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Harley Davidson Stator Replacement Cost – Replacing the Stator Yourself

With Harley Davidson motorcycles, you get the powerful engines and iconic designs that they’re known for. Although it’s expectedly a machine, some maintenance and repairs are required periodically. Hence if you think your Harley Davidson stator is on its last legs, then thoughts of the Harley Davidson stator replacement cost come to mind.

This article brings into light exactly how much this will be and additionally provides tips for saving money by doing the job yourself.

The Harley Davidson Stator Replacement Cost

When you head to the dealership for your motorcycle’s stator repair, be prepared to cough up around $655. This includes a new stator at roughly $400 and labor costs of approximately $85 per hour — with a total of three hours typically required for completion. So keep in mind that even though replacing or repairing the stator yourself may seem like an attractive option, it can still cost you more than expected when enlisting professional help from the dealership.

Replacing the Stator Yourself

In the Harley community many encourage you to save money by purchasing components and repairing without professional help. The Harley Davidson stator replacement cost can be as little as a $60 investment on an official Harley Davidson service manual, plus fixing materials of your own choosing, you can manage the repair yourself in less than 60 minutes. All it takes is removing some screws, bolts and wire plugs – no matter if this is your first time or not.

A ’05 Heritage Classic owner recently shared his experience with me, highlighting how he replaced the stator for $115 in total (including the gasket). He also mentioned that it was an uncomplicated process and only took him around one hour to finish.

Using the Service Manual

As a motorcycle owner, the Harley Davidson service manual is an invaluable tool for your DIY repairs. It provides crystal-clear instructions from minor tune-ups all the way to complete overhauls and is made even easier with its detailed illustrations and diagrams. This guide will make sure you have everything you need on hand when it comes time to tackle any mechanical issue.

The service manual will serve as a comprehensive guide when it comes to replacing the stator, including instructions on how to take off the primary cover, gasket and stator. Not only this, but you’ll also get torque specifications crucial for ensuring that everything is done properly.

Final Thoughts – Harley Davidson Stator Replacement Cost

If your Harley Davidson stator has given you grief, there are numerous solutions to repair the problem. Yes, visiting a dealership is an option but it’s not always cost-effective. Doing the job yourself can end up saving you money in the long run – just make sure that when going about this project independently, be sure to purchase and read through the service manual thoroughly for instructions before starting so that minor details don’t cause further issues later down the line. With vigilance and appropriate steps taken at home with those directions on hand, getting back out onto those highways will become easier than ever.


Below are some frequently asked questions on the Harley Davidson stator replacement cost:

What is a stator in a Harley Davidson motorcycle?

To keep the battery powered all throughout a ride, motorcycles are equipped with stators – components of the charging system that generate electricity.

How do I know if my Harley Davidson stator is bad?

If your bike’s battery isn’t holding a charge, you’re noticing a power drop while riding, or it won’t start at all – these can be signs that the stator is malfunctioning. Don’t let any of these telltale indicators go unchecked; they might indicate bigger issues on the horizon if left unresolved.

How much is the Harley Davidson stator replacement cost at the dealership?

Replacing the stator at a dealership is a costly endeavor- an estimated total of $655. The new part itself costs approximately $400, and for labor you can expect to pay up to three hours of work at the rate of $85/hour – resulting in additional expense that amounts to around $255.

Can I replace the Harley Davidson stator myself?

Absolutely. With the help of Harley Davidson’s service manual, complete with instructions and illustrations, replacing your stator can be a cinch. All you need are some basic tools – nothing more. And this will ensure you save on the Harley Davidson stator replacement cost.

How long does it take to replace a Harley Davidson stator?

If you’re experienced with Harley Davidson models, replacing a stator won’t take long – usually just an hour. But the time frame may vary depending on your bike’s specs.

Can I use aftermarket stators instead of OEM Harley Davidson parts?

Opting for aftermarket stators may be a viable choice, however it is widely recommended to utilize OEM Harley Davidson parts in order to guarantee optimal precision and operation. Aftermarket components are not usually assessed with the same rigor as the original pieces so they might not offer the same performance and dependability.

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