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Harley Davidson Starting Problems and Solutions

For over a century, Harley Davidson has been the go-to name for iconic American motorcycles. Unfortunately, even with such an established legacy comes unavoidable issues—one of which is Harley Davidson starting problems. This article will comprehensively address several common start up difficulties that owners have experienced while providing some possible solutions to alleviate them.

Harley Davidson Starting Problems

Below are a list of the most common Harley Davidson starting problems and potential solutions. Whilst some of these solutions can be carried out at home it’s always best to go to a workshop and get a professional mechanic to work on your bike to avoid causing more problems.

Dead Battery

A frequent contributor of startup difficulties with Harley Davidson motorcycles, as well as other types of bikes, is a dead battery. This issue can arise from mistakenly leaving the lights on or through standard wear and tear, in addition to faulty charging systems. To detect whether your battery has expired, you should use a voltmeter to measure its voltage – if it reads lower than 12 volts then this might indicate that the battery needs replacing immediately.


  • Charge the battery: If your battery isn’t completely depleted, you can attempt to recharge it by using a battery charger.
  • Replace the battery: If your battery has died, the only option is to purchase a new one that is perfectly tailored to your Harley Davidson. Ensure you get exactly what you need so your vehicle can be back on the road in no time.

Starter Solenoid

Struggling to get your Harley Davidson off the line? It might be due to a feckless starter solenoid. This electrical component acts like an intermediary, transferring energy from your battery and into the engine’s motor – so if it isn’t doing its job properly, then you won’t have enough power for starting up.


  • Replace the starter solenoid: If you’re encountering difficulties starting your Harley Davidson, the likely culprit is a faulty starter solenoid – meaning it’s time for a replacement. You can either visit a local Harley Davidson dealership or purchase one online to get back out on the road in no time.

Starter Motor

If the engine of your Harley Davidson isn’t starting, it could be due to a defective starter motor. This important component is responsible for initiating the combustion process and runs off of power from the battery. If its performance has been compromised, it will fail to activate ignition and leave you stranded with an inoperable motorcycle.


  • Replace the starter motor: Are you having trouble getting your Harley Davidson to start? A malfunctioning starter motor may be the culprit. Replacing it is simple and straightforward – pick up a new one from any authorized Harley Davidson dealership, or look for one online.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an integral part of the starting process for any motorcycle, including Harley Davidsons. If these spark plugs become dirty or outdated, they won’t generate enough sparks to ignite the fuel and air combination in your engine – leading to difficulty when firing up.


  • Clean or replace the spark plugs: Are your Harley Davidson’s spark plugs too dirty or worn out to start? Don’t fret. You can easily clean them, or if needs be, purchase new ones from any Harley Davidson dealership or online. With these easy steps, you’ll have your bike up and running in no time.

Fuel System

If you have trouble starting your Harley Davidson motorcycle, it might be due to an issue with the fuel system. This includes blocked up fuel filters, a faulty fuel pump, or a leak in the gas line. Tackle these problems head on and get back out riding.


  • Check the fuel filter: If you think a plugged fuel filter is the source of your starting issues, be sure to inspect it and switch or clean it out if needed.
  • Replace the fuel pump: If your fuel pump isn’t running optimally, you’ll need to replace it. To ensure a safe and reliable ride, if any leaks are suspected in the Harley Davidson’s fuel system then immediate repair is needed.

Some Final Comments On Harley Davidson Starting Problems

Ultimately, difficulty with Harley Davidson starting problems can result from a number of causes such as an expired battery, a defective starter solenoid or motor, grimy spark plugs that need changing and problems with the fuel system.

In order to determine the ideal resolution for your Harley Davidson, it’s essential to identify and recognize the root cause of any starting problems. Through continual upkeep and alertness towards any issues with your bike, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of additional beginning troubles while always keeping your motorcycle in peak condition.

To guarantee you get the most out of your Harley Davidson for many years to come, it is essential that all riders – whether new or experienced – take proper care of their bike. With a little bit of effort, your time spent in the saddle will be nothing short of unforgettable.


Below are some frequently asked questions on Harley Davidson starting problems:

What are the most common causes of Harley Davidson starting problems?

Starting troubles on a Harley Davidson motorcycle can often be attributed to numerous causes, such as an inactive battery, defective starter solenoid or motor, grimy and worn spark plugs, and fuel system problems.

How can I diagnose a dead battery in my Harley Davidson?

To determine if the battery in your Harley Davidson is dead, grab a voltmeter and take its voltage reading. If it reads lower than 12 volts, that’s a definite sign to go with replacing the battery as soon as possible.

What should I do if my Harley Davidson’s starter solenoid is faulty?

If your Harley Davidson’s starter solenoid is malfunctioning, don’t worry – you can easily and quickly replace it with a new one. Replacement starter solenoids can be bought from either an official Harley Davidson dealership or online at competitive prices. With the installation of a brand new replacement starter solenoid, you will soon be back on the road in no time.

What should I do if my Harley Davidson’s starter motor is faulty?

If you identify that the starter motor in your Harley Davidson is not performing correctly, it’s time to purchase a replacement. A local dealership or online store can provide you with precisely what you need for an optimal solution.

Can dirty or worn-out spark plugs cause Harley Davidson starting problems?

Without a doubt, spark plugs that are soiled or spent can lead to kick-starting issues in your Harley Davidson. To restore the function of your motorcycle, you should scrub clean them or substitute with fresh ones.

What should I do if there is an issue with my Harley Davidson’s fuel system?

If your Harley Davidson is having fuel system problems, it’s time to inspect the fuel filter and replace if necessary. Additionally, you might have to change the fuel pump or fix any leaks in the fuel system for a long lasting solution.

Can regular maintenance help prevent Harley Davidson starting problems?

Absolutely, regular maintenance can help you avoid Harley Davidson starting problems. Consistently keeping it in proper working order and taking care of any potential issues before they get worse will minimize the chances of having to deal with pesky start up woes – guaranteeing that each time you take off on two wheels, it’s a smooth ride.

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