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Harley Davidson vs BMW Bike – A Comparison of Two Titans of Motorcycling

Harley Davidson vs BMW bike, two legendary motorcycle companies that have crafted unforgettable models throughout the years. With their new creations, both brands recently stepped into the crossover cruiser bike market with Harley-Davidson’s Heritage Classic 114 and BMW’s R 18 Classic. In this article, we’ll review these magnificent machines side by side to see which one reigns supreme in terms of quality.

Overview of the BMW R 18 Classic and Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114

For riders seeking a crossover cruiser experience, the BMW R 18 Classic and Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 offer classic windshields and saddlebags to encourage longer journeys. Both are lighter than their touring counterparts, providing better power-to-weight ratios for increased manoeuvrability. Yet some noteworthy distinctions between these two bikes must be considered before deciding which one is right for you.

Design and Comfort

In the Harley Davidson vs BMW bike analysis, the first thing we like to consider is design and comfort. When you step onto the Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114, it’s like stepping into your cockpit. You’ll notice the comfy seat, perfect grip height for natural reach and a relaxed knee bend with generous floorboards.

But just because this classic cruiser is designed to be comfortable doesn’t mean you feel low on the ground – in fact, no matter how tall or short of a rider you are, sitting on this bike is sure to give you an amazing experience while also feeling safe and secure.

The BMW R 18 Classic, on the other side, offers a distinct experience. With its low centre of gravity and a seating position that’s more upright than the Harley-Davidson model, it is easy to reach the grips. The large cylinders stop your legs from extending out as far as they could otherwise go; plus, both the heel/toe shifter and brake pedal can be found tucked almost under them – this may require some readjustment at first.

Ultimately due to how close you feel while riding it in comparison with being “on” rather than “in” it – some riders might prefer such a sensation whereas others may not find it quite so comforting.


Accelerate effortlessly with the Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114, powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin engine that offers 119 ft-lbs of torque at just 3000 rpm. The smooth six-speed transmission allows you to reach top speeds of around 120 mph while still enjoying a comfortable cruise feel as you ride away. Get where you need to be faster and in style on this classic cruiser built for power and stability.

In contrast, the BMW R 18 Classic is powered by an impressive 1802cc boxer engine that provides 116 ft-lbs of torque at only 3000 rpm. The powertrain consists of a six-speed transmission, while the top speed reaches up to 110 mph. This motorcycle has been specifically created as a classic cruiser with its copious low-end force and elegant ride quality.

Brand History

With a legacy that stretches back over 100 years, Harley-Davidson has become a motoring icon. Their signature cruisers and touring bikes are synonymous with classic American engineering and have earned the respect of riders across the world who appreciate their iconic design. BMW, on the other hand, is also highly respected in motorcycle circles but brings a very different history to the table.

In comparison, BMW has a much more versatile background. Not only have they been producing motorcycles for almost as long as Harley-Davidson, but their expertise in sport bikes and adventure bikes is particularly noteworthy. Their passion for revolutionary engineering and advanced technology gives them an edge over other motorcycle brands.

Harley Davidson vs BMW Bike Verdict

To sum it up, the BMW R 18 Classic and Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 are two excellent options for anyone looking for a crossover cruiser. While they share some commonalities, there is also an array of key contrasts that distinguish them from one another.

For the die-hard cruiser enthusiast, it doesn’t get much better than the Harley Davidson Heritage Classic 114 and BMW R 18 Classic. Both of these classic cruisers offer differing brand histories as well as powerful engines that provide an incredibly smooth ride.

While ultimately your choice between them will come down to preference and riding style, one thing is for sure: whichever bike you choose, you’re guaranteed a timelessly stylish experience on two wheels.


Below are some frequently asked questions about Harley Davidson vs BMW bike:

Which bike is better for long-distance riding, the Harley-Davidson or BMW?

When it comes to long-distance riding, both the Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 and BMW R 18 Classic can get you where you need to go. The former is designed with comfort and ease of use in mind; whereas the latter is a pure cruiser that offers a more unique riding position. Ultimately, which bike suits your needs best depends on personal preference as well as your style of riding.

How do the engines of the BMW R 18 Classic and Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 compare?

The BMW R 18 Classic is equipped with an imposing 1802cc boxer engine that generates a whopping 116 ft-lbs of torque at only 3000 rpm, while the Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 offers 119 ft-lbs of muscular torque from its Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin engine. Both engines offer a smooth ride and deliver immense power, but they possess distinct traits which make them unique in their way.

Which bike is more comfortable to ride, the Harley-Davidson or BMW?

Opting between the Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 and BMW R 18 Classic is based on individual preferences and riding style. The former provides maximum comfort with a large seat, natural height to reach grips, accessible seat height, and relaxed knee bend when your feet touch the floorboards. On the contrary, the latter has an extraordinary sitting stance with a low center of gravity as well as an upright seating position for those who prefer such features.

How do the prices of the BMW R 18 Classic and Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 compare?

If you’re hoping to purchase a classic bike, the BMW R 18 Classic and Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 have powerful starting prices: $21,000 and $19,000 respectively. Of course, these figures can fluctuate depending on which add-ons or extras you choose for your ride.

Which brand has a stronger reputation, Harley-Davidson or BMW?

If you’re looking to hit the pavement, choosing between Harley-Davidson and BMW can be difficult. Both have a stellar reputation in the motorcycle industry yet distinctly unique brand identities. When it comes to style, Harley-Davidson is renowned for its cruisers and touring bikes while BMW specializes in sport bikes and adventure models — so ultimately your decision boils down to personal preference on what type of ride best suits you.

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