6 speed transmission for 88 twin cam

6 Speed Transmission for 88 Twin Cam – A Comprehensive Guide

If you have an 88 twin cam motor and are in search of a way to upgrade it, consider setting up a 6-speed transmission. Not only will this help reduce your cruising RPM for increased comfortability, but there is also various types available that’ll suit all applications.

In this guide we’ll take a look at the benefits each type offers for a 6 speed transmission for 88 twin cam, so you can make the best decision for your ride.

Default 6 Speed Transmission for 88 Twin Cam

Before we explore the various 6-speed transmissions out there, let’s briefly look at what comes standard on a twin cam 88. The default transmission is a 5-speed variety that has been used in Harley Davidsons for quite some time and is dependable overall. Though many riders find this to be sufficient, they still sometimes have difficulty with 3rd to 4th gear as it can often make ascending hills cumbersome without having to downshift first.

Enhancing your ride with a 6-speed transmission can help you to experience an effortless journey, particularly when travelling long distances. Let’s discover the various types of 6-speed transmissions available and their advantages.

Screamin’ Eagle 6-Speed Conversion

The Screamin’ Eagle 6-speed conversion is a favorite selection among Harley Davidson riders. Crafted specifically for Harley motorcycles, this kit offers all you need to boost your bike’s transmission from 5-speeds to 6 speeds – with a new gearset, shift forks, shifter drum and assorted hardware included. Not only will it upgrade the power of your ride but also take pleasure in changing gears more seamlessly than ever before.

The Screamin’ Eagle 6-speed conversion is designed to be easy and stress-free, allowing you to save time and money in the process. Best of all, no modifications are required for your original clutch or primary drive system. With this upgrade, you can enjoy smoother gear shifting without having to worry about costly changes.

Baker 6-Speed Direct Drive

Harley Davidson riders love the Baker 6-speed direct drive transmission as it is a direct replacement for their current 5-speed transmissions and offers an abundance of features. This transmission has earned its place among the most sought after on the market with its exceptional design.

With the Baker 6-speed direct drive transmission, you can expect a smooth and quiet ride due to the reduced number of moving parts. Not only that, but it has a higher first gear ratio so you have more control when starting off in this gear – meaning smoother acceleration with less effort. This transmission is designed for optimal efficiency while still providing comfort and sound reduction.

Baker 6-Speed Overdrive

The Baker 6-speed overdrive transmission is a great choice for those seeking an upgrade from the standard Baker 6-speed direct drive. It boasts some extra features, such as its final gear ratio that is less than 1:1 and thereby provides the driver with an additional overdrive gear to help bring down their cruising RPMs for more relaxed journeys.

Highway riders, take note: the Baker 6-speed Overdrive Transmission is an excellent choice for your journey. This transmission’s overdrive gear can reduce engine strain, boost fuel efficiency and provide a more soothing ride. For cyclists who travel often on highways, this transmission has been proven to be invaluable in making their rides smoother than ever before.

RevTech 6-Speed

If you’re a Harley Davidson rider looking to upgrade your transmission, the RevTech 6-speed is an excellent option. Compatible with both 88 and 96 cubic inch motors, it’s ideal for riders who love long-distance touring. The RevTech 6-speed comes packed with features that make it a great choice – expect smooth shifting and reliable performance mile after mile.

Enjoy superior acceleration with the RevTech 6-speed transmission. Thanks to its higher first gear ratio, you can start in a more advanced gear and still gain momentum quickly – eliminating the need for frequent shifting as compared to standard 5-speed transmissions.

If your ambition is to reduce RPMs while cruising, you’ll need to either change the final gear ratio or install an overdrive transmission. More powerful bikes can handle modifications in the gear ratios better than an 88-inch engine might; so it’s essential that research be done prior to making changes.

If you’re serious about revamping your 88 Twin Cam with a 6-speed transmission, there are several brands to consider; however, it is best to invest in higher quality for reliability. Sure, there may be cheaper options available but skimping on price can compromise the end result and cost you more money down the road.

For a choice that continually proves to be an outstanding option, consider Baker Drivetrain. These 6-speed transmissions are lauded for their whisper-quiet operation and efficient performance compared to other brands on the market. Whether you opt for the Direct Drive or Overdrive version with its unique final gear ratio in 6th speed – you can’t go wrong.

Crafting a journey that’s both smooth and efficient? The Over Drive 6-speed has you covered with its final gear ratio below 1, resulting in reduced revs while cruising. Prefer speedier transitions between gears? The Direct Drive 6-speed offers a smaller gap between gear changes due to its 1:1 ratio in the sixth gear.

RevTech is a fan favorite brand, offering an innovative 6-speed transmission specifically engineered for Harley Davidson motorcycles. This powerful gearbox boasts improved acceleration and fuel efficiency, coupled with soundless operation–all the while providing optimal performance tailored to your bike of choice. However, be aware that this transmission may not work seamlessly with other brands – it’s designed especially for Harley Davidsons.

Jim’s Machine, a renowned industry authority in motorcycles, offers a 6-speed transmission specifically engineered for Harley Davidson with an engine size of 88-96 cubic inches. This state-of-the art transmission delivers amplified acceleration and top speed potential that can endure high torque and power.

Milwaukee Twins is a trusted brand that has created a 6-speed transmission tailored for Harley Davidson motorcycles. This product promises better fuel economy, smoother rides and superior acceleration with higher top speeds than its counterparts. It’s important to remember; however, this specific transmission may not fit other brands of bikes.

The Verdict 6 Speed Transmission for 88 Twin Cam

Upgrading to a 6 speed transmission for 88 twin cam is an exciting endeavor that can bring improved acceleration, fuel efficiency and lower cruising RPMs. However, this investment should not be taken lightly as it requires thoughtful research and quality components for reliability and longevity. Additionally, you may need to adjust the final gear ratio to get your preferred cruising speed which also comes with financial considerations – so take care when making these decisions.

Ultimately, it is up to the rider to decide if a 6 speed transmission for 88 twin cam upgrade is worth the investment. The advantages are numerous, such as better acceleration and fuel efficiency along with lower cruising RPMs. But remember that you get what you pay for; do your research and invest in quality parts so that your bike remains reliable over time. Additionally, you may need to adjust final gear ratios in order to hit desired cruise speeds – another cost factor that must be taken into account when making this decision.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the 6 speed transmission for 88 twin cam:

What is the default transmission on a twin cam 88?

By default, the twin cam 88 is equipped with an efficient 5-speed transmission.

What are the benefits of a 6-speed transmission for twin cam 88 motors?

A 6-speed transmission can provide an improved ride experience, with a smoother and more enjoyable cruise. Additionally, the jump from 3rd to 4th gear on a 5-speed transmission is eliminated – making way for increased comfort during long distance traveling.

What are some popular brands of 6-speed transmissions for twin cam 88 motors?

6-speed transmissions are a sought after part for twin cam 88 motors and popular brands include Baker Drivetrain, RevTech, Jim’s Machine, and Milwaukee Twins. With these reliable companies providing top of the line items for your bike needs you can find the perfect transmission to upgrade your ride.

Are all 6-speed transmissions compatible with twin cam 88 motors?

When purchasing a 6-speed transmission for your twin cam 88 motor, it is essential to do your research first. This will help guarantee that you are investing in a part that is reliable and specifically designed for use with your motorcycle model.

Do I need to address the final gear ratio when upgrading to a 6-speed transmission?

What’s the best course of action? That will depend on your goals. To reduce cruising RPMs, you need to either change up your final gear ratio or invest in an overdrive transmission.
The larger engines from newer bikes have enough power to tackle this job but it may be a challenge for those with 88-inch motors. Before committing, make sure that you do some research and find out what gear ratio works well for attaining the desired cruise speed output.

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