harley davidson fuel petcock positions

Harley Davidson Fuel Petcock Positions – A Guide for New Riders

If you are new to riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle, don’t worry! You might feel overwhelmed at first with all the different features and components of the bike, but it is a unique experience.

When it comes to your Harley Davidson fuel petcock positions, it is critical. The fuel petcock regulates the flow of gas from the tank to engine and can be switched between OFF, RESERVE, and MAIN settings. In this article we will investigate these three positions in depth so you know exactly how to take care of your bike.

Introduction to the Fuel Petcock

The fuel petcock – also known as a fuel valve – is an indispensable component that regulates the flow of gasoline from your bike’s tank to the engine. It’s typically located at the bottom of your motorbike’s gas tank, and it has three distinct settings – OFF, RESERVE, and MAIN/ON. Being familiar with each position is essential for ensuring you have a smooth ride while preserving the longevity of your motorcycle!

harley davidson fuel petcock positions
Harley Davidson Fuel Petcock Positions
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OFF Position

When the fuel petcock is in its OFF position, it impedes any petrol from leaking or spilling by shutting off the flow of gasoline from the tank to your bike’s engine. This location should be employed when you park and turn off your motorcycle as it keeps everything safe and secure. It’s simply that easy!

RESERVE Position

When you need a quick fuel top-up and have no access to gas stations, switching the petcock valve to RESERVE will let you use the reserve tank. It’s easy – just look for the short end on your fuel petcock that should be facing downwards. This small switch of position can get you enough fuel until your destination with ease!

MAIN/ON Position

When you’re ready to hit the open road, make sure your fuel petcock is in its MAIN position. This is indicated by a short end on the petcock that should point upwards – this will grant you access to your main fuel tank and ensure an uninterrupted flow of gasoline from it directly to the engine. That way, you can rest assured that there’s always enough gas for all your adventures!

Proper Fuel Petcock Position for Parking

To ensure your Harley is both safe and secure, be sure to switch the fuel petcock OFF after you have parked it. Not only will this help avoid any spills or leaks, but also prevents pressure build-up in the fuel system while the engine isn’t running.

How to Switch The Harley Davidson Fuel Petcock Positions

Easily transition the fuel petcock positions on your Harley by simply turning the black marked side of the dial to where you want it. Nevertheless, it is paramount that you adhere to proper safety procedures in order to avert any possible damage inflicted onto the fuel system.

To guarantee that you are transforming the fuel petcock positions correctly, read the instructions in your owner’s manual carefully. To make it straightforward for you to remember, simply think of Up as “on”, Down as “reserve” and Left/Right as “off”. Doing this will always ensure that you have access to clean reliable fuel when riding your bike!

Final Thoughts – Harley Davidson Fuel Petcock Positions

As a rookie rider, mastering the different settings of your Harley Davidson fuel petcock positions is critical. Knowing how to maneuver it between OFF, RESERVE, and MAIN/ON positions can help you sustain the integrity of your fuel system while also having enough gas to complete your ride – all without any spills or leaks along the way!

To gain a comprehensive understanding of your bike and familiarize yourself with it, make sure to get the owner’s manual online or from your dealer. Perusing through its contents will help you become acquainted with all that is new about this ride!

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