burly slammer shocks before and after

Burly Slammer Shocks Before and After

If you’re seeking to customize your motorcycle’s look, one of the most popular modifications is lowering it. Burly Slammer shock kits are a well-known choice for dropping the rear of your bike. In this article, we’ll dive into all aspects related to Burly Slammer shocks before and after installation—including their advantages and disadvantages as well as what should be expected before and after installation.

Lowering the Bike with Burly Slammer Shocks

The Burly Slammer Shock kit is tailor-made to provide your motorcycle with a lower profile and enhanced stance. This highly effective modification includes short shocks that will reduce the back end, along with fork springs specifically designed to further decrease the height at the front of your ride. Get ready for stunning results.

Benefits of the Burly Slammer Shocks

With the Burly Slammer Shocks, you will not only be giving your motorcycle a sleek and stylish custom look, but also increasing its stance. The shorter shocks make it easier for riders of any height to plant both feet firmly on the ground when stopped – an especially helpful benefit for smaller statured individuals.

Drawbacks of the Burly Slammer Shocks

The Burly Slammer Shocks offer a sleek, low-profile look; however, they can also come with certain drawbacks. For instance, the lowered ride height may result in a reduced lean angle during parking and other situations which could cause your kickstand or exhaust pipes to scrape while cornering. Additionally, you may experience an overall stiffer ride than if you had left the factory shocks installed.

Issues Caused by Burly Slammer Shocks

  1. Loss of Lean Angle: By using Burly Slammer Shocks, you can quickly reduce the height of your motorcycle; yet this might mean a decrease in lean angle. In turn, it could be hard to find a kickstand that is lengthy enough to accommodate and hold up the revised height of your ride.
  2. Scraping: When cornering aggressively, it is easy to scrape the kickstand or exhaust of a motorcycle due to its lower height. Thus, riders who prefer more vigorous turns and high-octane riding must be particularly careful when navigating their vehicles in order to avoid any potential damage.
  3. Stiffer Ride: The Burly Slammer Shocks may give you a bumpier ride than the stock shocks, which could be off-putting to those seeking an easier and more pleasant journey.
  4. Grounding Cable Relocation: Installing Burly Slammer Shocks can cause the tail light/turn signal grounding cable to deactivate, making it necessary for you to relocate this cable in order to avoid any further issues.
  5. Tire Wear: By reducing the height of your motorcycle, you risk having its rear tire too close to the fender. A screw or other object underneath it could puncture and damage the tire dramatically – so be sure to check this before going for a ride.
  6. Kickstand Replacement: To make sure your motorcycle won’t wobble or tip over while stopped, you may need to switch out the kickstand for a shorter one due to its reduced height.


Installing the Burly Slammer Shocks is a straightforward process that can be done with minimal tools, but it’s essential to read the directions thoroughly in order to achieve a successful setup. If you don’t feel confident about completing this task on your own, let an experienced professional handle it for you. You’ll definitely feel a difference with the Burly Slammer Shocks before and after installation.

Burly Slammer Shocks Before and After

Before you install the Burly Slammer Shocks, your motorcycle will ride at its original height. However, after installation you’ll find that it has been lowered to create a more streamlined silhouette and improved stance. Although there might be some issues with the kickstand and exhaust due to this change in elevation, as well as a stiffer riding experience than what is provided by stock shocks – all of these are minor trade-offs for an overall enhanced look.

The Verdict On Burly Slammer Shocks Before and After

If you’re searching for a way to reduce the height of your motorcycle in the rear, then look no further than the Burly Slammer Shocks. While they can give an impressive improved silhouette and stance, it’s important to note that they may also come with drawbacks such as decreased lean angle and lack of comfort while riding.

Before deciding to purchase and install shocks, it is essential to consider the pros and cons. If you are uncertain of your skill in doing so, then seek professional help for a safe installation process.


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions About Burly Slammer Shocks before and after:

What are Burly Slammer Shocks?

Upgrade your ride with the Burly Slammer Shocks. This kit is tailored to lower the back end of a motorcycle and create a sleeker profile. The package comes equipped with shorter shocks and fork springs that not only make you look great on the roads, but also provide you with more confidence while driving. Get ready for an improved stance and feel safer behind your bike – it’s time for an upgrade.

What are the benefits of Burly Slammer Shocks?

Burly Slammer Shocks are the perfect option to provide your motorcycle with an improved stance and a slimmer, sleeker shape. Even riders of smaller builds can find confidence in these shocks due to their shorter length allowing for both feet firmly on the ground while riding.

What are the drawbacks of Burly Slammer Shocks?

Though the Burly Slammer Shocks may have their perks, they do come with a few drawbacks. It can be difficult to park your motorcycle on a kickstand due to reduced lean angle. Additionally, if you choose these shocks instead of stock ones, your bike’s exhaust or kickstand could scrape while cornering hard and it might create an uncomfortable ride.

Is it easy to install Burly Slammer Shocks?

Installing Burly Slammer Shocks may sound intimidating, but it’s really quite straightforward – all you need are basic tools. That said, make sure to read the instructions closely to guarantee a successful installation. If you’re uncomfortable with your DIY skillset or don’t have the right equipment on hand, let an expert handle it for you.

Will Burly Slammer Shocks affect the comfort of the ride?

The Burly Slammer Shocks could offer a more rigid ride than the standard shocks, and with its decreased height may limit cornering capabilities as well. This can compromise your comfort during drives.

Are there any other modifications needed after installing Burly Slammer Shocks?

After outfitting your motorcycle with Burly Slammer Shocks, you may find it sitting too upright and require a shorter kickstand. Similarly, the grounding cable for the tail light/turn signals could need to be moved if lights are constantly flickering off.

Are Burly Slammer Shocks suitable for all types of riding?

When it comes to selecting the right shocks for your ride, consider Burly Slammer Shocks if you focus on comfort. These shock absorbers will make sure that long rides remain comfortable and enjoyable. On the other hand, if you tend to take hard corners then these may not be suitable as they could cause scraping of the kickstand or exhaust pipe – in which case lowering blocks might be a better option for your needs.

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