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Harley Davidson Emblems – A Symbol of the Brand

Behind the roaring engines and iconic sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle lies its unmistakable emblem, an everlasting symbol that embodies the brand’s roots, values, and culture. From their distinctive design to their powerful engines, Harley Davidsons have become renowned around the world – with each bike proudly displaying its own identity through these emblems.

From decals and patches to medallions, Harley Davidson emblems come in all shapes and sizes – perfect for completely customizing your motorcycle or rider’s apparel. In this article we dive deep into the rich history of these iconic symbols, as well as their importance in the world of motorcycling.

Harley Davidson Emblems: A Brief History

Harley Davidson’s iconic emblems have been a significant component of their identity since the company began in 1903. Initially, they used a straightforward script that simply read “Harley Davidson Motor Company” which was displayed on the motorcycle gas tanks. Yet in 1910, Harley Davidson debuted their first official logo with an eye-catching winged “V” and words ‘Harley Davidson’ centralized within it.

In 1933, the iconic “bar and shield” logo was unveiled, quickly surpassing its predecessor in popularity. As time has gone by, this symbol has become synonymous with Harley Davidson’s identity – a true testament to its timelessness.

Harley Davidson Decals

Harley Davidson decals are an effortless approach to personalize your motorcycle, helmet, or other accessories. With a plethora of sizes, shapes, and patterns available for selection from the vast expanse of options out there – you can find one that appeals just right. Transform the appearance of your bike today with these easy-to-apply stickers.

Choose from a wide selection of decals featuring the iconic Harley Davidson logo, bar and shield emblem, or unique designs like flames, skulls, or eagles. Crafted with superior quality vinyl that is built to last through any climate condition imaginable.

Harley Davidson Patches

Show your dedication to the Harley Davidson brand with a stylish patch. These patches can be effortlessly sewn onto jackets, vests or any other apparel of choice and makes for an impressive showcase of one’s connection to the HD community.

Harley Davidson patches are the perfect way to spruce up your wardrobe or gear and express your style. Choose from an array of various sizes, designs, and materials like leather, cloth, or rubber — all featuring iconic symbols such as the Harley Davidson logo bar & shield, Willie G Skulls or eagles. With superior quality construction you know that these patches will stand out in any collection.

Harley Davidson Medallions

Harley Davidson medallions are an ideal way to add some style and flair to your motorcycle, helmet, or other accessories. Themed in different shapes, sizes, and designs – from the iconic Harley Davidson logo with its bar & shield design to Willie G Skulls and eagles – each of these stylish emblems is crafted with premium quality materials like metal chrome or gold for a finish that can withstand any weather condition while always looking outstanding.

Harley Davidson’s website offers a variety of stylish medallions to suit anyone’s tastes, including the Willie G Skull Decorative Medallion, Bar & Shield Decorative Medallion, Eagle Bar & Shield Large Medallion, Fuel Tank Nameplate, #1 Logo Decorative Medallion, Chrome Winged Bar & Shield Decorative Medallion and Gold Winged Bar &Shield Decorative. But that’s not all. Their selection also includes the iconic Willie G Skull Fuel Cap emblem – perfect for adding an extra touch of Harley flare to your ride.

These medallions are easy to attach to a motorcycle, helmet, or other accessories and instantly add an undeniable touch of panache for the rider.

The Significance of Harley Davidson Emblems

Harley Davidson emblems are more than just a decorative adornment for the motorcycle and rider’s gear; they are an emblem of the brand’s rich history, values, and culture. The iconic bar and shield logo, for example – is indicative of Harley Davidson’s dedication to quality engineering, performance excellence, and unbeatable resilience.

The Willie G Skull emblem symbolizes Harley Davidson’s rebellious and unique spirit, while the eagle emblem personifies freedom and strength- values that are an inseparable part of the company’s heritage.

For Harley Davidson fans, their emblems represent more than just a metal logo – they display the rider’s identity and connection to an exclusive community. Many riders build unique bikes by combining various symbols that speak to who they are on a deeper level: from style preferences and life values, all the way down to hobbies or passions.

Certain riders proudly display emblems commemorating memorable occasions or excursions, while others wear badges that honor their time served in the military and other accomplishments.

Not only are Harley Davidson emblems of great cultural importance, but they also make for a rewarding hobby. Collectors across the world seek out unique and vintage designs to add to their collection – some of which can be worth more than you’d expect. For those who take pride in their emblem gathering, many opt to display them with a special frame or case as an ode to their accomplishments.

Tips for Choosing Harley Davidson Emblems

If you’re a Harley Davidson aficionado, it’s essential to keep certain things in mind when selecting logos for your bike or apparel. To make sure you choose the perfect emblem for yourself, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Choose emblems that reflect your personality and style. Are you someone who loves the timelessness of a vintage style or enjoys pushing boundaries with modern, edgy designs? Whatever your preference may be, there are emblems available to reflect and capture your unique personality.
  2. Consider the size and placement of the emblems. When selecting emblems to be displayed, it’s essential to factor in the size of the emblem relative to its location as well as how visible and balanced they look when presented. The right size can make all the difference.
  3. Look for high-quality materials and craftsmanship. When deciding on emblems, prioritize materials that are robust and resistant to weathering in order to ensure longevity. Additionally, make sure the ones you select are constructed with craftsmanship and made from quality components so they don’t easily break or become discolored over time.
  4. Consider the significance of the emblem. When selecting a timeless bar and shield design or an original emblem, consider the symbolism of that badge for you personally as well as everyone involved in Harley Davidson.


A trademark of Harley Davidson, their emblems have become a physical representation of the brand’s history and beliefs. Iconic symbols such as the bar and shield logo to Willie G Skulls and eagles signify a bond between people who share an affinity for motorcycling culture. These venerated insignias are more than just logos – they connect riders from all parts of the world in support for one another.

If you want to express your uniqueness and stand out from the pack, Harley Davidson emblems are the perfect way to customize your ride. The sheer diversity of designs and styles available makes it easy for you to choose something that best reflects your personality, style, and connection with the community. Put some thought into what you pick; after all -you’ll be riding in ultimate freedom.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Harley Davidson Emblems:

What is the significance of Harley Davidson emblems?

Harley Davidson emblems are integral to the brand’s distinction and lifestyle. They embody its time-honored traditions, core beliefs, and culture while also manifesting their wearers’ independent spirit.

What types of Harley Davidson emblems are available?

Let your personality shine through with Harley Davidson emblems. From decals and medallions to patches, these badges can be customized in a range of designs – including the classic bar & shield logo, eagle imagery, and Willie G Skull. Show off your devotion to freedom on two wheels by displaying one of these unique embellishments.

What are Harley Davidson medallions?

Add a touch of style and flair to your motorcycle, helmet, or any other accessory with Harley Davidson medallions. Crafted from premium materials like metal, chrome, and gold for extra durability and longevity – these exquisite decorations can take your ride to the next level.

What is the significance of the Harley Davidson bar and shield emblem?

The iconic bar and shield logo stands as the most recognizable symbol of Harley Davidson; a commitment to quality, resilience, and performance encapsulated in one powerful image.

How do I choose the right Harley Davidson emblem for my motorcycle or gear?

As you select emblems, reflect upon your personality and style while simultaneously considering the size and placement of the emblem. Moreover, evaluate its significance thoroughly. To ensure that your emblems are resilient and long-lasting, seek out top-tier materials as well as expert craftsmanship.

Are Harley Davidson emblems collector’s items?

Harley Davidson aficionados find collecting vintage emblems and rare designs truly rewarding. Some of them go the extra mile by displaying their collection in a special case or frame, which adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Where can I purchase Harley Davidson emblems?

You can find Harley Davidson emblems practically anywhere you look – from the official website, to brick-and-mortar stores, authorized dealerships and even online marketplaces and specialty shops. Get your hands on a classic symbol of style now.

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