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Harley Davidson Livewire – A New Age for Electric Motorcycles

The Harley Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle caused quite a stir when it first launched in 2019, and its successor – the LiveWire One from the new brand of the same name owned by Harley Davidson – is no different.

Despite both models being under one corporate umbrella, there are distinct characteristics that separate them. To better understand why so many people are excited about this latest development, let’s go more in depth and find out if all this hype is justified.

Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle: A New Era

By launching the Harley Davidson Livewire in 2019, the company made a daring decision that deviated from its conventional gasoline-powered motorcycles. Fortunately, this risky move paid off for them as it was a major success and ultimately led to their new venture; LiveWire. The recently released model, known as the LiveWire One is just another addition to an already successful brand and we are eager to see where else this adventure takes them.

Will Harley Davidson Go Electric?

The launch of the Harley Davidson LiveWire One proves Harley is invested in electric motorcycles. But will Harley Davidson go all electric, we cannot predict if they will eventually do that. However it’s evident that this model takes them one step closer to that mission. Thanks to their success in developing both the Livewire and the new version the LiveWire One, we can be certain that Harley Davidson are heading down the right path.

2021 Harley Davidson LiveWire One Review

While the Harley Davidson LiveWire and LiveWire One may be visually similar, there are a few noteworthy distinctions. The LiveWire One boasts 84 ft-lbs of torque at peak performance compared to its counterpart model’s 86 ft-lbs.

Boasting 100 horsepower, the LiveWire One comes in slightly lower than its stablemate the Harley Davidson’s 105 horses. Additionally, it weighs 562 pounds – 13 more than its ancestor. Yet don’t be deterred; The inclusion of revised software for enhanced usability and stability makes this model truly remarkable.

The LiveWire One’s captivating price of $21,999 is an astounding $7,800 cheaper than the Harley Davidson LiveWire. Even though it remains a mystery as to why this electric motorcycle costs less than its predecessor, the fact stands that buyers can get hold of an impressive ride at such a value.

2021 Harley Davidson LiveWire One Review – Price

Taking a spin on the LiveWire One is an invigorating experience, and much of that is thanks to its revved-up engine. It can generate up to 84 ft-lbs of torque – comparable to the power generated by Ducati Streetfighter V4’s 90 ft-lbs.

In comparison to the V4, the LiveWire One provides its torque immediately on twisting of throttle without needing your engine to reach 11,500 rpm. This might appear like a small 100 horsepower figure but in reality it is still enough power for you feel as if you are shooting off into space with only a whirring sound heard instead of an expected roar.

Weighing a whopping 562 pounds, the LiveWire One surprisingly maintains agility due to its motor’s capability of producing instantaneous torque. This keeps the bike light on its feet as it dives into corners with ease. The battery weight also adds to this gracefulness by being kept close to the center of gravity so that no handling issues arise for riders.

The LiveWire One’s unwavering power delivery grants the rider an improved riding experience. Since it doesn’t require gear changes, the tire contact patch remains consistent throughout, improving both handling and stability.

The LiveWire One is an economical way to experience a thrilling ride, so it’s no wonder that many riders gravitate towards this electric motorcycle. Nevertheless, potential buyers should be aware of its constraints before making the purchase.

Despite its benefits, electric motorcycles still have a few drawbacks that need to be taken into consideration. For instance, the LiveWire One has an impressive range of 146 miles in city roads but can drop down to 95 on highways and require up to 12 hours for recharging with standard outlets. However, you can reduce this time significantly if you use the Level 3 fast charger which takes only 1 hour.

Despite a few common limitations, the LiveWire One is an outstanding electric motorcycle. If you can look past those restrictions and embrace its unique ride experience, this bike will prove to be your perfect motorcycling companion.

Harley Davidson LiveWire One Performance

The LiveWire One is powered by the Revelation internal permanent magnet synchronous motor, delivering up to 100 horsepower and 84 ft-lbs of torque. Reach top speeds in less than 3 seconds with 0 to 60 mph acceleration in only 1.9 seconds–110mph max.

The liquid cooling system keeps the motor cool while its single-speed transmission and belt final drive ensure a smooth ride every time.

Harley Davidson Electric In A Nutshell

The LiveWire One is an outstanding electric motorcycle that offers superior performance, deft handling, and a reasonable price tag. Undeniably the best in its class, this dynamic bike brings remarkable upgrades compared to the Harley Davidson LiveWire – updated software for more convenience and an accessibly priced motor with incredible power.

Although it’s not ideal in every way possible, one thing is certain: The LiveWire One is certainly a groundbreaking step forward for the electric motorcycle market.

If you’re looking for an electric motorcycle to commute or explore on the weekends, look no further than the LiveWire One. Not only is it incredibly agile and responsive with its instantaneous torque delivery, but its unique whirring motor sound adds a distinctively electrifying experience.

Long-distance touring may not be this model’s strong suit; nevertheless, if you are hitting up nearby roads more often than highways then the LiveWire One could very well be your perfect ride.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the Harley Davidson Livewire and LiveWire One:

What is the difference between the Harley Davidson Livewire and the LiveWire One?

Redesigned and enhanced, the LiveWire One is Harley Davidson’s revolutionary new electric bike designed by their subsidiary company. Though visually they may appear identical, there are distinct differences between these two models that make the LiveWire One stand out from its predecessor.
Not only has it received a software upgrade but also boasts slightly lower output than the original Harley Davidson Livewire model.

How much does the LiveWire One cost?

The LiveWire One is a brilliant example of an electric motorbike that doesn’t break the bank. With an MSRP at just under $22,000, it’s much more affordable than other high-performance motorcycles on the market – like Harley Davidson. The LiveWire One provides you with all of the benefits of a top tier engine without any additional cost.

Is the LiveWire One a good electric motorcycle?

The LiveWire One electric motorcycle offers an extraordinary riding experience backed by a high-performance motor and excellent handling. Even better, its competitive price tag makes it the perfect choice for riders who are jumping into electric motorcycles.

What is the range of the LiveWire One?

With a city range of 146 miles and highway range of 95, the LiveWire One can take you practically anywhere. Of course, riding style and weather conditions may cause this number to fluctuate over time; however, the possibilities are endless with the impressive performance of this motorcycle.

What is the charging time for the LiveWire One?

The LiveWire One can be powered up with a conventional household outlet in as little as 12 hours. But if you opt for the Level 3 speedy charger, charging time is condensed to merely 1 hour.

What is the top speed of the LiveWire One?

The LiveWire One can zoom at a maximum speed of 110 mph and reach 0 to 60 mph in an instantaneous 3.0 seconds.

Is the LiveWire One suitable for long-distance touring?

The LiveWire One might not be the best option if you’re planning on taking a long-distance tour as it has a limited range and charging time. However, if your travels are mainly around town or within the state lines for weekend rides, then this electric motorcycle is perfect.
The power and performance of the LiveWire One will make even short trips fun and exciting.

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