Harley Inerr Error – Understanding the Low Voltage Issue

A common problem encountered by Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts is the Harley Inerr error – a technical fault that even these iconic, stylish and high-performing vehicles cannot evade. Countless riders have reported this issue, thus revealing just how vulnerable they can be to mechanical or electrical issues.

If you have seen the Harley Inerr error displayed on your motorcycle’s dashboard, chances are it is due to low voltage. We will explain further in this article about what causes this error and its associated symptoms as well as potential fixes.

Causes of the Error

When the electronic control module (ECM) cannot detect low voltage readings from a hard start, it can trigger the Harley error. This occurs when speedometer voltage is too weak for proper recognition by ECM parts.

If you have recently purchased a Harley motorcycle with the CAN BUS system, then pay attention–this machine is even more vulnerable to low voltage malfunction. This can cause your bike to display an error message on the dashboard.

Symptoms of the Harley Inerr Error

The most common symptom of the Inerr error is an error message displayed on the motorcycle’s instrument cluster.

This warning could be accompanied by other signs like difficulty in starting the motorbike or a slow, sluggish engine performance.

Potential Solutions

If you’re experiencing the error, don’t worry! There are several ways to get it fixed. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery is a reliable solution for older Harley bikes that will reset the ECM and clear up any issues. However, this method may not be as effective on newer bikes with CAN BUS systems. Fortunately, there are still plenty of other solutions reported by Harley owners to resolve this error.

Moreover, you can confirm a corroded ground connection beneath the seat as another possible solution. A deficient earth connection can cause low voltage problems on your motorcycle and eventually lead to the error. If this is the case, subsequently repairing it should solve the error for good.


Are you dealing with an electrical issue on your Harley Davidson motorcycle? It could be the dreaded Harley Inerr error, which is caused by a combination of low voltage during hard starts or inadequate grounding. This can create serious problems for riders if not addressed quickly and corrected due to its strong influence on engine performance.

If you are a Harley owner, you may experience an error message appearing on your instrument cluster and difficulty starting the motorcycle. To rectify this issue, try unplugging and plugging back in the battery or inspect for any rustiness of ground connection. Many riders have found success with this remedy.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the Harley Inerr error:

What is the Harley Inerr Error?

Harley Davidson motorcycles can experience the Harley Inerr error, an indicator on their instrument clusters that is caused by inadequate voltage. This occurs when a hard start takes place and drains energy from the bike’s power source.

Why does the Harley Inerr Error occur?

If the voltage coming from your bike’s speedometer is too low, you may be met with the Harley Inerr error. For newer models that operate on CAN BUS systems, this issue can arise more quickly due to higher sensitivity levels for low voltages–resulting in an error screen upon riding.

What are the symptoms of the Harley Inerr Error?

The most notorious signal of the Harley Inerr error is that it triggers a prompt on the vehicle’s instrument cluster. Additionally, you may experience other indicators such as difficulty in getting your motorcycle started or if your engine feels slow and sluggish.

How can I resolve the Harley Inerr Error?

To rid your Harley of the notorious Inerr error, several solutions have been provided by fellow owners. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery is one of these methods that has shown to be highly successful – especially on older bikes! By doing this simple fix, you will reset your ECM and eliminate any error codes appearing whilst riding.

You can also check for a corroded ground connection under the seat; this could be causing low voltage on your bike, leading to the Harley Inerr Error. If that’s it, simply rectifying the ground link should take care of things!

Will disconnecting and reconnecting the battery always resolve the Harley Inerr Error?

The conventional approach to fixing Harley Inerr error on older Harleys is disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. Nevertheless, this strategy may not be effective for newer Harley bikes with CAN BUS systems because they have heightened sensitivity toward low voltage issues.

Is the Harley Inerr Error a serious issue?

Although the Harley Inerr error is not a critical issue, it should still be resolved in due course to avoid any potential future complications. Taking care of this error quickly can prevent further issues from arising.

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