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The Frankenstein Trikes Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Frankenstein Trikes problems aren’t extremely common but it’s important to be aware that they may occur. The company is a great company and they take pride in creating and assembling superior aftermarket motorcycle trike kits. Their clients have mostly been pleased with the craftsmanship of their trikes; however, like any other product on the market, customers may occasionally experience issues that need to be rectified. In this article let’s explore some of the more common Frankenstein Trikes problems and how they can be solved.

About Frankensein Trikes

Since its inception in 2000, Frankenstein Trikes has rapidly become a leading force for aftermarket motorcycle trike kits. Based in the United States and renowned for their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and top-notch products, they have quickly established themselves as one of the foremost providers of quality trike conversion kits. With an ever-growing number of satisfied customers from around the world, there is no better choice than Franklin Trikes!

Frankenstein Trikes offers a vast selection of trike conversion kits to suit a plethora of motorcycle models, such as Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha. These easy-to-install kits provide an effortless riding experience while remaining steady on the roads. Furthermore, Frankenstein Trikes provides customers with an array of accessories and upgrades that can enhance their overall performance or appearance.

At Frankenstein Trikes, we are devoted to making your trike conversion journey effortless and enjoyable. Our skilled technicians and engineers craft each kit with top-notch quality, performance standards in mind; plus, our comprehensive support package guarantees the ease of installation and effective maintenance of your trike. We supply detailed instructions as well as helpful videos for guidance along every step of the way!

The Frankenstein Trikes Problems

To kick off the Frankenstein Trikes problems list, which has been established in no particular order, I’d like to state that for each problem there’s a solution:


The frequent difficulty in assembling the trike kit has been a common issue that customers experience. This arduous task necessitates mechanical proficiency and is compounded by unclear instructions or missing parts, making it even more strenuous. To remedy this inconvenience, many have reported receiving damaged components which further complicate assembly time.

To combat this difficulty, Frankenstein Trikes has enacted a plethora of solutions to make assembly more convenient for customers. Detailed instructions have been created and are easily comprehendible, as well as videos available online which illustrate the process in depth. Moreover, their packaging and delivery processes have also improved with careful consideration to guarantee that parts arrive undamaged upon receipt.


Customers have reported that the trike is unreliable and hard to handle, which can be hazardous. This problem could be caused by a number of things like improper assembly, incorrect tire pressure, or worn/broken suspension parts. At higher speeds in particular, riders feel more unsteady when riding this trike and it’s tougher for them to keep under control.

To combat this issue, Frankenstein Trikes offers the following solutions: an appropriate assembly of the trike, routine tire pressure checks and adjustments, plus inspections and replacements for suspension components that show signs of wear or damage. In addition to these measures taken by customers, Frankenstein Trikes has enhanced their suspension design and set up process in order to increase stability as well as provide improved handling properties overall.

Vibration & Noise

Customers have often indicated that their trikes produce uncomfortable levels of vibration and noise while they are riding, impeding the enjoyment of the experience. This can arise from a variety of sources such as misaligned wheels, damaged tires or drivetrain components. In some cases, these issues can become so pronounced that it is difficult to appreciate the ride at all!

To resolve this issue, Frankenstein Trikes suggests that customers precisely align their wheels and substitute any worn or broken drivetrain parts as needed. Furthermore, they recommend replacing aged tires; these may be a factor in the vibration and noise you experience. As an extra bonus, the company has carried out upgrades on their design of suspension components to reduce both sound and shaking levels considerably.

Electrical Issues

Unfortunately, some riders have experienced difficulties with the trike’s electrical systems. From charging to lighting and other components, people have had a range of issues that can be both annoying and hazardous. It appears that these problems are due to an unreliable electrical system on the trike.

To combat this issue, Frankenstein Trikes encourages customers to routinely assess and upkeep the charging system as well as other electrical components. Additionally, by making advancements in these parts design and quality, dependability can be improved.


Ensuring safety is paramount when it comes to operating a motorcycle, including trike conversions. When modifying your bike into a three-wheeled vehicle, the dynamics and handling of the bike will change considerably. Thus, riders should be mindful of potential risks in order to ensure their own wellbeing when using this type of motorbike.

When converting a bike to a trike, it is essential to be aware of the potential stability issues that come along with riding on three wheels. Trikes are less stable than bikes and can be harder to maneuver when traveling at high speeds, especially in wet or slippery conditions. To ensure optimal safety for you and your passengers, make sure that your trike is properly assembled and maintained before each ride. Additionally, riders should exercise extra caution in these types of environments so as not to increase risk of accidents or injury.

Trike conversions come with their own safety concerns- the size of a trike can make it challenging for other road users to see them on the roads. To combat this, riders should take additional steps by equipping their bike with ample lighting and reflective material; as well as making sure they wear bright coloured and reflective clothing. This will mean that you are highly visible, increasing your safety on those busy roads!

When it comes to safety, trike conversions require the utmost caution when braking. Due to their heavier weight and bulkier frame than motorcycles, they demand stronger brakes that are in great condition. It’s also essential for riders of a converted trike to be aware of its extended stopping distance as compared with motorbikes, so give yourself extra room before bringing your ride to a halt!

Lastly, trike conversions can also have an impact on the vehicle’s handling capabilities and maneuverability. Since they are longer than a regular motorcycle, it may be more difficult to move them through tight spots or make quick turns. If you’re considering riding a trike in these kinds of situations, then take extra care when doing so. Furthermore, ensuring that your bike is correctly aligned and balanced will significantly strengthen both its steerage and nimbleness.

To keep safe on a trike conversion, it is vital that riders take the necessary precautions. The stability, visibility, braking and handling of the vehicle should all be checked prior to riding. Additionally, make sure you have proper lighting and reflective materials fitted as well as being properly trained and licensed with protective gear worn at all times. By taking these steps into consideration before hopping in the saddle – you can ride your trike safely without any worries!

Our View On The Frankenstein Trikes Problems

Ultimately, Frankenstein Trikes should be commended for their production of superior trike kits. However, like any product on the market today, certain issues have been reported by customers and experienced by riders. Fear not! The company has taken swift action to resolve these issues and enhance the overall riding experience for its users.

By following Frankenstein Trikes’ maintenance recommendations and keeping up with regular upkeep, you can reduce your risk of experiencing problems while maximizing your enjoyment out on the road!


Below are some of the most common frequently asked questions on Frankenstein Trikes problems:

What are the most common problems associated with Frankenstein Trikes?

Struggling to piece together a Frankenstein Trike? Is it lacking the stability and finesse you expect from an electric vehicle? Does it make too much vibration or noise when in use, or are electrical issues getting in your way? These common problems have frustrated many riders looking for their perfect ride.

Can I install the trike kit myself?

Constructing a trike kit can be very intricate, necessitating a certain level of mechanical acumen. To ensure proper installation of the trike kit, it is best to enlist an expert mechanic or somebody with prior experience in this process.

Will a trike conversion affect the handling and maneuverability of my motorcycle?

If you want to get the most out of your trike, it’s important that your motorcycle conversion is correctly aligned and balanced. That way, you won’t have any difficulties navigating tight areas or making sharp turns – something that can be difficult with a trike since they are longer than regular motorcycles. With proper alignment and balance, however, you’ll enjoy an improved maneuvering experience!

Will a trike conversion affect the stability of my motorcycle?

A trike conversion can potentially compromise motorcycle stability and maneuverability, particularly on wet or slippery surfaces. To guarantee a safe ride, it is essential to ensure that the trike is constructed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and properly maintained with regular checkups. This way you can be sure of having optimal stability no matter how fast you’re riding!

Are trike conversions safe?

To ensure maximum safety and security, it is important that trike riders properly assemble and maintain their vehicle, equip it with the correct lighting and reflective materials, familiarize themselves with its unique dynamics, secure a valid license to operate one of these conversions, as well as wear protective gear. Taking all of these crucial steps can help minimize any risks associated with riding a trike conversion.

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