harley davidson bank angle sensor location

Harley Davidson Bank Angle Sensor Location – An Overview

Harley Davidson bank angle sensor location can be tricky to find, and that’s why we’re here today but first let’s talk about Harley Davidson. An iconic leader in the motorcycling industry, Harley Davidson has been delivering an unrivaled and top-notch experience to riders for more than a century. With their 99 FXDG model now available on the market, they have added yet another innovative feature – a bank angle sensor – that is sure to revolutionize riding!

Developed for the purpose of improving the security and steadiness of your motorcycle, this sensor detects changes in bank angle and sends a signal to reduce engine power if necessary.

If you’re a Harley Davidson owner and have experienced issues with the bank angle sensor, this article is for you. Here we’ll explore how to locate the Harley Davidson bank angle sensor on your motorcycle as well as provide instructions to test it and bypass it if necessary.

Harley Davidson Bank Angle Sensor Location

Searching for the bank angle sensor on a Harley Davidson motorcycle can often be an arduous task, as it is usually tucked away in various positions. According to one rider’s experience, they found their bank angle sensor attached to a bracket with a self-tapping screw and mounted at the back of the electrical panel using its top coil bracket nut.

Another rider stated that the sensor was located in an inconvenient spot, above and to the rear of the starter. To access it, one must take out all electrical boxes as well as sub-panels completely.

Testing the Harley Davidson Bank Angle Sensor

The Harley Davidson manual outlines a procedure for testing the bank angle sensor that involves placing a magnet on top of it to pull the metal disc off its seat. Yet, this strategy may not be useful when you cannot even start your motorcycle in the first place. Therefore, if you’re looking for an effective way to check your bike’s sensor, then another option might be more suitable.

If you’re unable to start your motorcycle and have no other way to test the bank angle sensor, one savvy rider recommends this method: Shake the sensor firmly and listen for a rattling metal disc. Then tap on the front of it lightly ensuring that the disc re-seats in place. This could be a potential solution if all else fails!

Wiring of the Harley Davidson Bank Angle Sensor

When attempting to find or inspect the Harley Davidson bank angle sensor, it’s vital to consider the wiring. This consists of a light green/gray wire connected with the ignition module, a gray wire powered from ignition switch and lastly, black wire that serves as ground.

The purpose of the switch is not delineated in either riders’ instructions or the manual, making it difficult to discern its part within this system.

Bypassing the Harley Davidson Bank Angle Sensor

Bypassing the bank angle sensor may be, in some cases, essential to kick-start your motorcycle. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this procedure could compromise the safety and stability of your two-wheeler.

If you decide to skip the sensor, it’s wise to acquire a professional’s assistance in order for the job to be done accurately and your motorcycle remaining safe for use.

Concluding The Harley Davidson Bank Angle Sensor Location

The Harley Davidson bank angle sensor is an indispensable component of the motorcycle, offering riders improved protection and steadiness while they ride. Still, finding and examining this vital tool can be a perplexing task for some motorcyclists.

This article delved into the Harley Davidson bank angle sensor location, provided guidance on how to assess it and detailed instructions on how to bypass if needed.

If you experience any issues with the bank angle sensor, it is highly recommended that you seek out professional help to guarantee that your motorcycle remains in optimal condition.

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