number and see if this solves the problem!

If you’re seeking a diagnostic solution, try removing the green wire from the starter solenoid and disconnecting it from its terminal. Then connect a jumper wire between your battery’s positive terminal to the same solenoid terminal that was previously connected. This should allow for cranking of the starter, even if it doesn’t necessarily start afterward. In this way, you can determine whether your primary or secondary starting system has an issue.

A fellow rider proposed inspecting the wiring plug attached to the ignition switch which could be unaligned or detached. Additionally, it is paramount to secure that both harness connectors are re-attached and any work done on the front fairing is fully seated.

Many riders have reported success with their bike after disconnecting the negative wire, securing the remaining components of its structure, and ensuring that all connections are secure – then reconnecting it.

After reconnecting the negative, the motorbike ran as expected with just a turn of the key. This could mean that there was an issue with some unplugged connection or maybe simply resetting the negative fixed everything.

Prevention is Better than Cure

To avoid any issues when reconnecting wires and connections, one owner suggested labelling them before disconnecting on both ends. For example, write 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 etc. and use masking tape to secure the labels for future reference – this can help prevent potential problems in the future!

Final Words On 2014 Street Glide Problems

Although the 2014 Street Glide is an exceptional machine, it’s not flawless. Some owners have complained about difficulties in taking apart the front fairing for painting purposes. Luckily, potential solutions can be attempted by owners themselves. From verifying that the Run/Off switch is correctly positioned to eliminating the green wire from its starter solenoid – these are just a few of many remedies available!

By taking the proper steps and precautions, bike owners can ensure that their bikes start up with ease and take them wherever they please without any issues.


Below are some frequently asked questions on 2014 street glide problems:

What is the 2014 Street Glide?

For a unparalleled touring experience, the 2014 Street Glide from Harley-Davidson is your go-to motorcycle.

What are some common 2014 Street Glide problems?

After disconnecting and reconnecting wiring during maintenance or customizing, many owners have reported difficulties starting their motorcycles. Moreover, there have been complaints regarding the security system, cruise control, and other electrical components not functioning properly.

How can I troubleshoot starting issues with my 2014 Street Glide?

Are you having trouble starting your motorcycle? Don’t worry! There are a few quick troubleshooting steps to get it going. Firstly, double-check that the Run/Off switch is in the correct position on the right handlebar. If it’s not working, you can try plugging in your PIN number if there’s a security system enabled on your bike. Alternatively, bypassing the primary starter system by detaching the green wire from its solenoid and adding a jumper cable connecting battery + with its terminal could help as well.

How can I prevent starting issues when disconnecting and reconnecting wiring on my 2014 Street Glide?

Avoid any starting issues when disconnecting and reconnecting your wiring by making sure that all connectors are properly in place and the wires have been correctly arranged. Labeling each wire connector or pin with masking tape, along with numbering them, can make it much simpler to match them up again during reconnection – something well worth considering!

Should I take my 2014 Street Glide to a dealer if I am experiencing issues?

For those bold enough to take on the challenge of fixing their own motorcycle, you may have what it takes in terms of tools and knowledge. However, if any uncertainty or apprehension exists, then bringing your motorcycle to a dealer is highly encouraged. They will be best equipped with the appropriate resources for not just solving but also preventing future issues from occurring.

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