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GSXR 1000 Stretched and Lowered – Is It Worth It?

Sportbike fanatics are turning to lowered and stretched bikes more than ever, but is it a wise decision to make your GSXR 1000 stretched and lowered? That answer isn’t as easy because it depends on why you’re doing so. In this piece, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of lowering and stretching a GSXR 1000, analyze what an average bike length following these modifications looks like, plus consider how much one typically lowers their bike by.

Why Make The GSXR 1000 Stretched and Lowered?

While customizing a GSXR 1000 typically involves modifying the aesthetics of the bike, it is essential to keep in mind that lowering and stretching can have substantial effects on its handling. Lowering will give your motorcycle an edgier look while also extending the wheelbase for a more streamlined visual effect. However, these changes may affect how you control your ride so be cognizant as you make alterations.

Handling Capabilities

If you plan to ride aggressively, it’s best not to lower or stretch your GSXR 1000. Doing so will reduce the bike’s agility and make turns more difficult. You may also be at risk of scraping when cornering if you don’t adjust the suspension properly after lowering and stretching. In short, this modification is detrimental for anyone looking for a thrilling experience on two wheels.

Length and Distance

If you’re looking for the perfect look, pictures and videos online can help. But if you want to get into drag racing with a stretched bike, it’s best to consult those who know about these kinds of builds. As far as distance lowered goes, many opt for 1.5 – 4 inches in the back and up to 2 inches in front – though ultimately this depends on what your plans are.

Preparing Your Bike for Lowering and Stretching

If you’re ready to transform your GSXR 1000 by lowering and stretching it, then make sure you are well prepared for the adjustments. To get started, find extensions or an aftermarket swing-arm, as well as a chain of adequate length. Additionally, adjustable lowering links must be added to the rear suspension system. For complete alteration success – slide up the front forks one or two inches in order to lower its height too.

If you’re looking to extend your bike, an aftermarket swing-arm is the most reliable option – albeit more costly. You can also opt for blocks on both 04 and 07 models. When in doubt, make sure that you are getting high-quality blocks that can withstand your motorbike’s weight and strength.

To keep your bike’s handling in top shape, you’ll need to make adjustments to the suspension when lowering it. You may have to add pre-load on the rear shock depending on how far down or if someone else is riding with you. An adjustable link at the back will provide more adjustment and help get your ride height just as you want it after stretching out.

Final Thoughts On Making The GSXR 1000 Stretched and Lowered

Ultimately, if you are thinking of altering the position and size of your GSXR 1000, it’s necessary to contemplate why exactly you want to do so. If improving its appearance is your main goal, bear in mind that this will negatively affect its maneuverability; making turning more troublesome and reducing nimbleness. On the other hand, if drag racing is on your agenda be sure to consult drag racers who can guide you with appropriate lengths.

To guarantee the security and optimum performance of your bike, it’s essential to get ready for any modifications you make. To avoid disappointment, invest in premium blocks or a swing-arm manufactured by aftermarket specialists that is equipped to carry the weight and power of your bike.

Ultimately, bear in mind that altering the height and reach of your bike could have an impact on its maneuverability. To guarantee it remains steady, gently control the handlebars with your right wrist as you decrease and stretch it out. All while being sure to invest in some rider coaching to hone your riding techniques.


Below are some frequently asked questions on making the GSXR 1000 stretched and lowered:

Is it safe to make the GSXR 1000 Stretched and Lowered?

While modifying your GSXR 1000 to give it a sportier look may reduce its maneuverability and make turning more difficult, with the right preparation and suspension adjustments you can ensure that handling is still at an optimal level. Don’t let appearances compromise safety.

What is the average length for a stretched GSXR 1000?

It all depends on what you plan to do with your stretched bike, as the length will vary. If drag racing is in your sights, consult experts who specialize in this sport for optimal lengths. When it comes to aesthetics, you can easily discover a style that speaks to your soul just by browsing through photos and videos online.

What is the average height lowered for a GSXR 1000?

The GSXR 1000’s adjustable distance of up to 4 inches in the rear and 2 in the front allows riders of every size a comfortable ride.

What do I need to prepare my GSXR 1000 Stretched and Lowered?

If you’re looking to lower the height of your GSXR 1000, then you’ll require an adjustable swing arm with extensions or aftermarket components together with a chain that corresponds in length and lowering links for the rear. Moreover, if you slide up the front forks one or two inches it will reduce the motorcycle’s overall height at its front end.

How will a GSXR 1000 Stretched and Lowered affect its handling?

If you lower and stretch a GSXR 1000, its handling characteristics will be severely compromised. Not only can it become more difficult to maneuver and turn sharply, but the bike may also scrape when cornering if you don’t adjust the suspension correctly. For optimum control and safety on your ride, keep your GSXR at its original height.

Can I ride aggressively with a GSXR 1000 Stretched and Lowered?

If you decide to lower and stretch your GSXR 1000 for a more stylish look, remember that it will severely affect the bike’s agility. Consequently, aggressive riding should be avoided since its maneuverability has been impaired. Instead of risking losing control while turning corners at high speeds, ride smarter by taking things slow on this liberated machine.

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