harley davidson bolt size chart

Harley Davidson Bolt Size Chart – Understanding The Essentials

A Harley Davidson bolt size chart is probably one of the most useful pieces of information you can have. Harley Davidson is a renowned American motorcycle manufacturer that has been engineering high-powered and iconic bikes for over one hundred years. From sports bikers to adventurers, Harley Davidson motorcycles are designed with all types of riders in mind.

Of course, holding the bike together through any journey or terrain requires specifically sized bolts – which is why it’s essential to understand the Harley Davidson bolt size chart before beginning your build. In this article, we will discuss this vital information and its importance when creating your own unique ride.

Understanding Bolt Sizes

Bolt size is determined by the diameter and length, as well as the thread pitch or number of threads per inch. It’s essential to know this information; an overly long or short bolt can render a component insecure while one with incorrect thread pitch could strip its own threads, making it difficult to remove later.

Harley Davidson Bolt Size Chart

The Harley Davidson bolt size chart is an invaluable resource for motorcyclists, as it provides exact measurements and torque specifications needed to ensure the optimal performance of the bike. Various bolts used in the engine, transmission, primary cover, and axle adjuster are listed with their respective sizes – making sure each component’s integrity remains uncompromised. The torque requirements stated on the chart must be followed precisely too; after all – a little bit of extra force could make or break your ride.

harley davidson bolt size chart

Importance of Using the Correct Bolt Size

It is essential to use the right bolt size for your motorcycle since it directly impacts its performance and safety. If bolts are too loose, components can become unstable while you ride. On the contrary, if they’re excessively tight, threads may be destroyed or parts at risk of being damaged during installation. Therefore, selecting proper sizing is a vital step in maintaining optimal results with every project.

It’s significant to stay within the torque specifications provided in Harley Davidson bolt size chart, as too much or too little tightening can cause issues.


Having the right Harley Davidson bolt size chart is a must-have for any motorcycle enthusiast. Not only does it confirm that you have the correct bolts and torque specifications, but also guarantees safe operation of your bike by ensuring everything is assembled properly.

Adhering to the proper bolt sizes and torque specs, motorcycle owners can ensure that their bikes remain dependable and safe for years.


Frequently Asked Questions on Harley Davidson Bolt Size Chart:

What is a Harley Davidson bolt size chart?

Get the information you need quickly and accurately with a Harley Davidson bolt size chart. This helpful reference guide is specifically tailored to list all the specifications of different bolts found in various parts of your motorcycle, including their sizes, thread pitches, and torque requirements. Don’t get stuck on guesswork – use this dedicated chart as your go-to source for sizing info.

Why is it important to use the correct bolt size?

Having the right bolt size is paramount in guaranteeing that your motorcycle performs correctly and safely. Inaccurate sizes can lead to bolts being either too loose, resulting in parts altering their position or detaching while riding, or too tight leading to the destruction of the threads making removal difficult as well as harm to components it’s securing.

Can I use a different bolt size than what is listed in the chart?

When it comes to Harley Davidson, following their specified bolt sizes is not something you should gamble with. If the wrong bolt size is used, both your bike’s performance and rider safety could be seriously put at risk – don’t take chances! Make sure you stick to what the chart outlines for optimal results.

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