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DIY Motorcycle Flag Mount – Ultimate Guide to Showcase Your Pride on the Road

Searching for a budget-friendly solution to display your flag on your motorcycle? Look no further than this DIY guide. This is the perfect way to create an inexpensive, yet stylish and sturdy mount. Let’s get started on building your own DIY Motorcycle Flag Mount without breaking the bank.

Finding the Perfect Flag

Hobby Lobby’s Hidden Gem

For an uncomplicated beginning, pop into your nearby Hobby Lobby and purchase a two-flag set. All you need is the flags, not the wooden poles they are sold with; plus these American-made goods come as a bargain at $1.99 for both.

Gathering the Necessary Materials

Lowe’s Shopping List

To get started, make a trip to your go-to hardware store such as Lowe’s and stock up on 1/4-inch steel rod, U-clamp and the robust 1 1/4 inch flat steel.

Crafting the Bracket

Cutting and Bending the Flat Steel

With a hacksaw, skillfully trim off desired pieces of the flat steel. Secure them in a vice and gently shape with your shop hammer until you have achieved the exact design that you desire. Afterward, lop off any excess material to complete the task.

Drilling Holes

Bore holes in the bracket: one for the seat mount, a single hole at the top of it to securely hold the flag pole, and two near its rear part to perfectly fit your U-clamp.

Painting and Baking

For a brilliant white finish, cover the bracket with Rustoleum paint and place in an oven preheated to 350°F for 7 minutes. Allow it time to cool before handling.

Assembling the DIY motorcycle flag mount

Mounting the Bracket

Secure the bracket to the hole in the passenger seat.

Preparing the Steel Rod

Cut the steel rod to your desired length using a hacksaw for precision.

Securing the Flag

Securely attach the flag to the steel rod using super-glue, and then place it in the bracket. Utilize a U-clamp for additional steadfastness.

Adding the Finishing Touch

Carefully remove the small gold cap from the original wooden pole and enlarge its hole slightly before securing it onto the steel rod with Super-glue for a finished touch.

Alternative Flag Mount Options

Using Metal Hangers and Quick Disconnect Mountings

Look no further than your local hardware store’s electrical area for metal hangers specially designed to fit 1/2″ conduit. These clamps can be easily affixed onto the quick disconnect mountings on either side of the fender, offering you an almost invisible flag holder.

Creating a Parade Flag Mount with a Stainless Steel Rod Holder

Transform a stainless steel adjustable rod holder from the marine hardware section of Walmart into an ideal parade DIY motorcycle flag mount. Securely affix the holder to your right side bag guard–robust enough to endure the weight and torque of any kind of ensign with its corresponding pole.

Sourcing Additional Parts and Tools

To build the parade DIY motorcycle flag mount, you’ll require an array of supplies and tools. This includes flat steel stock, U-bolts, a flag pole, eye bolts, carabiners and a flag as well as such equipment like a drill, wrenches and hacksaw. Happily all these items can be sourced from your local hardware store.

Dissatisfied with the scant flag mount options that your local bike shop offers? Don’t worry. This DIY guide will give you a step-by-step tutorial to create an inexpensive and dependable motorcycle flag mount, so you can ride through town in style while proudly waving your colors. Ready for lift off? Let’s get started.

Bonus Tips for Maintaining Your DIY Motorcycle Flag Mount

Inspecting for Wear and Tear

Frequently inspect your DIY motorcycle flag mount for any evidence of deterioration, including rust or loose bolts. This approach will guarantee that your mount remains secure and stable as you ride.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Flag

To keep your flag looking its radiant best, we recommend washing it by hand or on a delicate machine cycle with mild detergent. After washing, be sure to let the flag air dry to prevent any damage from occurring. And when you’re not using your flag, make sure that you store it properly such as folding or rolling for optimal longevity.

Adapting Your Flag Mount for Different Flags

With your custom-made DIY motorcycle flag mount, you can instantly demonstrate your pride in any country or state just by exchanging out the flags attached to the steel rod. Make sure to have a stockpile of different flags at hand for various occasions that come up.

Upgrading Your Mount for Larger Flags

If you plan to use a larger, 3×5-foot flag for your DIY motorcycle flag mount, it’s wise to reinforce your mount with extra brackets or support rods. By doing so, stability is guaranteed and will be far stronger than simply the components described in this guide alone.

Riding Safely with Your DIY Flag Mount

When you’re out riding, be cognizant of the positioning of your DIY motorcycle flag mount and how it could potentially impede your visibility or ability to maneuver. Ensure that nothing is obstructing your view from side mirrors, turn signals, or brake lights. Moreover, if you have a passenger on board with you make sure that their comfort and safety are taken into consideration by considering where exactly the flag is located.

In Conclusion

Congratulations on successfully crafting your own DIY motorcycle flag mount. Now it’s time to hit the trails and showcase your prideful display. Be mindful of upkeep for both your mount and flags in order to guarantee a safe journey, as well as creative opportunities to further tailor the design or enlarge with larger flags if desired. Relish in the feeling of freedom when you ride—and now add an eye-catching personal flair through those colorful banners.

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