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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cover – Protect Your Ride in Style

If you’re an avid Harley Davidson fan, then you understand the need to protect your beloved ride. As much as we’d all love to hit the open road and feel that liberating wind in our faces every day, sometimes life just doesn’t allow it.

That’s why purchasing a top-notch motorcycle cover is so essential for any biker who cherishes their bike. In this article, we’ll examine what makes a Harley Davidson motorcycle cover unique – its features and benefits – and why owning one should be at the top of your list when considering accessories for your motorbike.

Introduction to the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cover

When it comes to protecting your Harley Davidson motorcycle from the elements and day-to-day wear, you can trust in this heavy-duty cover. Crafted with a diamond pattern 300 Denier polyester that’s resistant to fading, you’ll enjoy reliable coverage for years on end.

Waterproofing keeps out rain while dust particles are blocked by its fabric construction – so no matter what Mother Nature throws at your bike, you can be sure of ultimate protection.

Features of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cover

Featuring an eye-catching orange and black design with Harley Davidson’s iconic graphics, the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover is a bold statement of your passion for riding. With its unmistakable visuals, this cover will be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

This cover is suitable in all settings, whether it be indoors or outdoors, making this a versatile and practical choice.

Weather-Shielded Vents

This cover is designed with weather-shielded vents on top to encourage ventilation and reduce condensation, thus reducing the chances of rusting during storage for any amount of time.

Heat-Resistant Panels

The cover has heat-resistant panels on the inside that safeguard it from hot exhaust, making sure it won’t melt or warp from the heat.

Integrated Storage Pouch

The cover is crafted with an integrated storage pouch so you can stow it away when not in use.

Cover Skirt

The cover skirt is equipped with adjustable drawstrings in the front and rear, enabling you to customize a secure fit around your bike. An added benefit is the convenient belly strap that prevents ballooning while biking in windy conditions.

Corset-Style Cinching System

The cover features a corset-style structure running along its backbone, providing the ideal fit for your device. The hook-and-loop opening ensures accessibility to antennas and simplifies putting on and taking off the cover with ease.

Security Features

With its convenient opening in the front wheel area, you can use a security chain to keep your bike safe and secure. Additionally, this cover also includes interior pockets for installing an optional Cover Alarm, giving you double protection against potential theft or damage.

Reflective Piping

This cover is designed with reflective piping for enhanced visibility; it makes your bike easily seen from a distance, helping to keep you safe on the roads and paths.

Benefits of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cover

There are many benefits to using the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover, including:


Keep your bike safe from the effects of nature with a protective cover. Rain, dust, sun – no matter what weather condition you find yourself in, your bike will remain unscathed.


Crafted from top-notch materials, this cover is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring your investment remains safe and secure for years to come.


With an integrated storage pouch, this cover is incredibly convenient and easy to use. When you’re not using it, simply fold it up and store it away for future use.


Not only is the cover ultra-durable and stylish, but it also offers a variety of safety measures such as accommodating a security cable or chain as well as having an optional Cover Alarm. These features make this elegant bike accessory one of the safest out there.


You can showcase your admiration for Harley-Davidson with this chic and fashionable cover featuring the classic Harley-Davidson graphics. Be proud of your ride by customizing it with the iconic design.


If you’re a Harley rider, this cover is an essential part of your collection. It securely protects against rain, dust, and sun with its tough exterior that’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Look good on the road; keep your bike looking like new with the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover: it’s reliable protection from whatever elements Mother Nature throws at you.

To keep your two-wheeled friend in top shape throughout the off season or to protect it from everyday wear and tear, you will love the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover.

This quality shield has weather-shielded vents plus heat-resistant panels that prevent corrosion buildup while its low skirt and fitted cinching system make sure a secure fit without any flapping during windy days. Invest in this durable cover today.

Not only does the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover make a practical addition to your ride, it also serves as an aesthetically pleasing statement piece. The bright orange-and-black design and HD logo will ensure you stand out in any crowd, letting everyone know of your passion for motorcycling.

If you’re a proud Harley rider, investing in the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cover is an excellent decision. With its superior construction and versatile design, this cover will protect your motorcycle from all elements – plus it makes a bold statement of your love for riding.

Not only does it provide security to safeguard against any damage, but also adds visual appeal that you’ll admire for many years to come.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover:

What materials is the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover made from?

Crafted from 300 Denier fade-resistant polyester with a diamond pattern, the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover is engineered to fight off any weather condition. This heavy-duty material ensures that your bike will be safe in even the toughest of environments.

Can I use the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely, the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover is appropriate for both interior and exterior use. Equipped with weather-shielded vents that help encourage air circulation while minimizing moisture build-up, it’s a perfect solution whether you’re seeking short or long term storage solutions.

How does the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover attach to my bike?

The cover skirt features adjustable drawstrings at the front and rear to secure it around your bike, so you can be confident of a snug fit. Additionally, a belly strap is included to reduce wind-induced ballooning. Its corset-style cinch along its backbone adjusts for an optimal fit, while the hook and loop opening allows antennas easy access.

Does the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover have any security features?

Not only does the cover feature a handy opening near the front wheel which allows you to attach any kind of security chain or cable, but it also offers interior pockets that can accommodate an optional Cover Alarm (P/N 69000038), further enhancing its safety capabilities.

Is the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover easy to store when not in use?

Absolutely. This cover comes equipped with a convenient storage pouch that allows you to neatly store it away when not in use. It is light and compact, making transport effortless regardless of your destination. You’ll never want to leave home without this helpful accessory.

Will the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover fit all models of Harley Davidson motorcycles?

Make sure the cover is designed to fit your specific Harley Davidson motorcycle model – checking the dimensions of both the cover and bike are recommended to guarantee a snug fit.

Is the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover waterproof?

The cover may not be fully waterproof, but the taped seams provide a barrier of protection against rain and moisture seeping in which helps keep your bike safe from harm.

Can I wash the Harley Davidson motorcycle cover?

Absolutely. The cover is machine washable, however it’s recommended to use a mild detergent and skip the fabric softener as this might damage its water-resistant qualities. To ensure your cover maintains its quality, air drying is suggested instead of using the dryer.

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