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Harley Davidson Kickstand Problems – Understanding and Solving Common Issues

Winter has officially arrived, and it’s time to hunker down together and tackle some of the most frequent Harley Davidson kickstand problems. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea.), get comfortable, and let’s delve into this fascinating world of jiffy stands.

Kickstand vs. Jiffy Stand: A Rose by Any Other Name

The origins of the term ‘jiffy stand’

For many years, “jiffy stand” has been a well-known term. In fact, it was even included in an old 1941 parts list. Yet despite its considerable standing, people tend to use the less familiar but more popular phrase “kickstand” when discussing this topic informally.

The age-old debate between kickstand and jiffy stand

Some riders vehemently adhere to the term “jiffy stand,” while others swear by calling it a kickstand – whether you prefer one over the other is just personal opinion. At the end of the day, we all understand what each respective name implies?

Troubleshooting Common Harley Davidson Kickstand Problems

Wobbly kickstand while riding

A frequent problem riders encounter is a kickstand that doesn’t remain steady against the primary cover and instead wobbles while riding. This can be potentially dangerous, as it may scrape on the ground during left-hand turns.

Kickstand scraping on left-hand turns

This is one of the pretty major Harley Davidson kickstand problems. If your kickstand is coming into contact with the ground during left turns, it’s critical to address this issue before any further damage occurs or compromises your safety while riding.

Sagging kickstand

A loose kickstand can be indicative of a deteriorated spring or wear on the pivot area. Not only is this one of the most annoying Harley Davidson kickstand problems, it’s also bothersome while riding, and it could also lead to treacherous consequences if left unresolved.

The infamous ‘roll forward’

For Harley riders, the ‘roll forward’ can be a disquieting occurrence – which could even result in their beloved bike toppling over. Avoid this potential calamity by taking measures to ensure your motorcycle is stable on its kickstand.

Solutions to Harley Davidson Kickstand Problems

Checking for damage and proper spring tension

To resolve your Harley Davidson kickstand problems, begin by scrutinizing the spring to ensure it has the appropriate length and tension. Additionally, search for any indications of wear or destruction near the pivot area.

Replacing worn or damaged parts

To ensure proper working order, it is vital to replace any worn or damaged components such as the spring, pivot pin, or entire kickstand unit.

Ensuring proper engagement of kickstand tabs

Before you take off, double-check that your kickstand is securely in its locking tabs. Otherwise, the bike won’t remain stable and could topple over.

Parking techniques to prevent accidents

To ensure your bike is safe and secure, make sure the kickstand is completely in place before parking it. It’s also advisable to park your bike on a flat surface or use the bikes gears when parked on an inclined plane – this will help avoid any rolling that may occur.

Harley Davidson Kickstand Models: Comparing Dyna and Rushmore

Differences in design and stability

Your experience on a kickstand bike will differ depending on the model you choose. The Dyna and Rushmore kicksand models vary in design, with some riders finding that the Dyna provides more stability than its counterpart. Ultimately, whatever works best for you is what matters; take time to explore your options before making a purchase decision.

Trusting the stand: learning from experience

With patience and practice, you will eventually learn to rely on your kickstand. The more familiar you are with your bike, the better grasp you’ll have of how and when it is secure enough for use.

Tips for ensuring a secure parking experience

Before leaving your bike, be sure to firmly secure the kickstand and make certain that it will remain upright. If you’re ever in doubt about its stability, don’t hesitate to ask a fellow cyclist for their opinion or assistance.

Tips and Tricks for a Safe and Secure Kickstand Experience

Carrying a spare spring for emergencies

Having a spare kickstand spring is not only wise, it could save you from an unexpected and potentially perilous situation. Don’t be caught off guard – make sure your ride always has the necessary parts for safe cycling.

Preloading the spring with washers for easier field repairs

By preparing your spring with washers ahead of time, you can easily solve any field repairs. This minor change will help you dodge a calamity when fixing something on the fly while away from home.

Parking on slopes and inclines: using gears for added security

When leaving your bike parked on a slope or incline, it is critical to leverage the gears for extra protection. Put your bike in first gear to keep it from rolling further forward. Additionally, you may want to use a wheel chock or search out an area with less of an incline that will reduce the odds of your cycle toppling over.

Final Verdict On Harley Davidson Kickstand Problems

Ultimately, whether you refer to it as a jiffy stand or a kickstand, the main concern should always be ensuring your bike’s safety and stability. If you make sure to diagnose common Harley Davidson kickstand problems quickly, maintain your kickstand properly and practice safe parking methods when securing your bike, then you can have enjoyable rides without any worries about its security.

Keep an eye out for potential risks around you at all times; trust yourself that something doesn’t feel right if it does not look secure enough – above all else prioritize safety whenever using the kickstand of your bike.


Below are some frequently asked questions on Harley Davidson kickstand problems:

How do you tighten a Harley Davidson kickstand?

Before attempting to adjust a Harley Davidson kickstand, it is important to inspect the part for any potential damage. If all looks good, then check that both the pivot bolt and mounting bolts are fastened securely and with proper torque values. In case of persistent looseness, you may need to replace worn or broken components such as bushings, pivot bolt or even the entire kickstand itself.

How do I fix my kickstand spring on my Harley?

To repair your Harley’s kickstand spring, you’ll want to begin by inspecting it for any signs of damage or wear. If there is damage present, be sure to replace the faulty spring with a new one that has the correct length and tension. However, if no visible Harley Davidson kickstand problems are seen but its performance needs improvement, preloading it with washers should do just that.
Ensure that the spring hooks are connected securely on both sides and that the kickstand is moving without any blockages or hindrances.

Why does Harley call a kickstand a jiffy stand?

Harley Davidson motorcycles are renowned for their signature jiffy stands – a kickstand initially referred to as such by the company. This term has been in use since the pioneer days of Harley, and it has become inseparable from the brand’s identity over time.

How do you use a Harley kickstand?

To use a Harley kickstand (or jiffy stand), follow these steps:
1. Come to a complete stop and ensure the bike is in a stable, upright position.
2. Place the bike in neutral or first gear to prevent rolling.
3. Locate the kickstand with your left foot and gently press it down until it contacts the ground.
4. Carefully lean the bike to the left side, ensuring the kickstand is fully engaged and locked in place.
5. Double-check the kickstand is securely supporting the bike before releasing your grip on the handlebars.

How do I know if my Harley kickstand needs to be replaced?

If your Harley kickstand is wobbling too much, having trouble engaging or disengaging, and making scraping noises during turns—it may be time to consider a replacement. Inspect the stand for visible signs of damage, wear, or bending. Once these Harley Davidson kickstand problems are confirmed or it’s simply not working as intended anymore – it’s best to invest in a new one.

Can I adjust the angle of my Harley kickstand?

Trying to achieve the optimal angle on your Harley kickstand can be quite a challenge, given that they usually come with a set angle. If you notice any Harley Davidson kickstand problems in regards to the positioning, then it is wise to examine worn or broken parts such as bushings and even the stand itself. In some cases, modifying or replacing certain components may be necessary if you want to reach the perfect angle for your motorcycle’s needs.

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