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What’s A Harley Street Glide 23 Wheel No Rake Like To Ride?

The Street Glide is one of Harley-Davidson’s iconic touring models, renowned for its striking design and superior performance. Some riders have been pushing the boundaries by experimenting with various wheel sizes and configurations like a Street Glide 23 wheel no rake – an alteration which gives the bike an edgy look while enhancing handleability or at least keeping it the same as stock but with a 23″ wheel. However, this comes with certain obstacles to consider before making it part of your ride!

The Benefits

The main advantage of a 23-inch wheel on a Street Glide is its improved handling. Boasting greater stability, enhanced traction and increased confidence while riding – especially at faster speeds – the larger wheel size provides exceptional responsiveness to the road ahead. Furthermore, due to less trail achieved through the no-rake setup you will also experience quicker turns; ultimately allowing for immediate manoeuvring in any situation!

The Downsides

Despite the advantages of larger wheels, there are also some significant drawbacks. Firstly, the additional weight can make it more challenging to operate and control your bike at slower speeds. Furthermore, owing to its reduced trail length, you may experience decreased stability when taking tight corners or riding at higher velocities with this kind of setup.

Furthermore, the bike’s suspension must be taken into account. The bigger wheel size and lack of rake will subject your front forks and rear shocks to more strain, potentially leading to accelerated wear. What’s more, increased weight may also lead to faster tire depletion that would require frequent replacements.

Despite the roadblocks associated with this setup, many motorcyclists have found that its advantages far outweigh any of its shortcomings. The enhanced handling and extreme look gives bikes a more enthralling ride as well as an edgier appearance. Nevertheless, it’s significant to bear in mind that this arrangement will necessitate frequent maintenance checks and might not ensue everyone’s riding needs.

Riding Style

Before you install a 23-inch wheel on your Street Glide, an essential factor to consider is the way that you ride. If you tend to take risks and enjoy high speeds, then the improved handling and stability of a bigger wheel would be advantageous for you. Conversely, if your riding style is more relaxed and laid back, then it may not be ideal since a larger wheel adds weight as well as decreases steadiness.

Costs and maintenance

Apart from the riding style, it is also important to consider just how much a 23-inch wheel with zero rake setup will cost and involve in terms of maintenance. As previously stated, this large size puts more pressure on tires and suspension elements which can accelerate wear-and-tear as well as replacement costs. Not only that but its additional weight could potentially cause excessive damage to your drivetrain resulting in higher service fees.

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The Street Glide 23 inch wheel without a rake can lend your ride an aggressive and unique look, but also might come off as cartoonish on some bikes. With its large size, it could make the motorcycle appear out of balance and disproportionate if other modifications are too flashy or over-the-top.

On the flip side, tasteful and subtle modifications can help to give a bike an up-to-date look that will make it stand out from the rest. By modifying your ride in ways that highlight its design and aesthetic you can ensure any alterations made only add to its overall appeal.

Concluding The Street Glide 23 Wheel No Rake

Ultimately, when it comes to outfitting a Street Glide with a 23-inch wheel and no rake, there are some great advantages as well as drawbacks. Before committing to such an upgrade, riders should think about their riding style, budget constraints and maintenance capabilities in addition to the positives and negatives of this setup – so they can make an informed decision that’s right for them.

Even though this alteration may not be for the faint of heart, it can be an exhilarating and fulfilling experience for those who are eager to take on the challenges and extra maintenance. Before making any changes, always seek counsel from a professional mechanic in order to guarantee that your bike is set up securely and accurately.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on street glide 23 wheel no rake:

What are the benefits of installing a 23-inch wheel on a Street Glide?

By equipping your Street Glide with a 23-inch wheel, you can enjoy enhanced control and stability while traveling at rapid rates – plus have the added benefit of displaying an edgier appearance.

What are the downsides of installing a 23-inch wheel on a Street Glide?

Installing a 23-inch wheel on a Street Glide can be detrimental due to the added weight, making it more difficult to control at slower speeds. Additionally, its decreased stability is caused by less trail and quicker turning capabilities.
Furthermore, the expanded wheel size and lack of rake will place greater strain on both front forks and rear shocks which can lead to rapid deterioration as well as intensifying tire wear.

Is a 23-inch wheel with no rake setup suitable for all riders?

Before selecting a 23-inch wheel with no rake setup, it’s essential to consider your riding style, funds available, and ability to maintain the bike. Riders who favor a more laidback experience may not find this configuration satisfactory. Investing in a wheel that fits both you and your budget is key for an enjoyable ride!

How does the 23-inch wheel with no rake setup affect the bike’s suspension?

The larger wheel size and no rake setup means your front forks and rear shocks will experience more stress, leading to fast wear-and-tear. Furthermore, the extra weight of this kind of wheel can cause added strain on tires which would need replacing sooner than usual.

How does the 23-inch wheel with no rake setup affect the bike’s overall appearance?

Adding a 23-inch wheel without any rake can give your ride an edgy, eye-catching look. However, if not properly paired with suitable modifications, it may end up looking cartoonish and over the top. To ensure that you get the desired results for your bike’s design and overall aesthetic appeal, create tasteful modifications that perfectly complement its style!

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