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Harley Water Pump Recall – What You Need To Know

For over 100 years, Harley Davidson has been a revered and distinguished motorbike manufacturer renowned for their top-notch motorcycles. Despite this, it’s no secret that not even the most successful of companies are immune to difficulties, Harley Davidson included.

In the recent past, an issue with a defect, caused a Harley water pump recall as it posed a risk of the engine overheating and forced the company to initiate a recall. This article will provide you with all the information regarding this water pump recall – from causes, affected models to solutions being implemented. Stay tuned as we explore each aspect thoroughly.

Causes Of The Harley Water Pump Recall

The reason for the recall was due to a flawed impeller in the water pump. This part of the pump is what drives coolant circulation and, over time, it started to deteriorate until it eventually broke down which caused an engine overheating issue that may have led to damage on other parts as well.

At first, only a few riders reported this issue; however, it soon became apparent that the problem was pervasive and required immediate attention from the company.

Affected Models

The Harley water pump recall has affected a vast variety of its models between 2007 and 2011, including Sportsters, Softails, Dynas and Touring. They have issued an extensive list of the exact VIN numbers that are subject to this recall on their website so riders can quickly check if their motorcycle falls in this category.

Steps Being Taken to Remedy the Problem

Harley Davidson has taken decisive action to resolve the water pump issue, from recalling all affected motorcycles and replacing them free of charge, to upgrading their design and introducing more rigorous quality control during production. These steps guarantee that this issue will never occur again in the future.

To guarantee a successful Harley water pump recall process, Harley Davidson has not only created a unique website and hotline to assist riders but also collaborated with dealerships in order to stock the proper parts & tools for these water pump repairs. Best of all, those whose motorcycles are being serviced are granted access to loaner bikes while their own is getting looked at.

The Verdict On The Harley Water Pump Recall

Harley Davidson is taking swift and comprehensive action to remedy the water pump recall, ensuring riders safety and satisfaction. As part of this effort, they are replacing all pumps at no cost for their customers as well as enhancing design features and tightening quality control measures. This commitment from Harley Davidson highlights their dedication towards rider protection and customer service excellence.

If you own a motorcycle that is part of the recall, be sure to capitalize on this free water pump replacement offer and ensure that your motorbike is properly serviced immediately.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the Harley water pump recall:

What is the Harley water pump recall about?

Harley Davidson has issued a recall on some of its motorcycles manufactured between 2007 and 2011 due to an impeller defect with the water pump. If this issue isn’t promptly addressed, it can cause excessive engine heat leading to severe damage not only to the engine itself but other components as well.

Which models are affected by the Harley water pump recall?

A comprehensive array of Harley Davidson models, which includes Sportsters, Softails, Dynas and Touring motorbikes have been subject to the recall. To ascertain if your bike is one of them, you can look up its VIN number on the Harley Davidson website where a list containing all affected models with their corresponding numbers has been previously uploaded.

What is the cause of the recall?

Due to a flaw in the water pump impeller, which is responsible for circulating coolant throughout the engine, this recall was necessary. Over time, this imperfection caused the impeller to become worn and eventually fail—leading to an overheating of the motor.

What steps is Harley Davidson taking to remedy the problem?

In order to ensure its customers’ satisfaction and safety, Harley Davidson is offering free water pump replacements as well as upgraded designs and improved quality control processes during production. This initiative has been implemented so that such a problem does not occur again in the future.
To make the recall process more convenient for riders, the company has created a comprehensive website and hotline to provide additional assistance. Moreover, they have collaborated with dealerships worldwide to guarantee that necessary components and tools are available for repairs.

Will I have to pay for the water pump replacement?

Absolutely. Harley Davidson is generously providing to replace the water pump free of cost for their riders.

What should I do if my motorcycle is affected by the recall?

If your motorcycle is included in the recall, take advantage of this free water pump replacement offer and have it repaired right away. For more information on how to proceed, contact Harley Davidson or visit the website and hotline dedicated for this recall.

Will my motorcycle be safe to ride while I wait for the repair?

Due to the risk of overheating, it is highly recommended that you do not ride your motorcycle if there has been a recall issued. This could lead to damage on the engine and other parts that may be costly or even irreparable.

How long will the repair take?

Harley Davidson is working hard to guarantee the repair procedure will be speedy and effective, but how long it takes depends on the dealership.

Will I be provided with a loaner motorcycle while my motorcycle is being repaired?

If you find yourself in need of a motorcycle for the duration of your own bike’s repair, Harley Davidson has made provision to offer loaner motorcycles. Reach out to your nearest dealership for more information.

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