how to clear harley codes

How To Clear Harley Codes

If you want your Harley Davidson motorcycle to stay in peak performance, it is critical that you understand how to clear Harley codes. While the style and power of a Harley are unmistakable, even these iconic vehicles can experience technical issues. Fortunately, this article will provide an easy step-by-step guide on clearing any error codes so your ride remains smooth and enjoyable. So get ready – let’s take control of those pesky errors before they take control of us.

Before you start, it is essential to recognize that clearing codes on a Harley Davidson motorcycle should only be done by an educated professional or someone with experience repairing motorcycles. Tampering without the right knowledge can result in more complications and may even damage your bike.

How To Clear Harley Codes – Step By Step

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools

To reset the codes on your Harley Davidson motorcycle, you’ll need a specialized diagnostic tool. The most popular choice among bike owners is the Harley Davidson Digital Technician (HDDT). With this device, you can conveniently connect to your ride’s onboard system and access or clear any trouble codes with ease! Get ready for smoother rides ahead when you utilize HDDT.

Step 2: Access the diagnostic system

Discovering the diagnostic system in your Harley is easy. To do so, first locate the diagnostic port, typically found beneath the seat or by the battery and labeled for convenience. Once located, hook up your diagnostic tool to that port. Then follow any instructions on-screen from there to begin using it.

Step 3: View the codes

Entering the diagnostic system initiates access to view the codes triggered on your motorcycle. The screen of the diagnostic tool will provide both a description and code for each problem that is detected, so ensure you note them down in order to troubleshoot and resolve any issues properly.

Step 4: Clear the codes

To reset the codes, simply abide by the instructions your diagnostic tool provides. This usually requires selecting “Clear Codes” and confirming that you want to erase them. Your diagnostic device will then inform you after it has successfully removed all codes from its memory.

Step 5: Restart the motorcycle

Clear the codes and restart your motorcycle, then examine if any fresh codes have been triggered. If new codes exist, keep looping through viewing and clearing them until you’ve taken care of all of them and your bike is running smoothly again.

Step 6: Troubleshoot and fix the problem

After you eliminate all codes, it is essential to determine the issue that caused them and make any necessary corrections. It may involve evaluating connections, changing components, or performing other repair services for your motorcycle. If you don’t know how to carry out these tasks correctly, it’s advisable to get guidance from an experienced mechanic.

Final Thoughts On How To Clear Harley Codes

Ultimately, deciphering Harley codes is essential for addressing any difficulties with your motorcycle and maintaining it running optimally. To clear the codes correctly, one must use a tool that’s explicitly designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles – ideally handled by nobody other than an experienced mechanic. By following all of the steps specified in this article, you can decode and clean up the codes on your bike to keep its performance at its best.

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