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Harley Davidson LEGO: The Iconic Building Experience

The Harley Davidson LEGO Fat Boy motorcycle is a must-have for any AFICIONADO of LEGO or Harley-Davidson. Crafted in partnership with the iconic brand, this set rivals its real-life counterparts by featuring solid Lakester wheels, an authentic teardrop fuel tank, and even a Milwaukee Eight engine. Plus there are plenty more details to explore as you build your own version of this thrilling ride.

Iconic Fuel Tank and Speedometer

The magnificent Harley Davidson LEGO Fat Boy motorcycle is an extraordinary collectible for all motorbike fanatics. It has a detailed teardrop fuel tank with printed Harley-Davidson logos and a speedometer, further amplified by the dark red and black color scheme which gives it an edgy look.

Detailed Engine

The iconic Milwaukee-Eight engine from the Harley-Davidson motorcycle is faithfully recreated in this Harley Davidson LEGO set, with moving pistons that add to its realistic charm. To further immerse you into the experience, dual exhaust pipes are also included, and spinning the rear tire brings those pistons to life. Get ready for an exhilarating ride with this stunning LEGO model.

Muscle Motorcycle

The Harley Davidson LEGO Fat Boy has earned a reputation for its sleek and brawny appearance, and the set faithfully embraces this aesthetic. Its disc wheels with robust tires solidify its fierce look, making it ideal to display in any home or office environment.

Sturdy Kickstand

Boasting a sturdy flip-down kickstand, the LEGO set will make parking and displaying the motorcycle a breeze. This realistic feature adds to the authenticity of this unique playtime experience.

Front Forks and Handlebars

The Harley Davidson LEGO set is a dream come true for motorcycle fanatics as it flawlessly recreates the classic Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. With its precise suspension and adjustable handlebars that feature mirrors, this set truly captures the essence of what makes a real Harley so special.

Special Decorated and New-For-July-2019 Elements

Get ready to ride in style with the Harley Davidson LEGO Fat Boy motorcycle. This amazing set comes complete with several unique and eye-catching elements, like 2×4 dark red tiles printed beautifully with the iconic logo of this classic bike. But that’s not all – you’ll also get a special rear rim featuring an ultra-wide tire for added muscle.

Measurements and Display Stand

This Harley Davidson LEGO set is over 7” (20 cm) high, 7” (18 cm) wide, and 12″ (33cm) long – an ideal addition to any home or office. The included stand helps firmly secure the motorcycle in place for a beautiful showcase piece that can easily become the focal point of any room.

An Immersive and Rewarding Building Experience

The Harley Davidson LEGO Fat Boy motorcycle is a sophisticated 1,023-piece set that makes an unbeatable building experience. Assembling the model is made effortless with its clear instructions, and when finished it becomes an invaluable collectible – perfect for any motorbike enthusiast. With such complexity in construction and exceptional detail in design, this set offers incomparable amusement to all those passionate about LEGOs.

To sum up, this Harley Davidson LEGO Fat Boy motorcycle set is a remarkable mixture of iconic engineering and imaginative building. This LEGO model captures the allure of an authentic Harley-Davidson machine while providing an engaging and gratifying construction journey.

Whether you are a motorcycle fan or just have a passion for LEGOs, this set will be perfect for your collection. Its intricate details along with its sturdy display stand make it ideal as a showpiece in any room or office. Get ready to construct and flaunt this legendary LEGO masterpiece.

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