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Fatboy with Drag Bars – A Look at the Pros and Cons

Motorcyclists far and wide would wholeheartedly agree that the Harley Davidson Fatboy is the epitome of a cruiser. The sleek design, powerful engine, and vintage appeal make it an absolute favorite for riders everywhere. But what happens when you upgrade your Fatboy with drag bars?

In this article, we dive deep into giving you invaluable information about the advantages as well as potential drawbacks so that you can confidently decide if adding drag bars to your beloved bike will be worth it.

What are Drag Bars?

Before we get into the Fatboy with drag bars, let’s first clarify what drag bars are. Drag Bars are a type of handlebar that is widely used in drag racing for their unique ability to provide riders with an aggressive riding posture by allowing them to lean forward and position their hands lower than would be possible on traditional handlebars. Additionally, these bars typically boast wider dimensions which help improve control during high speed maneuvers.

Pros of a Fatboy with drag bars

Comfortable Riding Position

Investing in drag bars for your Fatboy offers multiple rewards, including a more comfortable riding position. By leaning forward, some of the weight shifts off the lower back and spine which makes long rides much easier on your body. Not only that but if you suffer from shoulder or wrist pain, shifting to a lower hand-position relieves pressure on those joints too.

Improved Control

In addition to providing a more comfortable ride, drag bars offer improved handling. With their broader grip and increased leverage, you can have better control over your bike in tricky situations like tight turns or busy streets.

Turn Heads

Unquestionably, Harley Davidson motorcycles are a symbol of style; adding drag bars to your Fatboy will make heads turn. The distinctive stance and wide handlebars give it an eye-catching presence that cannot be overlooked on the highway.

Cons of a Fatboy with drag bars

Riser Height

If you are considering adding drag bars to your Fatboy, a potential issue is riser height: different manufacturers measure it differently. Consequently, selecting the correct size can be hard. In fact, some riders have reported that even 9″ rise bars like Carlini Super Sweeps barely fit above their bike’s dash.


Another potential drawback of installing drag bars is the effect on handling. As outlined in the overview, one biker reported that adding drag bars to their chopper made it the most unmanageable and vibratory motorbike they had ever ridden. This could be caused by a variety of reasons, like missing risers or specific bar design.


While the custom look of a Fatboy with drag bars is bound to draw attention, not everyone may be keen on them. Many riders find more comfort in using classic handlebars that provide an easier and more laid-back riding position.

Pros of Adding Drag Bars to a FatboyCons of Adding Drag Bars to a Fatboy
Comfortable riding positionRisers may need to be a certain height to clear the dash
Improved controlPotential impact on handling
Unique, attention-grabbing lookNot everyone may like the appearance

The Verdict – Fatboy with Drag Bars

In summary, outfitting your Fatboy with drag bars not only adds an eye-catching style but also enhances comfort and stability during rides. Nonetheless, it’s important to weigh the potential cons such as adversely affecting riser height and handling before making a decision.

Ultimately, the decision to do a Fatboy with drag bars lies with you and depends on your riding style. That said, it’s essential that you pick an apt size and design of these bars for a perfect fit as well as exceptional performance.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the Harley Davidson Fatboy with drag bars:

What are drag bars?

Taking your drag racing experience to the next level? Look no further than Drag bars. Featuring an aggressively angled riding position – with hands lower and rider leaned forward – these handlebars are specifically designed for ultimate performance, allowing you race faster and more efficiently in style.

Are drag bars comfortable to ride with?

For many cyclists, drag bars provide a comfortable ride because they enable the rider to lean forward and shift some of their body weight away from their back and lower spine. Moreover, riders can also reduce any potential strain on their wrists or shoulders with proper placement of the hands below.

Do I need to change the risers when adding drag bars to my Fatboy?

To decide which drag bars and risers will best suit your bike, it is important to be mindful of the size and design. Different manufacturers measure riser height in different ways, so selecting the right ones for you is key for a perfect fit that delivers top-notch performance.

Will adding drag bars impact the handling of my Fatboy?

Riders have revealed that adding drag bars to their bikes might not be the best idea, as it can lead to compromised handling and vibration. This could potentially be caused by either a lack of risers or the style of bar itself.

What are some things to consider when choosing drag bars for my Fatboy?

When selecting a handlebar, there are several components to think about—including the height of the riser, design details, and exact measurements. It’s essential that you find a style you like that also smoothly complies with your riding style.

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