1998 road king problems

Our Story

From an extremely young age, we’re talking 2 or 3 years old, back in my earliest memories, one thing comes to mind, motorbikes. They weren’t just any bikes though, my first memory was the deep grumbling of a shiny red one. As with many of these story’s that people go on about, it all starts with their dad, and mine’s no different.

Dads red shiny bike was none other than a Ducati, a 916 to be exact. As the years went on and I grew, I witnessed Italian moto’s at their finest as he went on to upgrade to the latest and greatest. The result, a moto lover was born and then eventually this blog.

What Drives Us

We’re a bunch of individuals working towards creating the most informative moto content on the web. Our aim is to be the biggest and best. With an emphasis on having the absolute best and most informative articles you can find in the moto world.

We’ve started out small but through your support we’re growing at a rapid rate. We can’t thank you enough as we create our content for you, and you drive us to create more!

Moto Enthusiasts

This blog was born through absolute passion of everything moto, from Italian to Japanese and everything in between.

Deeply Committed

We are 1000% committed to ensuring we bring you the latest and greatest content and answer all the questions we can with our informational focus.

Aiming For The Stars

Our drive is to become the go to single source of truth for everything moto, and one day the biggest moto website on the planet. And make sure our content is extremely helpful as we progress along our journey.