harley davidson cam tensioner recall

Harley Davidson Cam Tensioner Recall – A Common Problem

With over a hundred years of experience resulting in dependable, high-performance motorcycles, Harley Davidson continues to be the go to worldwide for riders who seek quality and reliability. Nonetheless, like any other product out there, their bikes are not without issues; one such issue being Harley Davidson cam tensioner recall.

This article will provide you with all that you need to know about this important safety recall from Harley Davidson so that as a rider you can make informed decisions when it comes to your bike’s care and maintenance.

What is the Harley Davidson Cam Tensioner Recall?

The Harley Davidson cam tensioner recall is in response to the premature deterioration of these critical components. Located between the camshaft and timing chain, their purpose is to keep an appropriate amount of strain on that belt – yet a flawed design causes them to wear down swiftly, resulting in irregularities with both performance and steering control; plus putting your engine at risk for catastrophic failure.

Why is the Cam Tensioner a Common Problem?

Due to its design, the cam tensioner has a tendency to wear out over time as the pads rub against the bike’s chain. As expected, after riding for extended periods of time with excessive mileage can cause damage that requires replacing costly parts; however, if done in a timely manner this could be avoided.

Hidden Recalls

Although there have not been any official recalls, reports from riders indicate that certain dealers may offer to replace the tensioners without cost if it is under warranty. These are unofficial replacements and it is up to each dealer’s discretion whether they will substitute them or not.

Wear Item

Much like bike tires and brakes, a cam tensioner is considered a wear item that will experience gradual deterioration as it’s used – requiring eventual replacement. Investing in preventative maintenance for your vehicle parts mitigates potential issues down the line, so don’t neglect this essential element of keeping your bike running smoothly.

Cost of Repair

Replacing cam tensioners can be a hefty expense, as these components often come with a high price tag. Fortunately, if you have invested in both an excellent dealer and warranty, the cost of such repairs may not be necessary – they could potentially be replaced without any additional costs on your part.

Our Views On The Harley Davidson Cam Tensioner Recall

In summation, the Harley Davidson cam tensioner recall is an issue that impacts a large number of motorcyclists. Installed between the timing chain and the camshaft, these parts preserve optimal pressure within the chain to ensure consistency in performance.

Unfortunately, the presence of a faulty design results in premature deterioration of the tensioners, ultimately causing issues with bike performance and even leading to engine failure. No formal recalls have been issued for this cam tensioner issue; however those who are covered by warranty or serviced by reliable dealers may be entitled to free replacement services.

If you own a bike with over 50,000 miles of wear and tear on it, then it is imperative that you inspect its tensioners as soon as possible. Replacement can be considered if needed for satisfactory performance from your ride.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the Harley Davidson cam tensioner recall:

What is the Harley Davidson cam tensioner recall?

Experiencing accelerated deterioration, the cam tensioners on Harley Davidson motorcycles require a recall to address the performance issues that arise as a result.

Why is the cam tensioner a common problem?

The cam tensioner is a regular issue due to its structure, which causes the pads on the tensioner to rub against the chain and wear out with time. This deterioration becomes particularly noticeable in bikes that have been used for an extended period of time and have covered more than their fair share of miles.

Has there been an official Harley Davidson cam tensioner recall?

At this time, there are no officially issued recalls for the cam tensioner issue. On a case-by-case basis, certain dealers may be willing to cover the cost of replacing any faulty parts free of charge under warranty.

Is the cam tensioner considered a wear item?

Absolutely, the cam tensioner is a wear item that degrades as expected over time until it requires replacement.

What is the cost of repairing the cam tensioners?

Replacing cam tensioners can be a pricey service, given that they are not inexpensive components. Fortunately, if one is fortunate enough to have an outstanding dealer or warranty coverage, the replacement of these parts may end up being gratis.

How can I check if my cam tensioners need to be replaced?

If your motorcycle has clocked up more than 50,000 miles, it is essential to inspect the tensioners as soon as you can. A certified mechanic or dealer will be able to accurately determine whether they need replacing.
Don’t delay – replace those tensioners now and ensure that your ride stays safe for many miles yet.

What are the symptoms of a worn cam tensioner?

If you are experiencing a rough idle, misfires, poor performance or (in the worst cases) engine failure when riding on your bike, it is highly recommended that you have your cam tensioners inspected immediately.
Don’t ignore these symptoms as they can indicate wear and tear of the cam tensioner which may cause long-term damage to the engine if not addressed in time.

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