harley 49mm fork oil capacity

Harley 49mm Fork Oil Capacity

The Harley 49mm fork oil capacity requires approximately 473 milliliters (16 ounces) of oil to perform optimally. It is critical that the specified type of oil from Harley-Davidson be used, as this will ensure proper performance and a longer lifespan for the fork components.

It’s essential to routinely inspect and replenish your fork oil as part of regular maintenance in order to sustain the ideal viscosity and level. Doing this can help circumvent any potential issues like decreases in performance, leaks, or accelerated deterioration on the fork components.

It is essential to adhere to the correct steps when changing motor oil, such as properly draining and refilling the forks. Overfilling can lead to various issues like air bubbles and diminished performance, so it’s important not to overfill.

Concluding – Harley 49mm Fork Oil Capacity

To conclude, the Harley 49mm fork oil capacity is 473 milliliters (16 ounces), which should be filled with specified type of oil in order to assure optimal performance and durability. Regular maintenance should also be conducted for enhanced outcome.


Below are some frequently asked questions on the Harley 49mm fork oil capacity:

What type of oil should I use for my Harley 49mm forks?

For the best results and performance of your Harley-Davidson, use only a 5W weight suspension oil like “Harley Suspension Fluid.” To ensure you have the most accurate information, consult with either your owner’s manual or certified Harley-Davidson technician.

How often should I change the oil in my Harley 49mm forks?

Depending on usage and riding conditions, the amount of time between oil changes can fluctuate. As a general guideline, it’s best to get an oil change every 10-15 thousand miles or as advised in your owner’s manual for optimum performance.

Can I overfill my Harley 49mm forks with oil?

Absolutely, pouring too much oil into the forks can create bubbles in the system which will detrimentally affect its performance and may even lead to damages of certain components. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you accurately measure and add Harley-Davidson’s prescribed amount of lubricant for optimal results.

Can I use other brands of suspension oil besides Harley’s?

Harley-Davidson suggests utilizing the specified suspension oil for your 49mm forks to guarantee optimal performance and compatibility with other brands of oil. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you use Harley-Davidson’s recommended oil type.

What are the signs that I need to change the oil in my Harley 49mm forks?

If you’re experiencing a decrease in performance, fluid leakage, or visible wear and tear on your Harley 49mm forks components, it’s time to consider an oil change. Regular maintenance is integral for the longevity of your forks and their optimal functioning.

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