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Harley Davidson x Neighborhood Collaboration – A Match Made in Motorcycle Heaven

Harley Davidson x Neighborhood have gone down in history as the quintessential symbols of rebellion. Harley is celebrated for its iconic motorcycles, vintage gear, while Neighborhood’s reputation developed out of their association with Japan’s bosozoku biker scene and uniforms. Thus, it was only natural when these two brands joined forces to produce a magnificent collection that paid homage to their shared pasts.

The Background of the Harley Davidson x Neighborhood Collaboration

Three months ago, Neighborhood launched its Fall/Winter 2022 collection that boasted an array of inviting garments just right for the colder season. But they didn’t stop there. Immediately following was their thrilling partnership with Harley-Davidson—which made it immediately recognizable and highly discussed among fashion lovers everywhere.

The Inspiration Behind Harley Davidson x Neighborhood

Shinsuke Takizawa, the founder of Neighborhood, has long been intrigued with motorcycles and their wild outlaw gangs. Incorporating this rebellious subculture into his brand concept, he drew motivation from Japan’s bosozoku biker scene along with their iconic uniforms. It was clear that teaming up with Harley-Davidson – a legendary motorcycle company – was the ideal fit for Neighborhood.

The Harley Davidson x Neighborhood Collection

The Harley Davidson x Neighborhood collaboration is undoubtedly highlighted by the showstopping skeletal jacket. This outerwear piece takes inspiration from Takizawa’s beloved bones concept, building on the success of their previous bone jacket release with an even bolder design. The skeleton motif also appears on a long sleeve tee complete with racing uniform-inspired co-branding details at the back – making this collection one to remember.

In addition to the iconic skeletal jacket and long sleeve tee, this captivating collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, and a stylish coffee mug. Each item is adorned with “NBHD Squad” logos, oversized variations of Harley-Davidson’s renowned #1 symbol as well as more unforgettable skulls. This compilation perfectly showcases both brands’ distinctive legacies.

The Vintage Lightning Tees

Harley-Davidson’s vintage lightning tees have been iconic for decades, and now they’re back. The short sleeve tee from the Harley Davidson x Neighborhood collection is a modern take on an old classic. It looks as amazing at ever – something fashion enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on. The Launch of the Collection

Take your wardrobe to the next level with the Harley Davidson x Neighborhood collection, officially launched on November 19. Whether you love motorcycles, vintage gear, or rebellious subcultures – this collection is a must have. You can shop now at both Harley Davidson x Neighborhood websites for exclusive access that will make heads turn.

Harley-Davidson’s New Leads

Harley-Davidson recently made a groundbreaking announcement when they appointed former Yeezy designer Louise Goldin and Nike alum Erica Bullard as their creative director and apparel & licensing head, respectively. It’s clear that the motorcycle brand is looking to delve deeper into the nexus of fashion and motorcycles. With these two industry experts spearheading Harley-Davidson’s initiatives, it’ll certainly be interesting to observe what other collections or collaborations come out of this iconic American company in the future.

Our Verdict On The Harley Davidson x Neighborhood Collab

The Harley Davidson x Neighborhood union is the perfect marriage of motorcycle innovators. Both brands have a shared history and understanding of rebellious cultures, so it’s no wonder their collection pays tribute to both iconic designs. This collaboration is ideal for people who love motorcycles, vintage apparel, and biker culture –– making it an absolute must-have. And with Harley-Davidson’s bold new direction coming into fruition, we can only imagine what other exciting collections they will share in the near future.


Below are a list of FAQs on the topic of Harley Davidson x Neighborhood:

When was the Harley Davidson x Neighborhood collaboration announced?

Earlier in 2022, in August or September of 2022, the collaboration was made public.

What is the inspiration behind the Neighborhood brand?

The founder of Neighborhood, Shinsuke Takizawa, has an unwavering fascination with motorcycles and the outlaw gangs associated with them – particularly the Japanese bosozoku biker scene. This appreciation for vintage style is evident in many of their designs; the brand’s signature graphics are inspired by this cultural legacy.

What is the star of the Harley Davidson x Neighborhood collection?

The true standout in the collection is undoubtedly the skeletal jacket, a bold ode to biker culture fused with Neighborhood’s iconic bones concept.

What other items are included in the collection?

This collection has everything you need to look your best. Whether it’s the signature skeletal jacket, long and short sleeve tees, hoodies, baseball caps or even a stylish coffee mug – this is one apparel line that won’t disappoint.

Where can I buy the Harley Davidson x Neighborhood collection?

Shop from the collection of Harley-Davidson merchandise through Neighborhood and its own website.

What is Harley-Davidson’s vintage lightning tee?

For decades, Harley-Davidson’s vintage lightning tee has been an iconic design among fashionistas. The bold tee features a striking lightning bolt and the classic H-D logo that never fails to make a statement.

Who did Harley-Davidson recently appoint as its creative director and apparel and licensing head?

Harley-Davidson has recently taken big steps forward in the industry by appointing Louise Goldin as its creative director and Erica Bullard as head of apparel and licensing. This is sure to bring an innovative and eye-catching new perspective to their products, showing customers that Harley-Davidson is ready to take on the future.

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