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Harley Davidson Diablo – The Embodiment of Counterculture

With the introduction of its 2022 Low Rider El Diablo, Harley-Davidson pays tribute to its 1983 FXRT motorcycle and honors Southern California’s thriving counterculture scene. This limited edition model celebrates the legacy of custom bike building which has been alive for decades and still flourishes today.

Upright Riding Style

The Harley Davidson Diablo is the perfect bike for taking on winding roads or tight corners, with its performance-oriented posture and ergonomics. Its design features an upright riding position, mid-mounted foot controls, a frame-mounted fairing paired with a raised rear suspension, tall handlebars and removable saddlebags – all of which contribute to provide you absolute control when carving through canyons.

Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin Engine

Harnessing the revolutionary Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin engine, the Harley Davidson Diablo takes power to a whole new level. Thanks to advanced oil/air cooling technology and 168 Nm torque at 3500 RPM, this powerhouse of an engine provides strong acceleration with each twist of your throttle. Further enhanced by its heavy breather intake and high flow exhaust system, you’ll feel every bit of its exhilarating power as it propels you forward.

High-Performance Audio by Rockford Fosgate

The Low Rider El Diablo was designed with the highest quality high-output audio in mind, featuring a Rockford Fosgate factory-installed audio kit providing performance and protection like no other. The intelligent amplifier is equipped with advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology to endure harsh motorcycle conditions while connecting wirelessly to your favorite devices via Bluetooth. Enjoy crisp music through its two way speakers whether you’re streaming or playing from stored files!

Attention to Detail

Immerse yourself in the exquisite visual of a Harley Davidson Diablo. Featuring an intricately crafted paint scheme, beginning with El Diablo Bright Red and following up with Bright Red Sunglo for added layer, this motorcycle is one of a kind. To further enhance its vibrancy and depth, skilled artisans have carefully faded out Dark Red Pearl around the panel shapes. Every stroke from their brush is delicately hand-applied to ensure that no two bikes are ever alike.

Celebrate the 1983 Harley-Davidson FXRT Sport Glide with a stunning El Diablo Bright Red paint job, hand-adorned with subtle Pale Gold pinstriping. To further honor this limited edition bike, it features custom script featuring devil horns on its center console alongside a unique number of 1/1500 and an exclusive “Icons” collection graphic emblazoned upon its rear fender.

Perfect for Enthusiasts

With its unique styling and performance, the Harley Davidson Diablo is an ideal choice for anyone who craves the FXRT or ’80s SoCal aesthetic. Craftsmanship and detail abound in this exclusive limited edition bike, making it perfect for riders with bold ambitions seeking a truly one-of-a-kind machine.

Harley Davidson Diablo Performance In a Table

EngineMilwaukee-Eight™ 117
Bore103.5 mm
Stroke114.3 mm
Displacement1,923 cc
Compression Ratio10.2:1
Fuel SystemElectronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Exhaust2-into-2 offset shotgun; catalyst in muffler
Engine Torque Testing MethodEC 134/2014
Engine Torque168 Nm
Engine Torque (RPM)3500
Horsepower105 HP / 78 kW @ 5020 rpm
Lean Angle (Right)31.3°
Lean Angle (Left)31.3°
Fuel Economy Testing MethodEU 134/2014
Fuel Economy5.6 l/100 km
CO2 Emissions Testing MethodEU 134/2014
CO2 Emissions135 g/km CO2
Harley Davidson Diablo Specs

Our Verdict On The Harley Davidson Diablo

Taking cues from the legendary 1983 Harley-Davidson FXRT, and the game-changing custom revolution that it sparked, the limited edition Diablo is an homage to 1980s Southern California counterculture. This powerful motorcycle boasts a comfortable upright riding position, mid-mounted foot controls for optimal accessibility, saddlebags perfect for long hauls, and a frame mounted fairing that embraces all of its classic roots.

If you value top-notch craftsmanship, beautiful custom painted designs, eye-catching attention to detail and the incredible power of a Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin engine combined with Rockford Fosgate’s high performance audio system then the Harley Davidson Diablo is for you.


Below are some frequently asked questions of the Harley Davidson Diablo:

What is the Harley Davidson Diablo?

The Harley Davidson Diablo is a one-of-a kind motorbike that symbolizes the spirit of Southern California’s counterculture in the ’80s, igniting and inspiring a lasting custom movement. This special edition motorcycle will have any passionate rider living out their most daring dreams.

What is the riding position of the Harley Davidson Diablo?

If you’re looking for a bike that offers an upright riding position, with easy access to foot controls and a sleek frame-mounted fairing, the Harley-Davidson Diablo is sure to deliver.

What type of engine does the Harley Davidson Diablo have?

The Harley Davidson Diablo has been equipped with the cutting edge Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin engine, demonstrating its unparalleled power and torque that will truly leave you speechless.

Does the Harley Davidson Diablo have audio capabilities?

Definitely, the Harley Davidson Diablo boasts an astounding high-output audio system assembled by Rockford Fosgate. With this outstanding sound quality and perfectly integrated into the fairing’s design, you’ll get a smooth performance like never before.

What is the paint scheme of the Harley Davidson Diablo?

The striking Harley Davidson Diablo boasts a unique paint job, with an El Diablo Bright Red foundation and topped by a second coat of Bright Red Sunglo. The bike is then finished off with pinstriping as well as layers of El Diablo Dark Red and Dark Red Pearl that have been artfully faded around the panels for greater depth.

Who is the Harley Davidson Diablo ideal for?

The Harley Davidson Diablo is the perfect bike for individuals who appreciate FXRT and 80s SoCal style, riders seeking raw power and personality, and anyone who values workmanship in a one of a kind motorcycle. This limited edition ride offers bold performance with an attention to detail that will surely impress even the most discerning biker.

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