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Harley Speed Sensor Location – A Guide to Finding and Replacing It

Welcome, fellow bikers. Today we’ll be exploring the intricate process of locating and replacing an essential element – the speed sensor found on your beloved Harley Davidson Softail. Buckle up because this journey is like no other; you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by how complex it can become. So, buckle up, and let’s get started on the Harley speed sensor location and replacement.

Speed Sensors: The Basics

Before we delve into the location of your Harley’s speed sensor, it is critical to understand its purpose. The speed sensor oversees and transmits data about your motorcycle’s velocity to the engine control module (ECM).

The ECM utilizes this information to modify various elements of your bike’s operation, such as fuel injection and ignition timing. Basically, the speed sensor is a critical component for keeping your ride running smoothly with efficiency.

Harley speed sensor location on Your Harley Davidson Softail

If you’re inexperienced with maintaining Harley Davidson motorcycles, then it’s only reasonable to assume the speed sensor would be situated on either the front or rear wheel. Right?

Well, hold on to your helmets, folks, because the speed sensor on your Harley Davidson Softail is actually located in the transmission, at the back, and below the starter motor. Yep, you read that right – it’s tucked away in a not-so-easy-to-reach spot.

Getting to the Speed Sensor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to find the Harley speed sensor location and access the speed sensor on your Softail? I’m here to help. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to do it quickly:

Park your bike on a flat surface:

Ensure that your Harley is resting on a level ground to give you easy access underneath it using either a jack stand or lift.

Disconnect the battery:

Safety first. Before undertaking any work, it is imperative to disconnect the negative battery cable. This precaution safeguards your bike from electrical arcing that can happen should a tool touch both a live wire and ground – creating sparks which may thus damage fragile components.

Remove the splash guard:

To begin replacing the speed sensor of your Harley, start by taking out the plastic splash guard which is situated in front of your rear wheel and shields essential machine parts such as engine and transmission from debris and moisture.

In the Sportster, start by loosening the 3/16″ Allen bolt from beneath the splash guard. Move this piece away from your tire and you will observe a square plastic box within that contains your turn signal module. Detach it by unscrewing its three 3/16″ Allen bolts before sliding it out of its bracket to remove entirely.

To start off, take a wrench and unscrew the 3/16 Allen bolt at the bottom of the inner plastic splash guard in your Softail. Pull out gently to release all its clips before sliding it up on top of your tire for easier access. You’ll be done quickly – removing this fender is as easy as that.

Remove the other components:

To access the speed sensor of your Harley Davidson Softail, use a 3/16 Allen wrench to unscrew the two top and one bottom bolts that secure it behind several plastic electrical components.

In order to remove the speed sensor located on the right side of your Sportster’s transmission, providing yourself with sufficient slack is vital. Start by unscrewing and taking out the 3/16″ Allen bolt before carefully pulling and twisting away from the transmission while being mindful not to damage its electrical connector.

Harley speed sensor location:

After removing the starter motor, you’ll find the Harley speed sensor location at the rear of your transmission. You should observe a wire attached to it that connects to your ECM.

Installing the New Speed Sensor

After removing the old speed sensor, it’s time to fit in the new one. This process is exactly opposite of taking out the previous part. To make installation easier, you may want to apply some oil on its O-ring before inserting into the hole.

When installing the electrical components, push firmly until they pop into place. Don’t rely on the Allen bolt to do all of the work- make sure you also tighten it. Finally, attach and secure the splash guard with an Allen bolt at its base before concluding your installation process.

Our Verdict On Harley speed sensor location and Replacing it

Swapping your Harley’s speed sensor doesn’t have to be a daunting task — this guide can help make it easy. As long as you possess some fundamental mechanical skills and the necessary tools, you’ll be able to swiftly find the Harley speed sensor location and replace it on your Sportster or Softail.

Before beginning any work on your vehicle, always remember to disconnect the negative battery cable. Additionally, be sure to take all necessary safety measures in order to protect delicate electrical components from harm. If you have any questions or doubts about a step of the process, do not hesitate to contact an experienced mechanic for assistance.

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