harley hand control wiring diagram

Harley Hand Control Wiring Diagram – A Comprehensive Guide

Calling all Harley owners. Are you finding the wiring of your motorcycle a bit bewildering? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this article, our experts are here to help demystify the process and provide insight on how to read Harley hand control wiring diagrams. We’ll use examples from an ’03 FXDP club style build and 2006 RoadGlide as reference points, covering wire colors, pin numbers and more along the way. So let’s dive in for a closer look at what these diagrams can tell us about our bikes.

harley hand control wiring diagram
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Right Hand Control Wiring for an ’03 FXDP Club Style Build

Wire Colors and Pin Numbers

Many Harley lovers find it hard to keep track of their specific motorcycles’ wire colors and pin numbers. To make matters easier, let’s review the right hand controls for a ’03 FXDP club style build:

  • Off/Run Switch: White/Thick Black and Grey
  • Start Switch: White/Thin Black and Black/Red
  • Turn Signal Switch: Orange/White and White/Brown
  • Front Brake Sensor: Orange/White and Red/Yellow

Be sure to ensure that the same colored wires are being used for your handlebar harnesses and their corresponding interconnect Deutsch connectors. Make sure you double-check these colors before plugging them together.

Understanding the Deutsch Connectors

Deutsch connectors follow a “wrap-around” numbering system, meaning chamber 1 is situated above chamber 12, and so on. It may sound complicated at first glance, but once you learn the pattern it’s easy to identify each wire’s proper placement.

Left Hand Control Wiring for a 2006 RoadGlide

Wire Colors and Pin Numbers

To move forward and begin adjusting the left-hand controls of a 2006 RoadGlide, you’ll need to be aware of these wire colors:

  • High/Lo: White, Yellow, Blue
  • Turn Signal Switch: Orange/White and White/Purple
  • Siren On/Off: N/A

Combining the Wires

How to Combine Wires

Despite the few wires at the connector, two of them branch out between its location and that of the switches:

  • The White/Black (W/BK) wire branches to the Engine Run/Stop Switch and the Start Switch.
  • The Orange/White (O/W) wire branches to the Stop Lamp Switch and the Turn Signal Switch.

By combining the W/BK and O/W wires, you will ultimately have a total of six condensed wires. It’s as easy as tying them together.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

Checking Wire Colors

To guarantee that the wires are in their respective chambers, the simplest way to double-check is by researching the wire colors. The two ends of your handlebar harnesses Deutsch connectors should have matching hues and match up with their interconnecting Deutsch connectors.

Simple Fixes

In the event that the wires are in their designated compartments yet you’re still having issues, a simple solution might not be available. Nevertheless, double-checking your connections and consulting your motorcycle’s manual for more detailed troubleshooting advice is highly recommended.


To conclude, it’s essential to have a firm grasp of your Harley hand control wiring diagram if you’re looking to complete any DIY project. Familiarize yourself with the colors of wires, pin numbers and Deutsch connectors so that you can easily manage the wiring on whatever motorcycle build you are working on–whether ’03 FXDP club style or 2006 RoadGlide. If ever in doubt, double-check all connections and consult your bike’s manual for clarification. Best wishes as you embark on this exciting journey.


Below are some FAQs on the Harley Hand Control Wiring Diagram:

How do I find the right Harley Hand Control Wiring Diagram?

To locate the accurate Harley Hand Control Wiring Diagram for your motorbike’s handlebars, simply turn to its service manual. All you’ll need is inside, such as wire colors, pin numbers and Deutsch connector layouts – everything required for a successful wiring job.

What is a Deutsch connector?

Boasting unprecedented fortitude, Deutsch connectors are the go-to electrical connection for many applications, such as in cars and industrial equipment. Indeed, even Harley Davidson motorcycles rely on their dependability to perform optimally under harsh conditions.

How do I know if the wires are in the correct chambers of the Deutsch connectors?

To quickly determine whether the wires are installed in their corresponding chambers of a Deutsch connector, compare the colors of each wire to those at the ends of its handlebar harness. If they match and correspond with one another, then that’s your cue to complete connecting them into an interconnect Deutsch connector.

What should I do if the wires are in the correct chambers but my hand controls are still not functioning properly?

To ensure you’re operating your hand controls with optimal performance, double-check that all wires are correctly in place and view any additional troubleshooting advice from the motorcycle’s manual as well as our Harley Hand control wiring diagram. In case of further difficulty, professional assistance may be necessary for addressing the issue.

Why are there only six wires at the connector when there are eight wires for the switches?

Out of the eight wires for switches, two extend between the connector and the switches. The White/Black (W/BK) wire links to both the Engine Run/Stop Switch and Start Switch, while Orange/White (O/W) connects to Stop LampSwitch with Turn Signal Switch. Merging W/BK and O/W together can compress those initial eight down into six simple ones.

How do I identify the wire colors for the left and right hand controls on my motorcycle?

If you’re unsure of the wire colors for your motorcycle’s left and right hand controls, consulting your specific model’s service manual is always recommended. Although this article includes information on ‘03 FXDP club style builds and 2006 RoadGlides, referencing the manual will provide you with more specific details to ensure accuracy.

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