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Harley Davidson Urn – How to Create a Personalized Memorial

Celebrating the unique personality and passions of a loved one is paramount when deciding on an urn to keep their ashes. A Harley Davidson urn may appear like the ideal way to honor someone who was passionate about motorcycles, though it’s not necessarily as easy as you might think. This article will delve into available options for constructing a Harley Davidson urn that cherishes your beloved’s life.

The Challenge of Creating a Harley Davidson Urn

From its iconic logo to its signature rumble, Harley-Davidson is the most recognized motorcycle brand in the world. Though many admirers would love to have a Harley Davidson cremation urn as part of their remembrance ceremony, unfortunately it’s not possible due to an agreement between Harley-Davidson Motor Company and retailers like Walmart and Amazon. This means any “Harley Urns” you may find online are unofficial products that cannot be purchased from reliable sources.

Options for Creating a Harley Davidson Urn

Luckily, it’s still possible to create a Harley-themed urn or memorial for the cherished deceased in your life.

Option 1: Discover an Urn that exudes the classic Harley Design aesthetic.

If you’re in search of an urn reminiscent to Harley Davidson, look no further. Various urns showcase clipart or busts with a similar aesthetic. Though these don’t include the exact branding and logo, they are sure to give off the same vibe for anyone seeking something akin to that style.

Option 2: Elevate an existing urn by adding the renowned Harley logo.

If you want to honor a Harley Davidson enthusiast with an urn, there’s no need to compromise. At many companies, you can order cremation urns crafted from ebony marble or champagne marble and adorned with the official Harley logo – ensuring that your tribute is legal as well as symbolic. Alternatively, take any existing urn to a local engraver and have them add the iconic insignia so that your beloved biker never has to ride solo.

Option 3: Memorialize a treasured loved one by creating an urn adorned with a Harley image.

If you’re looking for a more meaningful way to commemorate your loved one, why not try adding their favorite Harley photo? You can laser etch it into wood or granite urns, print out the image at home or even draw an artful masterpiece. This way, you’ll be able to design a truly unique and personal Harley Davidson urn that celebrates the life of your dearly departed.


Take the time to memorialize your loved one’s passion for Harley Davidson in a beautiful and unique urn. Although you won’t be able to feature the actual logo, there are still several options available to create an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful tribute that will keep their memory alive for years down the road. Crafting an urn specifically tailored towards their personality and interests is essential, making sure your beloved companion rides off into eternity with style.


Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Harley Davidson urn:

Can I purchase an official Harley Davidson urn?

Regrettably, the official Harley Davidson urns are not available for purchase from reliable retailers such as Walmart or Amazon due to an agreement between them and the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Are there any options for creating a Harley Davidson urn?

If you’re looking to honor your late loved one with a Harley-themed urn or memorial, there are plenty of options available. You could search for an existing urn that embodies the classic Harley style and design, give some flare to an old urn by adding the iconic Harley logo, or craft a brand new one featuring a striking image associated with this timeless symbol.

Is it legal to add the Harley logo to an existing urn?

Absolutely. It is completely permissible to customize an existing urn with the iconic Harley logo. Urns crafted from ebony or champagne marble, complete with the official insignia, can be ordered directly from many companies. Or if you’d prefer to add it yourself, simply take your favorite urn to a local engraver and have them inscribe the Harley design for a truly personalized addition.

Can I personalize the urn with my loved one’s favorite Harley photo?

Yes, you can honor your loved one’s memory by customizing the urn with their favorite Harley photo. With advanced laser etching on wood or granite urns as well as at-home printing and hand drawn art, you’ll be able to craft a personal and one-of-a kind Harley Davidson memorial that commemorates the life of your beloved dearly departed.

Why is it important to create a personalized urn?

Paying tribute to your beloved family member or friend in a way that reflects their personality and interests is key. An individualized urn serves as an everlasting reminder of them, honoring their memory forever. Furthermore, it provides solace to those grieving the loss by recognizing its significance in a heartfelt manner.

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