does harley davidson make automatic motorcycles

Does Harley Davidson Make Automatic Motorcycles?

Harley Davidson: a powerhouse of style and performance, this motorcycle brand has been manufacturing manual transmission bikes for decades. But not everyone prefers that type; for reasons such as convenience, comfortability, or safety – some riders opt towards an automatic transmission instead. In this article we’ll discover if Harley Davidson offers automatic motorcycles – and if they don’t, what you can do to modify your own bike into one.

Harley Davidson’s with Automatic Transmission

For a substantial period of time, Harley Davidson solely produced motorcycles with manual transmissions due to the lack of widespread requests for automatic ones. Additionally, manufacturing auto-transmissions are much pricier and adds extra weight to the bike – ultimately affecting performance negatively.

So, does Harley Davidson make automatic motorcycles? In response to customers requests, Harley Davidson introduced its first automatic motorcycle in 2020: the LiveWire. Incredibly, this is still the only automatic bike offered by Harley Davidson.

The LiveWire electric motorcycle is a force to be reckoned with. It has an impressive 105 horsepower, creating 86 ft.-lbs of torque from its permanent magnet motor for instantaneous power and acceleration – making it perfect for navigating the city streets. With this much punch packed into one vehicle, you can ride confidently knowing that your every demand will be met in even the most challenging situations.

Furthermore, the LiveWire has a plethora of ride modes – up to seven – that can be chosen from depending on your desired performance and security preferences.

Why Get a Motorcycle With an Automatic Transmission?

For novice riders, an automatic transmission can be much more manageable and calming than a manual one. Not having to worry about shifting gears allows them to pay closer attention to the road ahead. This is why automatics are growing in popularity amongst motorcycle enthusiasts – they make riding simpler and safer for all levels of experience.

Furthermore, veteran bikers often favor automatic transmissions since they don’t have to constantly shift gears before promptly taking off on their bike.

Many riders opt for automatic transmissions due to the enhanced safety they provide. Without needing to know how to properly shift gears, new and inexperienced motorcyclists can remain secure on the roads – avoiding potential accidents or injury.

Why Do People Prefer Harley Davidson Motorcycles With a Manual Transmission?

Manual transmissions are still the go-to choice amongst riders, despite the convenience of an automatic transmission. This is largely attributed to its ability to provide a more engaging experience for each ride. Shifting becomes second nature when using a manual and many riders enjoy feeling in control when they press down on the clutch release as they shift gears.

Besides, manual transmissions are not only more cost-effective and dependable but also boast greater fuel efficiency. Automatic transmissions, on the other hand, require way more parts to construct and thus tend to be pricier as well as difficult to mend. Furthermore, when shifting gears at the right time is taken into account, manual transmission vehicles can become even more fuel efficient than autos with automatic gearboxes.

Can You Modify a Harley Davidson to Make It Automatic?

Are you looking to transition your manual transmission Harley Davidson into an automatic one? While it is achievable, this modification can be expensive. If you have the mechanical skills and know-how necessary, great – if not, make sure to take your bike to someone experienced in working on transmissions.

Modifying your Harley Davidson into an automated transmission can be done in two ways: transforming it to a semi-automatic or fully-automatic.

Semi-Automatic Modifications

Semi-automatic transmissions provide a clutchless experience for riders and can be accomplished by adding an electronic shifter with buttons or paddles. This modification is more economical than other alternatives, while still offering the same sensation as manual shifts without having to press down on a pedal of any kind.

Fully-Automatic Modifications

Fully-automatic modifications provide a seamless transmission experience that takes the burden off of the rider. Though it comes with an increased cost and longer installation, this modification will require you to install an electronic shift control module, along with its accompanying actuator for gear shifting operations. To top things off, your bike’s wiring harness must be reconfigured by a trained mechanic – but don’t worry; it usually only takes several hours for them to finish up.

Do Other Motorcycles Have Automatic Transmissions?

Harley Davidson may be the most recognized name in automatic motorcycles, but they are not alone. Honda, BMW, and Aprilia all offer automatic transmissions on some of their models as well. Most often these can be found in scooters and touring bikes from each of these motorcycle makers.

Honda has extended its Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology to several of their motorcycles, such as the Africa Twin, NC750X and Gold Wing. On these models, riders have the rare opportunity to benefit from both convenience and sportiness – they can either shift gears manually or take advantage of an automated transmission set-up. The DCT gives them a chance to experience all that without sacrificing performance or ease of operation.

BMW has taken the thrill of riding to a whole new level with their Gear Shift Assist Pro on S 1000 XR and S 1000 RR models. With this quick shifter, riders can transition between gears without ever having to use the clutch. Semi-automatic transmission provides an exhilarating journey all while preserving convenience that automatic vehicles offer.

With the Aprilia Mana 850 GT, riding a motorcycle has never been more effortless– thanks to its continuous variable transmission (CVT). This impressive feature offers smooth and seamless shifting without having to operate any clutches. Get ready for an incomparable touring experience.

The Bottom Line – Does Harley Davidson Make Automatic Motorcycles

For those seeking an automatic motorcycle, Harley Davidson has the perfect solution – their LiveWire electric bike. It provides impressive power and acceleration that make it ideal for urban riders while still remaining true to Harley’s commitment to manual transmissions.

Are you searching for an automated transmission in a Harley Davidson motorcycle? Converting your pre-existing motorbike to have either a semi-automatic or fully-automated system is achievable, albeit at the expense of a large sum.

Motorcycle fans can now choose between manual or automatic transmissions, with some of the top motorcycle producers including Honda, BMW and Aprilia providing models equipped with an auto option. Ultimately, whether you opt for a gearshift mechanism or an automated alternative comes down to your personal inclination as well as how safe it might be in certain scenarios.


Below are some frequently asked questions on does Harley Davidson make automatic motorcycles:

Does Harley Davidson make automatic motorcycles ?

In 2020, Harley Davidson unveiled its groundbreaking LiveWire motorcycle – the first and only automatic model in their entire history.

Why do some people prefer motorcycles with automatic transmissions?

Driving an automatic transmission is not only more comfortable, but also simpler for beginners and safer for those who are inexperienced or disabled.

Why do most riders prefer motorcycles with manual transmissions?

Motorcyclists often prefer the engaging experience of a manual transmission, as they have more power over their ride. Furthermore, manual transmissions are much more fuel-efficient and dependable than automatic ones.

Can you modify a Harley Davidson motorcycle to have an automatic transmission?

It is feasible to turn a Harley Davidson motorcycle into an automatic transmission. However, it requires specialized knowledge and expertise, as well as significant financial commitment.

What other motorcycle brands offer automatic transmissions?

For those looking for an effortless ride, a number of renowned motorcycle brands including Honda, BMW, and Aprilia provide automatic transmissions on some of their models.Such convenience is usually available in touring motorcycles and scooters.

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