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Harley Davidson Credit Card – The Ultimate Guide to Earning Rewards and Benefits

Harley-Davidson and U.S. Bank have joined forces to provide an extraordinary credit card experience for the brand’s loyal supporters.

Whether you’re looking for a H-D Visa or the more elite H.O.G. Elite Visa Signature Card, the Harley Davidson credit card has something to suit your needs. In this piece, we will give an in-depth examination of these cards and all that they have to offer – from rewards and benefits to how you can get the most out of them.

Overview of the Harley Davidson Credit Card

Make your Harley Davidson dreams come true with the H-D Visa or the H-D Hog Elite Visa Signature Card. Both of these cards offer a similar reward structure, though they vary slightly in their annual fees and rewards rate. Live life on two wheels – all while scoring great bonuses and earning points towards even bigger purchases.

The H-D Visa is the perfect card for those that want to be rewarded for their purchases. It has no annual fee, earning you a generous 3X points at Harley-Davidson dealerships, gas stations and EV charging stations, plus 2X points when dining out or booking accommodation. You also get 1X point on every other dollar spent anywhere else Visa is accepted.

In contrast, the H-D H.O.G. Elite Visa Signature Card carries an annual fee of $99 but offers plenteous rewards. At Harley-Davidson dealerships, gas stations and electric vehicle charging stations you will earn 5X points for every dollar spent as well as 2X point at restaurants, bars and lodging establishments.

However if your purchase does not fall within any of these categories then don’t worry; cardholders still receive 1X point per each dollar spent everywhere else that accepts Visa cards. Plus cardholders are eligible to receive up to $99 in credit for Authorized Purchases annually.

Earning Rewards with Harley Davidson Credit Card

Harley-Davidson credit card holders can reap the rewards of their eligible purchases with H-D Genuine Rewards. Cardholders get 3X or 5X points for every dollar spent at Harley Davidson dealerships, h-d.com, the HD Museum, gas stations and electric vehicle charging stations. Plus, members of HOG (Harley Owners Group) are rewarded 1 point per mile when they hit the road on a motorcycle – so start revving up your engine now and feel those benefits come in full throttle.

Redeeming Rewards with a Harley Davidson Credit Card

You can unlock the full potential of your Harley-Davidson Genuine Rewards points and redeem them on a variety of items, including apparel, parts & accessories, service visits and more. For every 2,500 points you’ve earned, you’ll be gifted with $25 worth in H-D Genuine Rewards to spend at any participating Harley-Davidson dealer. It’s that simple – start shopping today.

Harley Davidson Visa Free Ride Sweepstakes

Get ready to rev your engine. The Harley-Davidson Visa Free Ride Sweepstakes is an exceptional opportunity available exclusively with the Harley Davidson Credit Card. With each purchase you make, you receive one entry into the contest – and if you’re a H.O.G member, that’s two entries for every purchase. Every month brings new chances of winning – so don’t miss out on this incredible chance to win a brand new motorcycle from Harley-Davidson.

H.O.G. Member Exclusives

As a H.O.G member, the Harley Davidson credit card offers you exclusive advantages such as earning one point for every mile ridden on an H-D motorcycle and two points for every mile ridden if you’re an Elite Visa Cardholder. What’s even better is that with each purchase made in the H-D Visa Free Ride Sweepstakes, you get two entries – how cool is that? Now it’s time to hit those roads and see where your miles take you.


Ultimately, the Harley Davidson credit card provides an exceptional opportunity for motorbike fans. With two types of cards available to choose from, you can reap in rewards and advantages while flaunting your admiration for this iconic brand.

If you’re an avid Harley-Davidson enthusiast, the H-D Genuine Rewards program and exclusive member experiences with H.O.G are guaranteed to entice you. Not only that but cardholders also get a chance to enter in the H-D Visa Free Ride Sweepstakes for even more amazing rewards – talk about a dream come true. All these benefits make it easy to see why the Harley Davidson credit card is worth considering no matter if you already own one of their bikes or not.

If you’re looking to reap the rewards of a Harley Davidson credit card, look no further than U.S. Bank. The application process is straightforward and speedy—you’ll often receive an answer within minutes after submitting your request. And once approved, you can kickstart earning points for every eligible purchase made with your new card right away.

When using the Harley Davidson Credit Card, it is vital to use it responsibly. To avoid interest charges and detrimentally impacting your credit score, ensure that you pay your balance in full every month. Additionally, consider whether or not the rewards are worth accepting if you’re carrying a heavy balance or paying high-interest rates.

To sum up, the Harley Davidson credit card is ideal for those devoted to the brand or are passionate about motorcycles. It stands out among other cards with its impressive rewards and benefits, as well as distinctive features that allow you to enjoy a truly unique experience.

If you’re a Harley-Davidson enthusiast, the Harley Davidson credit card is perfect for you. Make sure to use it responsibly and pay off your balance each month in order to stay financially secure. When used correctly, this card can be an amazing opportunity – so don’t miss out on all the fantastic benefits that come with being part of the HD family.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the topic of Harley Davidson credit cards:

What are the benefits of having a Harley Davidson credit card?

With a Harley Davidson credit card you can reap incredible rewards and perks such as redeemable points for H-D merchandise, becoming eligible to enter the Visa Sweepstakes Free Ride, and having exclusive advantages of being an official member of their H.O.G program.

Can I apply for a Harley Davidson credit card if I am not a Harley-Davidson owner?

Definitely, anyone can apply for a Harley-Davidson credit card – even if they don’t own one. However, rewards and benefits are optimized for those loyal to the brand or motorcycle aficionados.

How do I earn rewards with my Harley Davidson credit card?

Maximize your Harley Davidson experience and reap the rewards of being an H.O.G. member by making eligible purchases at any participating Harley-Davidson dealerships, from h-d.com or even simply riding your H-D bike. Best of all, you can also earn special bonuses when you use your HD credit card on gas stations and EV charging stations too.

How do I redeem my rewards with my Harley Davidson credit card?

Redeem your rewards quickly and effortlessly by logging into your H-D Genuine Rewards account. Select the item or service you desire to purchase, and enjoy one of life’s simple luxuries. You can even redeem your rewards at participating Harley-Davidson dealerships for maximum convenience.

Are there any fees associated with the Harley Davidson credit card?

With no annual fee, the H-D Visa proves to be a beneficial card. Meanwhile, those who opt for the H-D H.O.G Elite Visa Signature Card will pay an annual fee of $99—but that’s nothing compared to other fees like late payment and international transaction charges which may apply if you’re not careful with reading the terms and conditions.

How do I apply for a Harley Davidson credit card?

If you’re looking to apply for a Harley Davidson credit card, the U.S. Bank website is your one stop shop. The application process is convenient and simple, and most applicants receive an answer within minutes of submitting their request – so there’s no need to wait around.

Can I use my Harley Davidson credit card outside of the United States?

Definitely, you can take your Harley Davidson credit card with you when venturing abroad; however, it’s important to be mindful of potential U.S. Bank foreign transaction charges that could be incurred for doing so. To ensure a hassle-free international journey, we recommend checking what fees may apply prior to taking off on your next adventure.

What should I do if my Harley Davidson credit card is lost or stolen?

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of losing your Harley Davidson credit card, don’t hesitate to contact U.S. Bank right away and report it stolen! Upon doing so, they will immediately cancel your existing card and issue a new one without delay.

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