harley davidson no spark troubleshooting

Harley Davidson No Spark Troubleshooting – A Comprehensive Guide

Experiencing a spark issue with your Harley Davidson motorcycle can be aggravating and stop you from taking pleasure in the ride. Fear not, as this article will discuss how to identify and resolve this dilemma. After all, Harley is beloved for its quality bikes containing an illustrious past – don’t let something so small keep you from experiencing it. Below are the steps you need to go through to successfully complete Harley Davidson No Spark Troubleshooting:

Start with the Simple Stuff

Before you embark on a complex electrical diagnostic, it’s wise to begin with the rudimentary steps. Inspect your spark plugs as a starting point; if they are recently installed, confirm that they’re of proper type and correctly gapped.

The next step is to assess your spark plug wires. Look out for the resistance measurements that are provided in your Harley Davidson manual, and make sure they meet the requirements. If you observe any damage or wear on them, have them replaced right away before continuing with further inspection.

Check the Ignition Circuit

If the spark plugs and wires look good, it’s time to inspect the ignition circuit. Begin at the battery and make your way towards the spark plugs. Examine all components of this system including: kill switch, coil, as well as an ignition switch for any potential issues. You can get access to primary/secondary resistance specifications from a user manual or ask someone with knowledge in these matters for assistance.

Look at the BAS and CPS

After you ensure that everything in the ignition circuit is working properly, it’s time to assess the BAS (Bank Angle Sensor) and CPS (Crank Position Sensor). To test your CPS, attach a VOM across its two wires while cranking the bike. You should notice an alternating current signal indicating proper functioning of this AC generator.

Check the TSSM

With a TSSM (Turn Signal Security Module), it’s essential to first examine the part number. This will allow you to identify if it is indeed causing an issue with your ignition, as certain models will disable the switch should they be malfunctioning. Furthermore, when you turn on the ignition and observe flashing lights – this is indicative of a tripped alarm that won’t even permit your bike to crank over. With all these signs present, there’s no doubt that a faulty TSSM is likely at fault here.

Other Things to Consider

After exhausting the above steps and still failing to determine the cause, double-check any fuses or wiring for breaks or tear. Be sure that your battery is completely charged and functioning properly as well. If you recently installed aftermarket accessories, verify whether it could be causing electrical problems.

Final Verdict – Harley Davidson No Spark Troubleshooting

To sum up, when you can’t experience the thrilling ride of your Harley Davidson motorcycle because of spark issues, it can be disheartening. Nevertheless, by following these steps, for Harley Davidson no spark troubleshooting, you will successfully resolve this issue and have an enjoyable ride once again.

Begin with the fundamental matters, such as inspecting the ignition system and BAS, CPS and TSSM. Additionally, consider other variables like wiring, fuses or aftermarket additions that may have an effect on your Harley Davidson Motorcycle’s performance. If you’re still having trouble resolving it yourself, then it is probably time to take your bike to a certified expert who can diagnose and repair the issue quickly so that you can get back out there riding in no time.


Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the topic of Harley Davidson No Spark Troubleshooting:

What are some common causes of no spark issues in Harley Davidson motorcycles?

If your Harley Davidson motorcycle isn’t sparking, it could be due to damaged spark plugs and/or worn wires, an ignition circuit fault, a faltering BAS or CPS module, or even issues with the TSSM.

How do I check the spark plug wires on my Harley Davidson motorcycle?

To test the spark plug wires, first reference your manual for the specific resistance requirements. Utilize a multimeter to measure and ascertain if these specifications are met – should they fall outside of this range, you’ll need to replace them with new wiring. Damage or wear can significantly affect their functioning ability hence it is essential that any inconsistencies be addressed in a timely manner.

What should I do if my Harley Davidson motorcycle won’t crank over?

When your Harley Davidson motorcycle fails to start, the TSSM/TSM could be causing the issue. Inspect the part number on whichever module you have in order to discover which component is at fault. If yours is a TSSM and its lights flash when you try starting up, then it’s probably responsible for why your bike isn’t running correctly.

How do I test the CPS on my Harley Davidson motorcycle?

To check the CPS, connect your VOM to both wires and turn on the engine. If it is functioning as intended, an alternating current signal will be visible.

What should I do if I have checked everything and still can’t find the issue?

After attempting all of the troubleshooting steps and still encountering difficulties, it might be time to take your bike in for professional help. A certified mechanic will not only identify the problem but also perform any required repairs.

How can I prevent no spark issues in my Harley Davidson motorcycle?

To maintain the best performance of your Harley Davidson motorcycle, and avoid any no spark issues, ensure that regular maintenance is carried out. This includes changing the spark plugs and inspecting the plug wires. Moreover, be wary of adding aftermarket accessories since they have been known to cause electrical problems.

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