Harley Davidson X350

Harley Davidson X350 – What We Know So Far

The renowned Harley Davidson, a company that has been creating motorbikes since 1903, needs no introduction to the motorcycle community. While their classic models and designs have garnered immense popularity across the globe, they are entering 2021 with an exciting new offering: The X350. This accessible variant promises to be yet another success for HD; let’s take some time to review what we know about it so far.

The First Look At The Harley Davidson X350

Recently, photographs of the Harley Davidson X350 and its bigger rendition, the X500 surfaced through Chinese type approvals. This raised inquiries regarding their release in the US; however numerous documents have since verified that indeed, the Harley Davidson X350 is ready to hit American soil.

NHTSA Filing

The first indication that the Harley Davidson X350 would be arriving in the US was a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The document included the “X350RA” amongst other Harley-Davidson models for the company’s 2023 model year.

CARB Documents

Following this, California Air Resources Board (CARB) released documents proving that there are three variations of the X350 which meet the state’s stringent air pollution standards. The CARB paperwork indicated they all share the same weight and engine capacity of 353cc. It appears as though a detuned version of X350RA exists since two different versions were listed; namely, X350RA and X350RA Derating Removed. This likely explains why it has lower power output than its counterparts.

Harley Davidson X350 Specs

Every variation of the Harley Davidson X350 is fitted with an identical 353cc Qianjiang parallel twin engine, a feature that can also be found in QJMotor and Benelli models. To comply with emissions regulations, this bike features two three-way catalysts, pulsed-air injection, multipoint fuel injection, as well as two heated oxygen sensors included within its exhaust system. The CARB paperwork confirms this.

Manufacturer Codes

According to the NHTSA document, it has been concluded that the X350RA will be manufactured in China, and its VIN’s manufacturer code is “LBB”, assigned by Qianjiang. On the other hand, all Harley-Davidson models sold domestically are generated within US borders with their own exclusive “1HD” codes.

Joint Venture with Qianjiang

In December, we announced our joint venture between Harley-Davidson and Qianjiang–the parent company of QJMotor and Benelli. This collaboration was approved by China’s government recently as Zhejiang Jisheng Motor Vehicle Co., Ltd., thus making way for the production of the much anticipated X350 and X500 models. With this approval in place, no further restrictions remain to delay progress on these bikes.

Final Thoughts On The Harley Davidson X350

Excitement has been building as the Harley Davidson X350 is soon to be released, offering an accessible option for motorcycle aficionados. Despite potential worries that this model was built in China, Harley-Davidson’s collaboration with Qianjiang should allay these doubts. Furthermore, it has passed CARB emissions standards and obtained NHTSA approval which suggests increased dependability and safety of the bike. We are enthusiastic to watch the Harley Davidson X350 emerge on American roads in the near future.

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