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Harley Davidson Insurance – Protecting Your Pride and Joy

Gliding through the air on a motorcycle is an amazing experience that cannot be duplicated. You feel the wind blowing through your hair, you get to explore new roads, and of course there’s always that profound bond between rider and bike.

However, don’t forget one very important thing – make sure you have adequate Harley Davidson insurance coverage in case anything goes wrong like theft or accidents. Protecting your prized possession should always be top priority.

Harley Davidson Insurance services is a reliable insurance provider that offers comprehensive and affordable motorcycle coverage plans. In this article, we’ll uncover the various policies available and how you can benefit from insuring your bike with Harley-Davidson Insurance Services.

Multiple Harley Davidson Insurance Options

For all your motorcycle insurance needs, Harley-Davidson Insurance Services has you covered. From basic liability to full coverage with collision, comprehensive and bodily injury protection, they offer a range of options that are tailored to what’s right for you. Don’t let the roads be extra risky – get peace of mind knowing your bike is protected today.

No matter which motorcycle you ride, and no matter what your particular needs are, there’s an insurance policy that offers the coverage you need. Not only do they provide replacement cost coverage, but also rental reimbursement , roadside assistance , as well as special equipment coverage for additional custom parts and equipment . With this range of policies available to nearly all makes and models of motorcycles, riders can rest assured their ride is fully insured.

Harley Davidson Insurance Coverage Choices

Liability Coverage

If you are the one at fault in an accident that results in another person’s injury or property damage, this coverage offers protection for such situations.

Comprehensive and Collision

If you’re searching for assurance that your bike is safe in any situation, comprehensive and collision coverage are the answer. Comprehensive coverage will pay out if your motorcycle suffers damage from theft, vandalism or bad weather; while Collision insurance reimburses you after a crash with another vehicle or object.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM)

In the event of a collision with an uninsured or underinsured driver, this coverage provides essential protection.

Medical Payments

With this coverage, you and your passengers can rest assured that any medical bills incurred in the event of an accident will be taken care of.

Coverage for Helmets and Safety Apparel

If you’re looking for insurance that will protect your motorcycle helmets and riding gear in the event of an accident, Harley-Davidson Insurance Services has got you covered. Their coverage helps ensure that all of your safety apparel is protected against loss or damage.

Total Loss Coverage

If your motorcycle is deemed a total loss, this coverage will provide you with the actual cash value of the bike. So, in case of an unfortunate incident, you can be assured that you’ll receive fair compensation for your motorbike.

Trip Interruption Coverage

This coverage offers you financial compensation for costs associated with an accident that occurs more than 100 miles away from your residence.

Roadside Assistance

In the event of an emergency, Harley-Davidson Insurance Services provides reliable roadside assistance for all riders. Make sure you’re prepared with their comprehensive coverage and enjoy a stress-free ride.

Guest Passenger Liability

Protect yourself and your motorcycle with this coverage, which safeguards you from any bodily injury or property damage caused by a passenger.

Bodily Injury Liability

If you are responsible for an accident that causes physical injury to someone else, this coverage will protect you.

Property Damage Liability

This insurance coverage can shield you if you are determined to be the cause of any accident that causes damage to someone else’s property.

Vacation Rental

Guard yourself against any unfortunate incidents while you rent a motorcycle on your getaway with this coverage.

Personal Injury Protection

With this coverage, you are protected financially if an unexpected accident were to occur. It covers medical expenses, lost wages and any other related costs that may arise from the incident.

Rental Reimbursement

If your motorcycle has been damaged in a covered accident and requires repairs, this coverage will reimburse you for the cost of renting another bike while yours is being fixed.

Harley Davidson Insurance Benefits

Harley-Davidson Insurance Services provides an abundance of advantages for those who choose to insure their motorcycle through them, such as:

Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories: To ensure that your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is restored to its former glory following an accident, Harley-Davidson Insurance Services will only use genuine parts and accessories for the repairs.

H.O.G. Member Discount: As a Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) member, you could qualify for savings on your insurance policy. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to save money and protect yourself with quality coverage that won’t break the bank.

$1,000 Accessory Coverage Included: Harley-Davidson Insurance Services gives the benefit of $1,000 worth of coverage for accessories such as saddlebags, custom wheels or exhaust systems that come standard with every policy. Therefore you can customize your beloved Harley and be confident knowing it is protected.

Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Discount: If you’ve already completed a Harley-Davidson Riding Academy Motorcycle Safety Course, congratulations. You may be eligible for an insurance rate reduction.

Accident Forgiveness: If you have been a responsible rider and haven’t had any accidents in the past five years, Harley-Davidson Insurance Services offers accident forgiveness to ensure that your rates won’t increase even if you do get into an unfortunate situation.

Protection for Different Types of Bikes

No matter your bike of choice, you can easily receive the coverage that you need from Harley-Davidson Insurance Services. Included in their list of protected models are Cruisers, Touring bikes, Sport Bikes and many more manufacturers. So if it has two wheels and a motor – it’s covered by them. With such an extensive range offered by Harley-Davidson Insurance Services, there is no reason to go uninsured when out on the roads.

Money Saving Harley Davidson Insurance Discounts

Are you looking to save on your monthly insurance payments? Harley-Davidson Insurance Services offers discounts for policyholders that can significantly reduce their cost. It’s worth seeing if you are eligible based on the criteria of being a homeowner, owning more than one motorcycle, taking a safety course or having HOG membership status. When getting an insurance quote for your bike, make sure to review the potential discount(s) available – it could add up.

Experienced Support

With more than two decades of experience, Harley-Davidson Insurance Services has the expertise necessary to provide you with motorcycle and rider insurance. If you have any queries about their policies or require help filing a claim, their friendly customer service team is available 24/7 to assist. With them in your corner, you can quickly get back riding along roads near and far.

Getting a Harley Davidson Insurance Policy

At Harley-Davidson, it’s easy and convenient to get the motorcycle insurance coverage you need. Head over to their website or a local dealership location for an effortless quote that can be paid online with ease. In addition, they possess an FAQ section available which crystalizes any queries related to their policies. Secure your ride by taking advantage of Harley-Davidson Insurance today.


Protecting your motorcycle is essential, and that’s why Harley-Davidson Insurance Services has created a range of coverage options with numerous discounts to guarantee you get the most affordable protection. With this comprehensive insurance plan, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your treasured ride will remain safe and secure.

For two decades, they’ve been offering dependable motorcycle insurance for all types of bikes. Need help with a claim? Their knowledgeable customer service team is standing by to assist you. Get the assurance of being safeguarded by one of the most reliable motorbike insurers today when you request your free quote now and start experiencing life on the open road carefree.


Here are some additional FAQs based on Harley Davidson insurance:

What types of motorcycles does Harley Davidson Insurance cover?

Harley Davidson Insurance doesn’t limit their coverage to just Harley-Davidson models – they offer comprehensive coverage for many different motorcycle brands, including Cruisers, Touring and Sport Bikes. No matter the make or model of your bike, you can rest assured that you’ll be protected with a reliable insurance policy from Harley-Davidson.

Does Harley Davidson Insurance offer roadside assistance?

Absolutely, Harley Davidson Insurance Services offers you the assurance of their Roadside Assistance program to get help in a crisis or breakdown.

Does Harley Davidson Insurance offer coverage for custom parts and equipment?

Absolutely. The coverage for extra customized parts and equipment is available.

Can I get a quote for Harley Davidson Insurance online?

Absolutely. You can get an instant quote and purchase insurance directly from their website.

What discounts are available for Harley Davidson Insurance policyholders?

Become a Harley Davidson Insurance Services policyholder and leverage our exclusive discounts to save on your monthly insurance fee. Our benefits include multiple motorcycle ownership, homeownership, completion of the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy safety course or membership in H.O.G., making it easier than ever for you to lower your cost.

Can I get liability coverage through Harley Davidson Insurance in all states?

At Harley-Davidson Insurance, we are proud to offer motorcycle insurance in 48 of the United States; unfortunately, liability coverage policies are presently unavailable for Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington D.C..

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