2 Harleys in 6x12 trailer

Fitting 2 Harleys in 6×12 Trailer – Is it Possible?

Are 2 Harleys in 6×12 trailer just too much or is it possible to fit them? In this article, we’ll measure the dimensions of both to determine if it’s possible. Bikers love their Harley Davidsons and often turn to transporting them via trailers; however, many owners need help figuring out whether or not they can fit two large bikes in one trailer. We’ve got the answers you seek.

Dimensions of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson motorcycles are typically 94-98 inches long, 36-40 inches wide, and 45-50 inches tall. These bikes can be on the heavier side with a weight ranging from 649 to 736 pounds – making it difficult for most people to maneuver. The dimensions vary model by model so make sure you do your research before choosing one.

Dimensions of a 6×12 Trailer

When measuring a 6×12 trailer, it is essential to be aware that the exterior dimensions are 72 inches in width, 144 inches in length and usually around 60 inches in height. However, keep in mind that the interior dimension could vary from manufacturer and thus lower than the external size so make sure you measure those as well before loading your bikes.

Can You Fit 2 Harleys In 6×12 Trailer?

Fitting 2 Harleys in 6×12 trailer is feasible given the appropriate dimensions, however it may require some additional effort. Strategically placing the bikes so that there’s no interference between them and then properly securing each one should be done in order to ensure safe delivery of your prized possessions.

Loading the 2 Harleys in 6×12 trailer

Loading 2 Harleys in 6×12 trailer requires more than just an understanding of the bikes’ dimensions. To guarantee that the motorcycles fit without striking against either the sides or roof, it may be essential to remove their handlebars and/or mirrors beforehand. Furthermore, setting them in such a way so as not to lean upon each other is imperative; this avoids potential damages from occurring on any part of the paintwork or components.

Securing the Bikes in the Trailer

To guarantee the safe transport of your bikes, it is essential to strap or ratchet tie-down them tightly. This should be done by attaching the straps or ties directly to each bike’s frame and then pulled tight. Additionally, consider adding additional support such as blocks and brackets in order to stop any contact between the frames and walls inside of the trailer while travelling.

The Verdict – 2 Harleys in 6×12 trailer

Ultimately, with the right amount of planning and creativity, 2 Harleys in 6×12 trailer. To make sure that your bikes will fit safely in the trailer, it is important to measure their dimensions against those of the trailer’s. By taking appropriate precautions, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Harleys are secure for transport.

With adequate forethought and readiness, cyclists can experience the joy of carrying their bikes to any location without worrying about harming them during transit.


Below are some frequently asked questions on fitting 2 Harleys in 6×12 trailer:

What is the average length of a Harley Davidson motorcycle?

On average, Harley Davidson motorcycles measure from 94 to 98 inches in length.

What is the average width of a Harley Davidson motorcycle?

For most Harley Davidson models, the average widths range from 36 to 40 inches.

What is the average height of a Harley Davidson motorcycle?

Harley Davidson motorcycles typically have an average height of 45 to 50 inches.

What are the dimensions of a 6×12 trailer?

The 6×12 trailer is a popular option for many people as it boasts an impressive 72 inches of width, 144 inches in length and 60 inches in height.

Can two Harley Davidson motorcycles fit in a 6×12 trailer?

Absolutely, two Harley Davidsons can fit in a 6×12 trailer. It just takes some careful manoeuvring and advance preparation to make it achievable.

What should I consider when loading the bikes into the trailer?

To safely load bikes into a trailer, it is necessary to be aware of each bike’s size and its space requirements. To maximize the room in the trailer, consider removing handlebars or mirrors as needed. Additionally, when placing them in the trailer make sure that they are arranged so that there isn’t any overlap between them.

How should I secure the bikes in the trailer?

To ensure your bikes remain secure, firmly attach straps or ratchet tie-downs to their frames and tighten them. Moreover, use additional supports such as blocks or brackets to stop the bikes from leaning into each other or clashing against the sides of the trailer ceiling.

Is it necessary to measure the interior dimensions of the trailer before loading the bikes?

Before you fill the trailer with bikes, it is imperative to assess the interior measurements of your vehicle. Interior height may be lower than exterior and this knowledge will ascertain if all bikes fit securely inside and how they should be arranged. Knowing these figures beforehand can save from a lot of trouble in transportation.

Can I transport two Harley Davidson motorcycles in a 6×12 trailer without damaging them?

Absolutely. Two Harley Davidson motorcycles can be safely transported in a 6×12 trailer – no damage sustained, provided the bikes are correctly placed and secured. With some thoughtful planning ahead of time, you’ll have nothing to worry about when transporting your most prized possessions.

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