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Harley Code B1006 – What It Means and How to Fix It

A Harley code B1006 is not something to worry too much about, but nonetheless it’s still annoying. With their timeless beauty and signature rumble, Harley Davidson motorcycles are a staple of the open road. If you’re looking to customize your bike and make it truly yours, installing LED lights is a great way to start; these bulbs use less energy than traditional lighting options and provide an unmatched brightness that will help you stand out from the crowd.

When equipping your motorcycle with LED lights, it is important to install a load equalizer for two reasons: to avoid hyper flashing and ensure that the electronic control module (ECM) recognizes the new lighting. But what happens when adding this device causes an issue? In this article, we will delve into Harley Code B1006 and uncover how you can resolve it.

What is Harley Code B1006?

As a motorcyclist, you may experience the Harley Code B1006 error at some point while riding. This code is usually triggered by an overvoltage condition detected by your ECM when LED lights are installed in combination with a load equalizer. While this nuisance code does not put your motorcycle’s performance or safety at risk, it can be quite bothersome and may cause anxiety if left unresolved.

Why Does the Load Equalizer Cause Harley Code B1006?

The load equalizer is devised to add a level of resistance in the circuit that closely mirrors what you would find with standard lights. But sometimes, even with this addition, it’s not enough for the ECM to be able to recognize them as stock bulbs. This can lead to an overvoltage condition that will trigger Harley Code B1006 and cause your dashboard check engine light indicator come on.

How to Fix Harley Code B1006

Having trouble with your Code B1006 on your Harley after installing a load equalizer? Don’t worry, there are multiple solutions to this issue that you can explore.

Clear the Code

If you’re uncertain of the reason for a code appearing, take your first step to clarity: try resetting it. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery should do this; after starting your motorcycle up again, check if the same code reappears. And don’t fret––if it doesn’t come back, you can ride on in peace without any worries.

Unplug the Load Equalizer

If the code persists even after clearing it, try disconnecting the load equalizer to check if that resolves the problem. In other words, if no longer seeing an error message with a disconnected Load Equalizer indicates that this component is misfiring; on the contrary, persisting codes may necessitate further investigation into another possible cause of concern or malfunction.

Reinstall the Load Equalizer

If you think that the load equalizer is to blame for the code, try reinstalling it. Start with unplugging the maxi fuse, then plug in your load equalizer. Connect back up the maxi fuse and turn on your motorcycle – if no code flashes, this means that when plugged in before it was spiking voltage; however if your still seeing a code displayed after trying all of these steps then unfortunately this indicates that even fully installed there’s not enough resistance present within its circuit wiring.

Replace the Load Equalizer

If all of the previous attempts at troubleshooting have been unsuccessful, then it might be necessary to replace your load equalizer with a different version or brand. Although aftermarket parts sometimes work well in many cases, they are not factory grade components. It is possible that the load equalizer may not sync properly with your motorcycle’s ECM and other modules.


Harley Code B1006 is a bothersome code that appears when the ECM detects an overvoltage condition. Commonly caused by installing LED lights with a load equalizer, this distressful code does not affect motorcycle performance or safety in any way; however, it can be quite irritating.

If you’re dealing with Harley Code B1006, the initial step is to reset the code and see if it recurs. In case it does, then disconnecting your load equalizer followed by reinstalling it may help. If this still doesn’t work, consider swapping out your load equalizer for one that will be compatible with your motorcycle’s ECM as well as other components.

Although Harley Code B1006 is not a grave issue, it’s wise to inspect your bike for any warning codes regularly. This can help you detect potential issues before they worsen and save yourself from greater trouble later on.

To sum up, you may encounter Harley Code B1006 if a load equalizer is installed on your LED lights. But do not worry. You can take the necessary measures to diagnose and remediate this issue swiftly.

If you find yourself unable to resolve any issues, switching out your load equalizer for one that is compatible with both your motorcycle’s ECM and components should do the trick. By doing so, not only will you be able to guarantee a secure ride with custom LED lighting but also have peace of mind knowing that everything is performing optimally.


Below are some frequently asked questions on the Harley code B1006:

What is a load equalizer?

A load equalizer is a must-have device when installing LED lights onto your motorcycle. It provides resistance to the circuit that allows the electronic control module (ECM) of your bike to think it’s still running stock lighting – thus avoiding any issues such as hyper flashing. With this tool, you’ll be able to enjoy brighter and longer lasting LED light bulbs without having problems with their installation process.

What is Harley Code B1006?

When the ECM senses an overvoltage issue, Harley Code B1006 is displayed. Quite commonly, this code appears when LED lights are connected using a load equalizer.

What does Harley Code B1006 mean?

Code B1006 from Harley denotes that the ECM has spotted an overcharge happening. Installing a load equalizer for LED lights is usually the source of this alarm code activation.

Does Harley Code B1006 affect the motorcycle’s performance or safety?

Harley Code B1006 is a mere inconvenience and has no impact on the motorcycle’s performance or safety.

How do I fix Harley Code B1006?

To resolve the B1006 code of your Harley, you should first attempt to clear it and observe if it recurs. If so, unplugging and reinstalling the load equalizer is a good place to start. However, if that doesn’t do the trick then replacing your existing model with one compatible with both your motorcycle’s ECM and components may prove necessary.

Can I continue to ride my motorcycle with Harley Code B1006?

Even though Harley Code B1006 will not affect your motorcycle’s safety or performance, it is still advantageous to check for any codes every now and then. Fortunately, you can carry on using your bike without worry.

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