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Harley Davidson Handlebars – The Perfect Addition

Since the early 1900s, Harley Davidson has crafted some of the world’s most sought-after and cherished motorcycles. With classic styling fused with powerful engines and a smooth ride, these bikes stand out in any crowd. Yet one of their most important features is often overlooked, handlebars. From low riders to drag bars, they are integral to achieving ultimate control while on your bike.

When it comes to customizing the look and feel of your Harley Davidson, you need handlebars that are both stylish and functional. Thankfully, there is no shortage of options out there — from sleek drag bars to low-profile touring designs – each with their own distinct features tailored for a variety of riding styles. In this article we will explore why Harley Davidson handlebars are the perfect choice for anyone looking to give their bike an edge in style as well as performance.


When it comes to motorcycle riding, comfort is essential. That’s why Harley Davidson handlebars are crafted with the rider in mind – they’re typically wider than other bikes’ bars, allowing for a much more relaxed ride. So if you’d like your next journey on two wheels to be as soothing and stress-free as possible, know that Harley Davidson has got you covered.

The wider stance also significantly boosts rider control and stability, especially when riding at accelerated speeds or navigating through tight spaces.

Harley Davidson handlebars come in a broad range of styles, each tailored to provide distinct levels of comfort. The ape hanger variety is one of the most sought-after types due to its upright riding position that relieves discomfort from the back and shoulders. At the other end of spectrum are beach bars, which induce a calm and laid-back ride perfect for leisurely trips down highways.


Riders can express themselves through Harley Davidson’s exclusive range of handlebars – from traditional designs to more contemporary styles. Every rider has the chance to customize their bike with a unique look that echoes classic, timeless fashion. With such an array of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect set of bars for your own custom-made two-wheeled work of art.

For those seeking a classic, vintage aesthetic for their motorcycle, the iconic ape hanger handlebars by Harley Davidson are an ideal choice. These unique bars get their name from the shape of an ape hanging from a tree and they instantly upgrade your ride to give it that timeless style you’re after.

For a bold and stylish update to your Harley Davidson, consider the drag bar handlebars. This style of handlebar offers a low-profile and edgy look that will transform any motorcycle into something sleek and modern. If you’re looking for an aggressive, sporty aesthetic on your Harley Davidson, then these are the perfect option.


Not only does a Harley Davidson handlebar offer maximum comfort and style, but it is also tailor-made for functionality. Constructed from premium stainless steel or aluminum material, these bars are robust enough to withstand even the toughest conditions. They make sure you can ride your bike in confidence knowing that they’ll hold up against whatever comes their way.

Harley Davidson handlebars are designed to be easily adjustable, allowing riders to customize the height and angle of their bars according to their own style and preferences. Thanks to this adjustability, locating the ideal posture for riding becomes a breeze – significantly reducing fatigue while simultaneously improving comfort levels with every journey.


When it comes to motorcycles, safety is always a priority. And that’s why Harley Davidson handlebars are designed with comfort and control in mind. These bars tend to be wider than those found on other bikes, providing a more stable ride and improved handling capabilities – perfect for navigating through tight spaces or making quick maneuvers. So no matter your experience level, you can rest assured knowing that Harley Davidson has taken every precaution possible when designing their handlebars for optimal safety.

Furthermore, Harley Davidson handlebars are designed for optimal visibility on the road. This is essential for your safety, as it allows other drivers to easily spot you and react accordingly. Additionally, their bright chrome finish enhances the bars’ visibility even further in low-light settings — providing an added layer of protection against accidents or mishaps.


Customizing your Harley Davidson motorcycle with new handlebars is an excellent way to make it more comfortable and functional. However, care must be taken when installing them – if done incorrectly, it can lead to hazardous consequences for the rider. Thus, you should always ensure that proper installation methods are used with these handlebars so as not to risk any accidents or injuries on the road.

Unless you have prior experience installing handlebars, it is best to enlist the help of a professional mechanic for optimal safety and security. This will guarantee that your new handlebars are properly installed and secure.

When picking the perfect handlebar for your motorcycle, it is essential to consider all of the various styles and designs that Harley Davidson offers. From long distance rides to short joyrides, each type of handlebar has its own advantages and drawbacks; you simply need to determine which one fits your riding style best.

It is critical to consider the heft and size of your handlebars when deciding which ones you will use for your motorcycle. Oversized bars can disrupt the balance and make it tough to maneuver, so make sure that they are both lightweight and well-balanced in order to maintain optimal performance. Make this a priority since it’s essential for having an enjoyable ride.

Harley Davidson With Ape Hangers

The classic, vintage aesthetic that many Harley Davidson riders crave is often achieved with the addition of ape hangers – so named because their shape resembles an ape’s arms hanging from a tree. With these unique handlebars, one can easily turn heads while cruising down the street on a beautiful bike.

If you are looking for a comfortable ride with an eye-catching aesthetic, then Harley Davidson with ape hangers is the perfect option. These tall and wide handlebars give riders more of an upright riding position while also reducing strain on their backs and shoulders. Not only will they be able to customize their motorcycle according to personal taste and preferences, but Ape hangers will make your bike stand out from all the rest.


When you hop on your motorcycle, the handlebars are key in offering comfort, elegance, utility and security. Harley Davidson provides an impressive selection of styles and designs to choose from so that riders can customize their ride according to their unique specifications. It is imperative though to select the best type of bar for your needs as well as ensure a precise installation for ultimate riding safety and performance.

Taking your Harley Davidson bike to the next level by adding new handlebars will revolutionize your riding experience, no matter if you’re a pro or just beginning. The perfect handlebars guarantee comfort, style, and security while allowing you to immerse yourself in the joys of road travel.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Harley Davidson handlebars:

What are the benefits of Harley Davidson handlebars?

Harley Davidson handlebars are the pinnacle of comfort, style and functionality. Whether mounted upright or slightly angled forward, Harley Davidson’s extensive selection of bars offers riders an unprecedented level of control while providing superior visibility on the streets.
Their adjustable construction allows you to customize your riding experience at any time – reducing fatigue and improving overall enjoyment – thanks to their improved stability over competitors’ narrower offerings.

What types of Harley Davidson handlebars are available?

Harley Davidson provides motorcyclists a plethora of choices in handlebars, such as ape hangers, drag bars, beach bars and T-bars. With each type having its own unique style and riding position, riders can customize their bikes according to what best meets their individual preferences.

How do I choose the right type of Harley Davidson handlebars?

When selecting the right type of Harley Davidson handlebars, you should take into account various components such as your riding style, individual preferences and even which motorcycle model you own.
Ape hangers are perfect for those who prefer a classic or vintage look while wanting to stay upright that whole time in the saddle. Drag bars on the other hand provide more dynamic feel with an aggressive appeal.
Furthermore, it’s very important to consider size and weight since this plays significant role in terms of its performance output when connected to your prized two-wheeler.

How do I install new Harley Davidson handlebars?

Installing Harley Davidson handlebars demands a certain degree of experience and mechanical knowledge. Following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter is critical for successful installation, so if you don’t possess the necessary proficiency, consider reaching out to an expert mechanic for assistance. After all, effectiveness starts with accuracy.

Can I use Harley Davidson handlebars on other motorcycle brands?

Harley Davidson handlebars were designed to fit Harley Davidson motorcycles exclusively. Despite the possibility of using them on other motorcycle brands, this is not recommended as it could be unsafe and hinder performance due to an imperfect fit. To ensure safety and optimal results, always choose handlebars that are tailored for your specific brand and model of bike.

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