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B2271 Harley Code – Troubleshooting Battery and Electrical Issues

Yesterday, while attempting to troubleshoot my 2014 Street Glide Special, my bike abruptly refused to start. After a few diagnostics tests, I identified the B2271 Harley code for low BCM Voltage along with other error codes. That’s why in this article I’m giving you some useful tips for resolving any electrical issues that may occur on your beloved Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Understanding Your Harley’s Battery Voltage

After a 24+ hour maintenance charge with low amperage, the battery voltage of your Harley should measure 12.8 volts. Here is a handy guide to reference battery levels:

  • 12.8 volts = fully charged
  • 12.6 volts = 75% charged
  • 12.3 volts = 50% charged
  • 12.0 volts = 25% charged

Testing Your Battery Voltage and Connections

To guarantee a secure connection, be sure to inspect both the battery lead terminals and those on the wire. Utilize a digital multimeter to measure your car’s battery voltage while it goes through different stages of starting and charging.

Checking for Drain Problems

Suspecting that something is draining your battery while in idle? Verify this suspicion with an AC/DC meter, which should not show any more than 6 mA of drain. This amount takes into account the components such as ECM, speedometer, TSSM, HFSM and voltage regulator. Using a simple meter to test for possible power-draining issues will save you time and money.

Battery Maintenance and Replacement

With the help of a maintenance charger, you can preserve your battery’s life. However, be aware that if it is over 3 or 4 years old, then replacing it may be in order. Additionally, unplug and check its cold cranking amperage every spring to assess its condition. If your car struggles during most starts up attempts, consider investing in a new one for optimal performance.

Dealing with a Dead Battery

Avoid attempting to jump start your motorcycle, especially if you’re using a car/truck-sized battery or charging system; it is not safe and can lead to damage. Instead, opt for the safer alternative of utilizing a 2 amp 12v battery charger to charge up your bike’s battery – trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

Clearing Error Codes after a Dead Battery

Give your battery a full charge and then disconnect it for roughly five minutes to clear any error codes. Take a ride on your bike to see if the codes return. Chances are, they won’t because the issue was probably caused by an empty battery in the first place.

Exploring Possible Causes for the B2271 Harley Code

If you come across the B2271 Harley code indicating a low BCM Voltage, always verify your battery and its connections first. Oftentimes, when jump-starting is involved, this symptom could be owing to an exhausted power source. Clear the codes temporarily to take it for spin and observe if the problem lingers afterwards.

Troubleshooting Made Easy

Revving up your Harley can be a bumpy ride if you encounter electrical issues, but learning how to troubleshoot with precision is key. Start by monitoring the battery’s voltage and then following some critical steps. Additionally, make sure that you keep your bike in decent shape by routinely maintaining it and exchanging the battery when needed for an uninterrupted journey.


Below are some FAQs on the B2271 Harley code and Troubleshooting Electrical Issues:

What does the B2271 Harley code mean?

The B2271 Harley code reveals a decreased BCM (Body Control Module) voltage. This could potentially be attributed to the battery, connections, or charging system related to your bike.

How can I check my Harley’s battery voltage?

Ensure you measure the battery voltage with a DC volt meter at both the battery terminals and the terminal on the wire. A fully charged battery should display an output of approximately 12.8 volts.

How do I know if my battery is draining while sitting?

To accurately measure the current draw of your bike when it is off, you’ll need to use an AC/DC meter. While a reading higher than 6 mA could indicate problems with components such as the ECM, speedometer, TSSM, HFSM and voltage regulator – all should read no more than 6mA for optimal bike performance.

When should I replace my Harley’s battery?

After three to four years, it’s time for a new battery. Additionally, if your current one grunts during most starts or doesn’t pass the cold cranking amperage test, you should replace it as soon as possible.

Can I jump-start my motorcycle with a car/truck-sized battery?

To avoid any potential damage to your motorcycle’s electrical system, it is advised that you steer clear of jump-starting or charging the bike with a vehicle battery or large-scale charging system. Instead, utilize a 2 amp 12v battery charger for recharging purposes.

How do I clear error codes after a dead battery?

To reset the error codes, such as the B2271 Harley code, detach your battery for five minutes. Afterwards, take a spin on your bike and see if the codes have been eliminated. If everything is back to normal, it’s likely that the defect was due to an inactive battery.

What should I do if my bike still shows the B2271 Harley code after troubleshooting?

If the B2271 Harley code persists despite a thorough inspection of your battery, connections and charging system, turn to an authorized Harley-Davidson service manual or get it checked out by a professional. Taking the bike to an official dealership is sure to resolve any issues you may be having with diagnosis and repair.

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