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Can You Convert A SV650S To A SV650S Streetfighter?

Exploring the Suzuki SV650S Streetfighter: An Icon of Versatility, Reliability & Affordability. The Suzuki SV650S has been a popular motorcycle model since 1999 due to its versatility and affordability. Recently, it was released in a streetfighter version that is hailed for its distinct styling and sporty performance. In this article, we will delve into all the features presented by the brand new SV650S Streetfighter as well as examine how they contribute to making it an icon of reliability, versatility and affordability.

Design and Styling

The Suzuki SV650S Streetfighter is guaranteed to garner attention with its sleek and aggressive styling. Its minimalist design spotlights the engine and exhaust, while a low-slung riding position gives it an edgy stance. The bike also has aerodynamic bodywork that amps up the sporty look of this already fierce machine. Buckle up for some serious speed as well as stunning good looks!

Engine and Performance

The Suzuki SV650S Streetfighter is equipped with an imposing 645cc, V-twin engine that churns out 75 horsepower and 47 lb-ft of peak torque. Due to its smooth yet linear power delivery, the bike is perfect for both experienced riders as well as novices who are just starting their riding journey. Moreover, a six-speed transmission ensures precise and effortless shifting each time you press down on the accelerator pedal.


With its lightweight trellis frame and well-crafted suspension setup, the Suzuki SV650S Streetfighter provides a comfortable ride that is unrivaled in terms of handling. The bike’s low center of gravity further improves its stability and control while cornering or navigating tight turns.

Additionally, the Streetfighter version provides an exciting riding position that further heightens your driving experience.

To ensure an optimal ride, the Suzuki SV650S Streetfighter is outfitted with double-disc brakes up front and a single disc in the rear. These brakes guarantee robust stopping power to make sure that riders have complete control over their motorcycle. The reliable braking system of this sporty motorcycle is just one more reason why it’s so highly sought after by thrill seekers everywhere! 

Converting a Suzuki SV650S into a Streetfighter

With its versatility, reliability and affordability, the Suzuki SV650S quickly became a favorite amongst motorcycle riders. But if you’re looking to add more aggression and sportiness to your ride’s look, then consider building it out as a streetfighter! To help guide you with this process we’ve outlined exactly how to customize an SV650S into one using as our reference point. Let’s get started!

Step 1:

To start converting your Suzuki SV650S into a streetfighter, you should begin by removing the fairings. This will give it a more intense and minimalistic look that is typical for streetfighters. To get rid of them, unscrew all bolts and clips which attach the fairings to the motorcycle. Make sure to keep track of these parts since you won’t be able to reassemble your bike without them!

Step 2:

Unlock the Aggressive Style of Streetfighters Installing a new headlight is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your streetfighter an aggressive, sporty look. From purchasing a more compact and sleek option than the original to installing it in place, you can transform your vehicle into something that reflects your personality with just this single step!

Step 3:

Upgrade Your Riding Style with a New Handlebar To achieve the sporty and aggressive look of streetfighters, consider replacing your current handlebar for an upright one. Easily purchase a new bar and complete the installation yourself, giving you instant gratification on transforming your SV650S into something truly unique! With this simple upgrade, let out your bold side as you cruise around town in style.

Step 4:

To complete your Suzuki SV650S’s transformation into a streetfighter, it is time to give the bike an updated look with a new tail section. This will provide the motorcycle with more of an aggressive and sporty vibe that is iconic to streetfighters. Replace the original piece for one that is sleeker and smaller in size; you can purchase this brand-new part easily! Then install it instead of its previous counterpart for a refreshed appeal on your ride.


Transforming your Suzuki SV650S into a streetfighter is an awesome way to add excitement and sportiness to the bike. By using this guide, you can remove its fairings, and install a new headlight, handlebar, and tail section — all while keeping in mind that such transformations require some mechanical know-how and experience! If ever uncertain about any step of the process, never hesitate on seeking expert advice or assistance.

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