2005 road king problems

A Comprehensive Guide to 2005 Road King Problems

Are you pondering on purchasing a 2005 Road King? You may be concerned about the potential 2005 Road King problems that could come with it. Although some customers have claimed to be problem-free, others experienced difficulties which they had to address eventually. In this guide, we’ll explore the known 2005 Road King problems connected with this iconic motorcycle model from Harley Davidson.

Valve Guides

Many 2005 Road King problems have been experienced with the valve guides, causing excessive oil consumption of up to one quart every 1,000 miles. Although there was no recall on this issue, it became a well-known problem among early models that year – fortunately though, Harley Davidson acted quickly and implemented a running change mid-year which eliminated the concerns for later builds.

Cam Chain Tensioners

The 2005 Road King problems include cam chain tensioners. These important parts keep the timing chain in check and protect your engine from damage. Unfortunately, reports indicate that some owners have experienced wear on their tensioners after only 32,000 miles of use – though others are still running strong without any issues. To avoid costly repairs down the line, experts suggest inspecting both inner and outer tensioner regularly for signs of trouble.

Rocker Box Gasket Seals

Another one of the common 2005 Road King problems are with the rocker box gasket seals. If they fail, it can cause oil leaks, which can be messy and dangerous if the oil gets on the rear tire. Some owners have reported that the seals on their rocker box covers and inner shafts need replacement after a certain number of miles. Using synthetic oil may also cause the gasket’s seals to swell up, leading to leaks. It is recommended to switch to premium gas and premium gas without ethanol to avoid these issues.

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump on the 2005 Road King might be a source of trouble, as some riders reported it losing pressure or ceasing to work altogether. To avoid being left stranded by your bike stalling, make sure you have the fuel pump replaced immediately in case any issues arise.


Despite its reliable reputation, the 2005 Road King is not impervious to difficulties – from valve guides to cam chain tensioners, rocker box gasket seals, and fuel pumps. Nonetheless, there’s good news: many of these issues can be prevented with proper care for your bike. Keep up regular maintenance regimens; utilize high-quality oil and gasoline; replace worn parts when needed – by following this advice your Road King will run smoothly for years.

Before investing in a used 2005 Road King, it is important to do your research on the 2005 Road King problems, and pay particular attention to the ones mentioned in this article. Carefully examine the bike and take it for a test ride. Moreover, having an experienced mechanic look at it too can help you avoid any potential problems or issues down the line and ensure that you get maximum value out of this purchase. Make sure to be proactive by doing your due diligence now rather than regretting later.


Below are some FAQs related to the 2005 Road King problems:

What kind of fuel should I use in my 2005 Road King?

For optimal performance and efficiency, premium gasoline without ethanol is highly recommended to prevent any potential issues with the rocker box gasket seals. While regular gas will still work for your bike, using the best quality fuel available makes a significant difference in its overall running power.

How often should I inspect my cam chain tensioners?

To ensure the longevity of your cam chain tensioners, routine inspection is a must. The inner one tends to wear out first, so it’s particularly important to inspect this component at around 32,000 miles and regularly after that. Doing this will help you avoid major problems down the road.

How do I know if my valve guides are faulty?

If your bike is releasing too much oil, it could signify a problem with the valve guides. Aside from that, look out for blue smoke emitting out of the exhaust pipes or power loss and engine misfiring. To ensure longevity and safety of your beloved ride, we suggest having an expert mechanic assess any issues regarding faulty valve guides as soon as possible.

What should I do if I experience issues with my fuel pump?

If you suspect any malfunction of your fuel pump, such as reduced pressure or stalling, it is prudent to replace it without delay. Keeping up with a faulty fuel pump can prove disastrous in the long run and may result in severe damage to your engine or worse – an accident.

How can I prevent 2005 Road King problems?

To avoid any potential 2005 Road King problems, make sure you routinely maintain it to a high standard – use quality oil and gasoline, replace worn parts regularly. Moreover, seek out professional inspection by an experienced mechanic periodically in order to detect minor flaws before they become major problems.

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