harley davidson similar fonts

Harley Davidson Similar Fonts

Harley Davidson is an iconic brand known all over the planet for its powerful motorcycles. With a unique and easily recognizable font on their logo, it’s essential to understand which typeface they use when developing designs or projects related to them or even Harley Davidson similar fonts.

In this article we’ll delve into Harley Davison’s font history, reveal the Block Gothic RR Bold ExtraCond typeface they employ as well as some free alternatives if you don’t wish to utilize the original design.

Harley Davidson Font History

With roots tracing back to the early 19th century, Harley Davidson’s iconic font has been an integral part of their story since day one. Although a few modifications have been made throughout its lifetime, it remains consistent and recognizable even today; thanks to its clear lines and legible characters. It is this classic yet contemporary style that continues to set Harley apart from other brands – making them truly inimitable!

Block Gothic RR Bold ExtraCond Font

The official font used in the Harley Davidson logo is Block Gothic RR Bold ExtraCond, renowned for its thick and bold lines complemented by straight edges. All letters are capitalized and equal in width, displaying uniformity among all characters. Obtain this iconic typeface from any website offering this exact font or Harley Davidson similar fonts.

Capturing the eye of any audience is best with a familiar font. Block Gothic RR Bold ExtraCond has proven itself to be an iconic font, often associated with Harley Davidson and other renowned brands. Utilize this highly recognized font when designing projects related to niche markets as it will undoubtedly create an immediate connection between your project and its target audience.

Harley Davidson Similar Fonts

Looking for a free Harley Davidson similar fonts to the Block Gothic RR Bold ExtraCond font? Look no further than Compacta! This budget-friendly option features strong bold lines, straight edges and capital letters that are uniformly spaced. Plus, it’s just like Harley Davidson’s signature style – making it an ideal choice for those seeking attractive typography without spending extra money.

If an alternate font is desired, Block Gothic could be the answer. Similar to the one used in Harley Davidson’s logo, this bold and thick-lined typeface commands attention with its straight edges and all capital letters that uniformly match in width. Easily obtainable online from reputable font sites, Block Gothic presents itself as a powerful statement maker.

If you’re in search of Harley Davidson similar fonts, there are several options available! Impact, Bebas Neue and Tungsten all feature thick lines and straight edges that offer a similar aesthetic. However, these Harley Davidson similar fonts aren’t exact replicas – so make sure you keep an eye out if authenticity is important to your project. You can easily find each one for free download from various font websites.


To sum it up, the Harley Davidson similar fonts are inseparable part of its brand identity and has been used with great consistency since it was established. The authentic font in the well-known logo of Harley Davidson is Block Gothic RR Bold ExtraCond, which can be acquired conveniently from many retailers.

For those who may want a different font, there are plenty of free alternatives such as the Compacta font and Block Gothic. Regardless of which look you choose, both still maintain the essence of Harley Davidson’s brand while fitting your project design & message needs. So pick wisely!

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