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Harley Davidson Tool Box – Combining Style and Functionality

Nothing spells quality like Harley Davidson and Craftsman now do with the release of their new collaboration series: a special edition Harley Davidson tool box line. In this article, we will discuss in further detail what makes these boxes so exceptional, from the 4-Drawer DynaGlide Mobile Tool Cabinet to the 3-Drawer Portable Tool Chest and finally, the iconic Harley Davidson Chest.

Craftsman Harley-Davidson Chest: A Perfect Tool Storage Solution

Enjoy the ultimate storage experience with Craftsman’s Harley Davidson tool box. This toolbox is equipped with DynaGlide ball bearing slides, giving it a load rating of 75 lbs per drawer – significantly higher than other models from Craftsman that have a 50 lb maximum capacity. Plus, its 26 inch width and 12 inch depth provide ample space for your tools. The drawers are 22-3/8 inches wide by 10-3/4 inches deep; additionally, the top two drawers measure 2 inches tall while the bottom three come in at 3-1/8″. Get continual convenience with this dependable chest created to withstand every project you throw at it.

Every aspect of this Harley Davidson tool box was carefully considered for maximum tool storage, from the gas struts on both sides that keep it open for easy access to items stored in the top compartment, to enlarged drawer pulls for greater range of motion and strong handles. The chest also has an integrated key lock and a classic Harley-Davidson decal. With all these features at your disposal you won’t find a better deal than its full retail price of $320.

4-Drawer DynaGlide Mobile Tool Cabinet: The Ultimate Rolling Toolbox

When it comes to having a Harley Davidson tool box on wheels, the 4-Drawer DynaGlide Mobile Tool Cabinet is an excellent choice. Just like Craftsman’s I-frame cabinets, this one has similar construction but with some differences – its DynaGlide ball bearing drawer slides provide a load rating of up to 75 lbs. This mobile cabinet allows you to bring all your tools around while being lightweight and sturdy at the same time.

The Craftsman 4-Drawer DynaGlide Mobile Tool Cabinet is an ideal way to store your tools. It features a keyed internal locking system, chrome tubular pull handle, and comes with four specially designed 4-1/2-inch casters for easy mobility. Measuring 26-1/2 inches wide, 34 inches tall and 18 inches deep; this cabinet has drawers of 3-1/8 inch, 4 1/8 inch , 6 3//8 inch and 9 1//2 height respectively. And it’s all yours at just $380.

Craftsman Harley-Davidson Portable Tool Chest: Compact and Convenient

Does your toolbox need to be both portable and dependable? Look no further than the Craftsman Harley-Davidson Portable Tool Chest. An ergonomic comfort grip handle, three full-extension drawers, large drawer pulls with two heavy-duty drawbolt latches make this an ideal choice for those needing a trusty and resilient storage solution.

The Craftsman Harley Davidson Portable Tool box is the perfect companion for any Harley Davidson tool box connoisseur. It measures 20-1/2 inches wide x 12 inches tall x 8-1/2 inches deep, allowing you to store a diverse amount of equipment with ease. Not only that, it comes complete with H-D decals and drawer liners. All this convenience can be yours at an affordable price point – just $80 full retail value.

First Impression & Pricing Comparison

With Harley Davidson tool box storage products, there is a lot to love – but the hefty price tag comes along with it. One impressive feature of this storage system is its 75 lbs drawer rating which stands 50% higher than Craftsman’s limited edition and regular ball bearing tool storages – making this an unbeatable offer.

Yet, the cost may be too expensive for some shoppers. The $700 combo price will likely be a favorite with Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts who are shopping for themselves rather than people searching for Father’s Day gifts.

If you’re a fan of the brand, and searching for the newest Harley Davidson tool box, get ready to be amazed. Craftsman is launching an incredible 40-inch combo for only $1,400. Plus, from summer 2013 onwards there will be dealer exclusive 3-, 4-, and 5-drawer items with custom decaling rated up to 1,000 lbs of load capacity. Though these products are bound to cost more than the original $700 combo – it’ll definitely worth your wait.

If the H-D aesthetics aren’t a priority for you, consider looking into Craftsman’s new heavy-duty ball bearing products that offer better pricing. Keep in mind, however, that these colors and branding come at an extra cost; thus it is imperative to weigh your needs prior to purchasing anything.

Personal Thoughts

Being an avid gadget lover, I’m constantly in search of the perfect toolbox. The Harley-Davidson color scheme is beautiful and the 75 lbs drawer rating extraordinary, however a prudent consumer would evaluate their needs before investing in such a costly purchase. Thankfully there are other options out on the market that come at better prices which must be weighed against this particular model to make an informed buying decision.

Softail Toolbox: A Classic Touch to Modern Bikes

Harley-Davidson is renowned for its signature classic style. The Softail Toolbox embraces this timeless aesthetic and adds a modern twist. This gloss black teardrop-shaped toolbox is sure to be the perfect complement on all your motorbike adventures.

The Softail Toolbox makes storing your personal belongings a breeze. It comes with an easily accessible latch and mountable chrome-plated brackets for extra security. With the durable barrel-style locking mechanism and keys, you’re sure to feel secure when riding knowing your items are safely stored in the left side mounted toolbox.

With the ability to accommodate an optional Toolbox Liner P/N 91838-92 (sold separately), this top-hinged toolbox makes it effortless for riders to organize and store their items. The Softail Toolbox has a timeless appearance yet offers up-to-date performance, perfect for any bike enthusiast who owns a Softail model motorcycle.

Installing the Softail Toolbox is a breeze and will have you up and running in no time. If you want style, convenience, and functionality all rolled into one package, then investing in this toolbox should be at the top of your list. It’s an amazing addition to any Softail bike that offers easy storage for personal items.

Our Verdict On The Harley Davidson Tool Box Options

Craftsman and Harley Davidson have created an impressive collection of Special Edition Harley Davidson tool box’s. With the 4-Drawer DynaGlide Mobile Tool Cabinet, the DynaGlide ball bearing slides make it highly maneuverable while its gas struts provide efficient operation. And let’s not forget about the iconic Harley-Davidson logos adorning each piece—the perfect way to showcase your loyalty for two legendary brands! Last but certainly not least is their Portable Tool Chest featuring a spacious interior with plenty of room for all your tools and accessories.

Riders who prioritize style and functionality should highly consider investing in the Softail Toolbox. This remarkable addition to your Softail bike provides an effortless storage option for personal items with its chrome-plated mounting brackets and universal barrel-style locks with keys. Whether you are looking for a classic touch on your modern ride or convenience, the Softail Toolbox is guaranteed to provide both.

It’s essential to carefully assess your needs before investing in these premium Harley Davidson tool box’s. Also, take the time to explore other options that are available on the market for comparison.

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