harley tank lift problems

Harley Tank Lift Problems

If you own a Harley Davidson motorcycle and have attempted to install a tank lift, then you may already be familiar with the issue of an insufficiently short clip fastening the hose from your gas tank. This predicament makes lifting up your gas tank difficult—not to mention extremely frustrating.

When attempting to lift a Harley Davidson tank off its frame, you may face the Harley tank lift problems of fuel being displaced and consequently reducing the level in your pump. This article will provide insight into how to tackle Harley tank lift problems and offer solutions for lifting gas tanks on motorcycles.

What is a Tank Lift?

Elevate your Harley to the next level with a tank lift. This two-inch booster offers increased space between the frame and body of your motorcycle for an enhanced look. However, not all kits are compatible with every model; be sure you’ve checked if yours is before installation. Unlocking this upgrade will have you cruising in style faster than ever.

Harley Tank Lift Problems

As we go further into the Harley tank lift problems, below is a list of the main Harley tank lift problems that are usually encountered when performing a tank lift. Be sure to read through them thoroughly to ensure you have a clear understanding of what the Harley tank lift problems are so you can avoid them.

Fuel Crossover Hose

When you mount a tank lift kit, the fuel crossover hose may be too short which can cause difficulties. If this is an issue for you, consider buying a longer piece of hose from your local auto parts store or switch to braided hosing instead. Some Harley Davidson motorcycle owners have mentioned that the new cross-over hose supplied with their tank lift kits was longer than their original OEM one – and it worked beautifully.

Vent Hose

If your vent hose is too brief for the Harley Davidson motorcycle tank lift kit, you have two options: replacing it with a longer hose from an auto parts store or cutting off the zip tie securing it to the frame. This latter option will provide added length and enable smooth movement of the hose as you raise up your tank.


A common issue when installing a tank lift kit is an undersized clip to secure the vent hose. As a result, it fails in its task and allows the hose to shift when you raise the tank. The perfect fix? Visit your local auto parts store for a replacement clip – one that’s sufficiently long enough to resist any movement or jostling during lifting operations. There’s no need for guesswork; this simple solution will give you maximum stability.

Final Thoughts On Harley Tank Lift Problems

To sum up, the Harley tank lift kit is a trendy alteration that many Harley Davidson motorcycle owners install on their bikes. Nevertheless, if not put together correctly it could lead to Harley tank lift problems primarily related to the vent hose and fuel crossover hose. If these hoses are too short for proper installation, replacing them with extended ones should be considered as an option.

If your clip is blunderingly too brief to support the hose, you don’t need to replace it. All you have to do is acquire a longer hose or clip from any nearby auto parts store. But if buying isn’t for you and replacing isn’t necessary either, simply cut off the zip tie that keeps the vent tube secured onto its frame- this should provide enough slack.


Below are some frequently asked questions about Harley tank lift problems:

What is a Harley tank lift?

Give your Harley Davidson motorcycle a custom touch by installing a tank lift. This upgrade is an easy way to add flair and style while also elevating the fuel tank of your ride.

What are some common problems encountered when installing a Harley tank lift?

Installing a Harley tank lift can sometimes be tricky, especially when tackling issues with the fuel crossover hose, vent hose and clip that keeps the hoses in place.

What is the fuel crossover hose?

The fuel crossover hose is an essential component of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, joining the two fuel tanks together.

What is the vent hose?

On a Harley Davidson motorcycle, the vent hose is an essential connection between the fuel tank and air cleaner assembly, providing critical air flow for reliable operation.

What can happen if the vent hose is not properly installed after a tank lift?

If the vent hose is not securely attached following a tank lift, it can lead to false readings and even trigger stalling.

How can I fix the problem with the fuel crossover hose being too short after a tank lift?

Are you seeking an improved method of managing your water hose? Why not explore buying a lengthy garden hose from the nearest auto store or switching to braided steel variety instead? Both alternatives have their own advantages and can help reduce time, so why don’t you give them both a shot.

Can I leave the vent hose loose after a tank lift?

Although most riders don’t encounter problems by leaving the vent hose loose after a tank lift, it’s best to be proactive in avoiding catastrophe. Ensure that you keep the hose from becoming bent or twisted and fastened securely for maximum safety on your trip.

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