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Harley Accessory Connector Under Seat – What is it and How to Use it?

While tinkering with your Harley Davidson, you may have noticed an unfamiliar connector tucked away beneath the seat. What is the Harley accessory connector under seat?

With the lack of understanding around Harley accessory connectors, many are left perplexed with a connection beneath their seat that provides 12V power both while ignition is on and off. To help you understand more about these connectors, what they do and how to use them – this article will provide all the answers.

What is the Harley Accessory Connector Under Seat?

Harley Davidson offers a factory-installed accessory connector on some of its models to power any extra add-ons that riders may desire for their bikes. The Harley Accessory Connector gives you the freedom and convenience to customize your ride however you wish.

Depending on the type of bike, the plug can be found in different locations—sometimes under the left side cover, other times underneath the seat. Unfortunately for many cyclists, it is not easy to spot.

What Does The Harley Accessory Connector Under Seat Do?

Riders can access a constantly available 12V power source with the accessory connector, allowing them to add any extra accessories they’d like to their motorcycle. This connection is always hot regardless of whether or not the ignition has been turned on – providing riders with an uninterrupted supply of energy.

The accessory connector is safeguarded by a 15-amp fuse, granting it the capability to support up to 15 amps of current. In other words, this should be more than enough energy for riders who wish to install accessories on their bikes.

How to Use the Harley Accessory Connector Under Seat?

To utilize the Harley accessory connector, invest in the applicable wiring harness from a nearby Harley Davidson dealership or online stores. This specific wiring harness will have one end with a female plug that connects to your accessory connector and another side that has male plug for connecting your desired attachment.

Don’t forget to include a fuse in the wiring harness, as this protects your bike’s electrical system from any potential faults or shorts. It is imperative that you use only the wiring harness specifically designed for your motorcycle make and model; using an incorrect one can damage both your motorcycle’s electrical components and cause serious harm due to possible fire hazards.

Once you have acquired the ideal wiring harness, connect one end to your chosen accessory and then plug in the other into an accessory connector. To guarantee that everything is receiving power properly, switch on the ignition and check if it powers up your gadget – simple as that.

Is it a Battery Tender?

While some people have conjectured that the connector is a battery tender or quick disconnect for a battery charger, others argue that it does not actually plug into the battery and lacks grounding capabilities – which suggests it is not in fact a battery tender.

To ensure your motorcycle battery is always at its optimum performance, a battery tender or charger is the ideal accessory. By simply connecting it to the terminals and including an easy detachment feature for when you start up your ride, this device will maintain a consistent charge even in between usage – ultimately extending the lifespan of your motorbike’s power source.

On Harley Davidson motorcycles, you’ll find the battery tender connection situated conveniently between the frame and exhaust on its right side. It’s a sleek black two-prong connector that is simple to insert or remove with ease.

Even though this connector may not be a battery tender, it could still provide energy to an accessory or charge a device. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the wiring and function of this connector before using it for whatever purpose. If uncertain, reach out to your local Harley Davidson dealer or refer to the owner’s manual so you can utilize this tool correctly and safely.

Harley Accessory Connector Under Seat Clarified

Finally, it is essential to correctly distinguish and recognize the purpose of all connectors and accessories on a motorcycle. Even though you may be tempted to use a connector for some other purpose, remember to verify its intended function first before using it.

Regarding battery tenders specifically, these are usually placed on the right side of your bike and connected directly to the terminals from your battery.

The Harley accessory connector under seat is an incredibly beneficial tool for riders, granting them the ability to run additional accessories on their bikes with relative ease. However, it’s imperative that you use a correct wiring harness and double-check if your chosen gear has been supplied with power before riding away.

If in doubt about how to attach or install any device through this connector, turn to reliable personnel like your local Harley Davidson dealership staff or a certified mechanic – they are sure to provide expert advice.


Below are some frequently asked questions on the Harley accessory connector under seat:

What is the Harley accessory connector under seat?

The Harley accessory connector concealed underneath the seat is a long-term B+ connector that can be utilized to energize accessories on your motorcycle.

What can I do with the Harley accessory connector under seat?

Transform your Harley into the bike of your dreams by utilizing the accessory connector located beneath the seat to fuel a diversity of components, from GPS units and phone chargers to heated gear.

Is the Harley accessory connector under seat always powered?

The Harley accessory connector located underneath the seat consistently receives power, regardless if your bike’s ignition is on or off.

Is the Harley accessory connector under seat the same as the battery tender connector?

Absolutely not. The Harley accessory connector under the seat is completely different from the battery tender connector. Generally, you can locate this separate connector mounted on the right side of your bike, close to its battery compartment.

Where is the battery tender connector typically mounted on a Harley?

Located on the right side of a motorcycle, you will find a flat black connector with two prongs that easily connect to your battery tender or charger. This is known as the battery tender connector and it ensures that your vehicle’s power source remains charged up at all times.

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