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Electra Glide without Fairing – A Custom Transformation

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to explore creative customization ideas. Not long ago, one such concept peaked my interest – replacing the front fairing from an Electra Glide with a standard headlamp for a unique look.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed right now? Don’t worry. In this article, I will be taking you through my thought process on customizing an Electra Glide without fairing, potential challenges that may arise and possible alternatives to achieve the desired outcome.

The Plan – Electra Glide Without Fairing

A fellow biker expressed their wish to make an Electra Glide without fairing and install a conventional headlamp assembly instead. They asked if anyone has done this before, curious about what other components would be essential for the conversion.

Salvage Yards: The Ultimate Parts Source

For customization seekers looking to save some money, scouring salvage yards for parts from a wrecked FLT close in age to your bike is the way to go. You can find fork tins, headlight assembly and instrument mounts all at once. This method may require a bit of extra wiring and connectors but it’s certainly worth the effort when taking into account that purchasing each piece separately would be costly.

What’s Underneath the Fairing?

Before taking the plunge into this project, make sure you’ve assessed what’s beneath the Electra Glide without fairing. Wires, relays, and fuses lurk there too. How will these components be accommodated if/when the fairing is removed? Taking out the casing could trigger a massive overhaul – so it pays to be prepared beforehand.

Dealing with Extra Gauges, Wiring, and Audio

If you’re worried about the superfluous electronics and wiring after removing your fairing, I suggest considering an upgrade to a Road King. This could be more beneficial than trying to manage all of these parts.

The First of Its Kind?

The motorcycle world is vast and full of passionate individuals who are often eager to explore the boundaries of customization. Although I have not personally encountered anyone that has completed this type of project, I am sure there are others out there who have tried it. It’s important for you to remember however that if you do decide to attempt such a venture, electrical issues may arise in the future due to your modifications.

Boosting Headlight Brightness

To boost the headlight’s brightness, you can easily swap out your old bulb for a high-powered H4 white bulb without having to remove the entire headlight assembly. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much of an impact this simple change makes.

Going for a Road King Look

To create a Road King-look, you might think about snipping the windshield down, changing the color of your bike and investing in an upgrade. Keep in mind that wiring may be complicated and finding room for a new speedometer, blinker indicator or headlight is necessary. If you are committed to achieving this style by making these changes, then go ahead with confidence.

Hiding Wires and Aftermarket Speedo

For riders looking to keep the classic aesthetic on a Electra Glide without fairing, hiding wiring in an aftermarket nacelle and using a modern speedometer may be the answer. This inventive solution has been considered by some as a way to maintain that clean look.

The Road King, Electra Glide, and Road Glide Comparison

It’s essential to understand that the Road King, Electra Glide, and Road Glide are all constructed with the same frame. Despite their identical size, they differ in appearance due to their fairings and design characteristics.

Harness Swap: A More Comprehensive Approach

To those determined to make this transformation, a harness swap is recommended. The amount of wiring in the Electra Glide surpasses that of the Road King, so finding an effective way to store it all might be tricky. A harness swap will provide you with a neat and professional outcome.

Final Thoughts On The Electra Glide Without Fairing

Customizing an Electra Glide without fairing by swapping it out for a standard headlamp is no small feat. One must be mindful of the wiring and components hidden below the fairing when executing this project.

Don’t be daunted by the complexity of wiring for your Electra Glide – although it may require some effort, you can create a stylish and personalised look with a little bit of patience and imagination. With consistent work, you’ll eventually achieve remarkable results.

Before taking this leap of faith, think about the pros and cons thoroughly. It’s worth considering if upgrading to a Road King or similar model would be more suitable for you. Remember that customizing your motorcycle is an opportunity to convey who you are as an individual while crafting a ride that fits your own unique style. The sky’s the limit, so don’t be afraid to dream big and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Ultimately, an Electra Glide without fairing is not a decision to be taken lightly. However, for those courageous enough to take on this project, it can turn out to be quite rewarding. Keep in mind that there are other alternatives available such as upgrading your bike or opting for small customizations instead.

It’s always wise to research, seek advice from fellow riders and consider professional counsel when making any modifications. After all, the motorcycle community is a cooperative and inventive group ready to assist its members in obtaining their custom goals.


Below are some FAQs on the Electra Glide without fairing:

Can you remove the front fairing from an Electra Glide?

Absolutely, it’s feasible to disassemble the front fairing of an Electra Glide for whatever purpose you may have. However, caution must be taken when handling its wiring, gauges and all components which are stored underneath the fairing.

What are the main challenges of removing the fairing from an Electra Glide?

Assembling all of the wires, relays, and fuses found beneath the fairing can be a difficult issue to tackle. Furthermore, having extra gauges, radio’s, and speakers in your vehicle presents an additional challenge – but one that is not insurmountable. With some creative problem solving you will have no trouble finding a suitable location for each part so that you may enjoy your ride even more..

Can I replace the Electra Glide’s headlamp without removing the entire fairing?

Absolutely. It’s quick and easy to remove the headlamp from the fairing without needing to unscrew the entire assembly. Plus, you can upgrade it with a high-quality H4 bulb for brighter illumination.

How can I manage the wiring after removing the fairing?

To achieve a tidier and more professional aesthetic, you may want to consider concealing the majority of the wires within an aftermarket nacelle. An added option includes performing a harness swap for even greater results.

What’s the difference between the Electra Glide, Road King, and Road Glide?

Although these models exhibit the same frame and size, their differences are conspicuously visible in the fairings and design. The Road King has a detachable windshield, while its counterparts have distinct features – Electra Glide flaunting a fixed one-piece fairing, and Road Glide donning an eye-catching shark-nose element.

Is it better to trade up for a Road King instead of removing the fairing from an Electra Glide?

Ultimately, the decision lies with you. If convenience and a sleek aesthetic are your priorities, investing in a Road King might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re feeling adventurous and desire something more personalised for your Electra Glide then removing its fairing could add an entirely new level of character that would make it truly unique.

Can I use an aftermarket speedometer after removing the fairing?

Absolutely. You can replace the fairing with aftermarket speedometers to achieve a neat look whilst freeing you from relying on your original gauges.

Will removing the fairing affect the performance of my Electra Glide?

Having an Electra Glide without fairing will not directly hinder its performance; however, it has the capacity to interfere with aerodynamics and cause an increase in wind exposure while you ride. Furthermore, mishandling wiring or other components during this process may result in electrical issues.

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