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Harley Davidson Low Rider ST – The Ultimate Cruiser

Since its founding in the early 1900s, Harley-Davidson has become synonymous with classic cruisers. To commemorate this legacy, they have unveiled a cavalcade of iconic motorcycles over time – one such bike being their Low Rider series. The FXS Low Rider officially made its debut at Daytona Bike Week 1977 and was Harley-Davidson’s first custom motorcycle to roll off the factory line.

Instantly gaining traction since its release, the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST has been a celebrated part of the brand’s cruiser line for thirty years. As of 2009, several editions have become available with the latest being 2022 Low Rider ST. In this article you will discover why Harley Davidson Low Rider ST is extraordinary and why it makes an ideal vehicle to take on those epic road trips.

What Makes the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST Special?

The Low Rider ST is a tribute to both the brand’s legacy and contemporary style. Crafted in Southern California where one can find custom-made FXRs, Dynas, and Softails that are designed with an eye-catching aesthetic yet don’t lack power due to their robust engines, raised suspension systems, and tall bars for added flair.

Not only does the Low Rider S exude a classic feel, it also has an aerodynamic frame-mounted fairing and removeable saddlebags for more road trip convenience. With its timeless profile, this stripped bike is ideal to take you on your next adventure.

The Low Rider ST gives you a straightforward LCD “tech gauge” situated in the handlebar riser and enticing options such as the Rockford Fosgate Inner Fairing Audio Kit. Additionally, it has cruise control so that long rides are stress-free for riders. The Milwaukee-Eight 117 packs 103 horsepower along with 125 ft. lbs. torque at 3500 rpm; making this 1923cc V-Twin an optimal choice for those who love cruising on their bikes.

How Does the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST Ride?

To really assess the Low Rider ST, a reviewer embarked on an expansive journey that took him 260 miles from Manhattan to the DC suburbs. His experience was nothing less than extraordinary—smoother than any motorcycle ride he had ever taken; surpassing his comparison rides on other models like a Honda CTX700, Triumph Bonneville T-100 and Indian Chieftain Elite.

The Harley-Davidson FXRT Sport Glide is a ride that no one will soon forget thanks to its Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, which powers the bike with effortless finesse. The six-inch tilted windshield splits the wind so you can hit up to 90 mph on the highway without being pummeled by gusts of air. All in all, this motorcycle delivers an exceptional experience for anyone who dares take it out for a spin.

The reviewer was highly impressed with the saddlebags’ substantial combined capacity of two cubic feet, as they were located far enough away from the exhaust so that there would be no interference when riding in tight spaces. Additionally, their slim design enabled maneuvering without obstruction.

Anything Else Stand Out About This Cruiser?

Despite slightly detracting from the aesthetic of the motorcycle, investing in a Rockford Fosgate sound system is worth every penny. For an additional $1,000 to your total purchase price – which you’ll already be paying for at over $20k anyways – you can enjoy a new level of entertainment and fun with this integrated fairing installed. Get ready to rock out with 5.25″ woofers and remote tweeters that deliver an unbeatable experience as soon as you hit the road.

How Much Does the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST Cost?

The Vivid Black edition of this bike has a starting cost of $21,749 and the Gunship Gray model begins at $22,199.


The Harley Davidson Low Rider ST is an ideal cruiser for extended journeys, providing a comfortable ride with its Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine and FXRT Sport Glide fairing. Not to mention, it also features several convenient amenities like the minimalist LCD “tech gauge” and Rockford Fosgate Inner Fairing Audio Kit, as well as removable saddlebags that help make your journey even more enjoyable. Whether you prefer them or not, these extra additions add significant usefulness when traveling long distances on two wheels.

The Harley Davidson Low Rider ST is the quintessential cruiser — a perfect blend of retro design and cutting edge technology. From its impressive performance to its smooth ride, this bike offers everything you could possibly want for cruising in comfort over long distances. Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating ride or just need to get from point A to B, the Low Rider ST has it all.

Harley Davidson’s unmistakable Low Rider ST is a representation of their steadfast dedication to providing riders with an exceptional experience while still remaining loyal to the Harley brand.


Below are some FAQs related to the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST:

What is the base price of the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST?

The classic Vivid Black option carries a $21,749 base price tag while the Gunship Gray selection begins at an increased rate of $22,199.

What engine does the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST have?

The Harley Davidson Low Rider ST is a powerful machine, powered by the mighty Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine. Boasting an impressive 1923cc V-Twin, this bike yields 103 horsepower and produces 125 ft. lbs of torque at 3500 rpm for ultimate speed and performance.

What is the top speed of the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST?

The Harley Davidson Low Rider ST is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 120 mph.

Is the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST suitable for long road trips?

The Harley Davidson Low Rider ST is an ideal bike for those wanting to go on a lengthy ride. Thanks to its powerful Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, FXRT Sport Glide fairing and removable saddlebags, this cruiser offers riders both comfort and convenience throughout the journey.

Does the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST have modern features?

The Harley Davidson Low Rider ST marries traditional design with cutting-edge technology, such as the low-profile “tech gauge” and Rockford Fosgate Inner Fairing Audio Kit. It is an impressive combination of old and new that is bound to excite any motorcycle enthusiast.

Is the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST a new edition?

The highly anticipated Harley Davidson Low Rider ST has made its debut and is now available at dealerships, together with the infamous stripped-down version known as the Low Rider S.

What is the seat height of the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST?

With a seat height of 27 inches, the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST is designed for riders who prefer to be close to the ground.

How much luggage capacity does the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST offer?

Boasting a whopping two cubic feet of combined capacity, the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST offers ultimate convenience with its removable saddlebags.

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